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flying squads are an affinity group of autonomous workers (usually members of a single union or a number of simpatico worker orgs) who carry out actions for the benefit of their labour struggle: helping strikers, defending workers, disrupting capital, fighting back against union-breaker violence, advocating against captured union bureacracy etc.


  • Flying squad pickets and the need for independent workplace groups
  • Jeff Shantz: "Flying Squads and Self Defense Now"
  • New Socialist 2003: Flying Squads and the Crisis of Workers' Self-Organization
  • RAIN4EST Flying Squad Deploys New Blockade to Halt Road Building Into The Last Ancient Forests of Bugaboo Creek
  • Troxler 2006, NCPedia: Flying Squadrons
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    5 / 10   GMB - Trade Union Representing All Workers

    GMB is a trade union that represents all workers. See GMB Latest Activity on website.

    6 / 10   Jane McAlevey

    American union organizer and author, Jane F. McAlevey (born 12-Oct-1964) is a Senior Policy Fellow of the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center and Strikes Correspondent for The Nation. Runs open in-person and online mass training for union organizing, in particular through the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung in Berlin.

  • WNYC Brian Lehrer Show 35m: Amazon's NYC Warehouse Workers Unionize (4-Apr-2022)
  • WNYC Brian Lehrer + Chris Smalls: All About Striketober
  • WNYC Brian Lehrer + Chris Smalls: Why Workers Are Walking Out?
  • WNYC Studios: Bessemer Alabama - Amazon Union On The Media
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    7 / 10   Jeff Shantz

    8 / 10   National Education Association - Centrist Grift

    9 / 10   Strike Action: Kellogg 2021


    10 / 10   Union Activism Grassroots