Steven Donziger

Steven Donziger (born 1961) is an American attorney known for winning a record $9 billion judgment against Chevron,over the Lago Agrio oil field environmental destruction and toxic health damage. Donziger represented over 30,000 farmers and indigenous people from Ecuador. Chevron has dodged payment and manipulated corrupt New York courts (including judicial appointment) to place Donziger under perpetual house arrest since 2019.

Donziger is a litmus case for corporations leveraging their vast resources to evade paying legal settlements, pervert justice and imprison individuals (including lawyers representing their victims).

#FreeDonziger – Chevron v Donziger

“If someone wanted to turn America into an authoritarian gulag state the shortest, least resistant route is through the judges.”


New York human rights lawyer Steven Donziger is fighting a case brought against him by oil multinational Chevron, in response to a multi-billion dollar judgment against Chevron for environmental destruction in Ecuador. The travesty of a case combines corporate abuse of wealth, judicial corruption, climate change pollution, disdain for poorer country rights, the list goes on. It will be a litmus case in the future. For now, it’s a case in progress and Donziger is getting fucked in every hole. See Donziger LinkTr.ee social media index for further info.

For a corporation to be prosecuting a civil-criminal case against a private citizen is unparalleled. It is an early warning for what may become a bigger threat to freedom in American than the worst of Trump or Biden or Facebook censorship. Specifically, an autocracy of judges, appointed for life with absolute power over any case in their court, unaccountable to checks and balances, answerable to noone, wielding exceptional power with only the notional limit of past convention (which can be ignored).

(Consider the racist criminal justice incarceration state. Plenty of focus the past few years on bad cops but the true 21st-century Jim Crow continuity is carried on by judges, e g. how the court handles guilt, fair trial, sentencing, application of law, etc. The difference in outcomes for identical cases for a black defendant versus a white defendants beggars belief. Judicial ruling – which can’t be questioned or challenged until it’s too late – has been the true engine of American racism for decades. Imagine if the same judges used their unfettered power and their brutal black sentencing against you…)