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1 / 20   American Bankers

David Solomon

  • D.J. who moonlights as a titan of Wall Street, David Solomon is a crossover media-finance bullshit artist. Under him, Goldman Sachs - the investment bank - has tried to shed its uptight image as a haven for besuited M.&A. bankers and chest-thumping traders. That effort now includes its own typeface. Meet Goldman Sans. The firm describes the font, which is free to download, as “approachable without being whimsical” and “neutral, with a wink.” It was created for Goldman Sachs by the British design firm Dalton Maag, with a mandate to create a typeface with just the right amount of personality for the 151-year-old bank.
  • It follows other efforts by Goldman to come across as cool, including relaxing its dress code, pitching itself as a tech company and collaborating with Apple on a credit card. The reaction from experts is, shall we say, mixed. They are on record saying that it suffered from “lack of courage,” was “missing life” and was the typographical equivalent of “a casual Friday.”
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    2 / 20   American Conservatives

    Paul Ryan

  • The former House speaker Paul Ryan is reportedly preparing to launch a special purpose acquisition company, The Wall Street Journal reports. The investment fund is aiming to raise $300 million in an I.P.O., with Mr. Ryan, who left Congress last year, as chairman. He’s not the only famous face joining the SPAC boom. Figures from financiers like Bill Ackman, Dan Loeb and Michael Klein to the famed baseball executive Billy Beane have launched versions of these “blank check” investment vehicles. They have been buoyed by strong equity markets and private companies’ desire to sidestep the traditionally laborious I.P.O. process by merging with these funds, assuming their stock listings.
  • This SPAC is notable for its Republican ties. In addition to Mr. Ryan’s involvement, the fund’s sponsor is Solamere Capital, an investment firm run by a son of Senator Mitt Romney, who picked Mr. Ryan as his running mate in his 2012 presidential bid. But its financial adviser has strong Democratic leanings. Mr. Ryan’s SPAC is being underwritten by Evercore, whose founder and senior chairman is Roger Altman, who served in the Carter and Clinton administrations and is a major fund-raiser for Joe Biden.
  • Evercore has been strengthening its SPAC expertise, hiring Neil Shah, a specialist in these funds, from Citi last year. The bank has also emphasized its capital-markets business of late: Executives told analysts last month that the firm was coming off its “strongest period ever in equity underwriting.”
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    3 / 20   American Medics

  • Jay Bhattacharya is an Indian-American professor of medicine at Stanford University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He directs Stanford's Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. Much attacked by the public health kingpins after the Great Barrington Declaration in the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic. See Dr Bhattacharya Interview on YouTube. See Bhattacharya J[Author] - Academic Papers
  • John P Ioannidis is a Greek-American physician-scientist, writer and Stanford University professor who has made contributions to evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, and clinical research. Ioannidis studies scientific research itself, meta-research primarily in clinical medicine and the social sciences. Ioannidis is a co-signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration and a proven expert in honest complex meta-analysis. Recently much attacked by plutocrats in charge of US public health grift, as in Scientific American article 'The Ioannidis Affair'. See Ioannidis JP[Author] - Academic Paper Search Results
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    4 / 20   American Military-Neoliberals

    Stanley McChrystal

  • Four star American Army general and entrenched neoliberal character actor, Stanley A McChrystal was a prime mover in the enrichment detail of the Military Industrial Complex during the Obama Presidency. As is the norm, his retirement from the military led to a series of appointments in business and heading up various fronts for deep state interests. Corporate boards, consulting, speaking fees: How U.S. generals thrived after Afghanistan is a useful article on Stanley McChrystal exemplifying how ex-generals sell their battlefield experience in other arenas, from corporations to Covid-19 response grifting.
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    5 / 20   American Neocons

    William Kristol Robert Kagan Victoria Nuland (Kagan Family) (Kristol Family) (Bush Family) Hillary Clinton Madeleine Albright (all those other State Dept sociopaths)

    6 / 20   American Race: Black Elite


    7 / 20   Bilderberg Gerontocracy

    8 / 20   Bilderberg Group

    9 / 20   Black Moderates

    10 / 20   British Liberal Left Privilege


    11 / 20   Democratic Party Careerists

    Reid Hoffman

  • New Knowledge, Greylock Partners, Inflection AI, LinkedIn

  • Callin: Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, David Sacks, Luke Nosek (Paypal Mafia)

  • Pierre Omidyar

  • First Look Media | The Intercept

  • Breaking Points

  • Breaking Points' New "Network" Features Neo-Cons and Squad Apologists (Jun-2022)

  • Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson

  • "I have no problem calling myself a capitalist. It’s not capitalism per se but a virulent strain of capitalism that has corrupted our govt & highjacked America’s value system. Capitalism, like any public institution, should display ethics & moral consideration for people & planet."
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    12 / 20   Democratic Party Finance and Law

    13 / 20   Democratic Party Sheep-Herders

    Bernie Sanders

  • Bernie Out of the Closet: Sanders’ Longstanding Deal with the Democrats (22-Jul-2015)

  • Madeleine Grunwald

  • American professional political consultant and media advisor for the Democratic Party. Madeleine Grunwald (born 23-Jan-1957) is one of the few women at the top of the field, having elected numerous Senators and Governors and is the only woman in history to run the advertising for a successful presidential campaign (Bill Clinton’s).

  • David Sirota | Walter Bragman

  • From a Bogus Website to Bernie Sanders's Inner Circle (22-Mar-2019)
  • New Sanders air apologizes for role in race-baiting '99 website (22-Mar-2019)
  • Sirota: Tanden's past tweets were 'distraction' from other issues at hearing (12-Feb-2021)
  • The 2009 Financial Crisis Taught Us Hard Lessons. Have Democrats Learned Them? (28-Oct-2021)

  • Center for American Progress

  • IRS Silent on Nonprofit Center for American Progress' Coordination with the White House (8-Mar-2014)
  • The Role of Midwestern Housing Instability in the 2016 Election (29-Nov-2016)

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    14 / 20   Foreign Allies of US/NATO

    Illia Ponomarenko (Kyiv Independent)

  • @IAPonomarenko on Twitter | Latest Tweets from Illia Ponomarenko (@IAPonomarenko)
  • Defense reporter with The Kyiv Independent. War, weapons, beer & heavy metal. A village guy from Donbas in a crusade for something better. Kyiv, Ukraine. US/UK/NATO deep state funded.
  • The Kyiv Independent newspaper - propaganda cutout

  • Journalist: Illia Ponomarenko is the defense and security reporter at the Kyiv Independent. He has reported about the war in eastern Ukraine since the conflict’s earliest days. He covers national security issues, as well as military technologies, production, and defense reforms in Ukraine. Besides, he gets deployed to the war zone of Donbas with Ukrainian combat formations. He has also had deployments to Palestine and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as an embedded reporter with UN peacekeeping forces. Illia won the Alfred Friendly Press Partners fellowship and was selected to work as USA Today's guest reporter at the U.S. Department of Defense.
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    15 / 20   Independent Left Politicians

    16 / 20   Indian Businessmen

  • Yusuf Khwaja Hamied (born 25-Jul-1936) is an Indian scientist, billionaire businessman based in Mumbai and London. Hamied graduated Cambridge University 1957, earned his PhD in 1960 under the tutelage of Nobel Laureate Alexander Todd, then moved to India to become chairman of Cipla, a generic pharmaceuticals company founded by his father Khwaja Abdul Hamied in 1935. Hamied is a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy and the British Royal Academy. His career includes provision of generic drugs in defiance of oligopoly market abusing "Western" pharma, including ARV drugs saving millions of HIV+ lives from dying of AIDS.
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    17 / 20   Information Technologists

  • Alexis Ohanian - Yahoo Executive and Reddit Co-Founder
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    18 / 20   Nomenklatura Hotspots


    19 / 20   Oligarchy: American Donor Class

    The Koch Brothers

  • Founding Oligarch: The Koch Brothers (10-Oct-2019)
  • Daily Poster: Pete Buttigieg's Dark Money Donors (10-Jan-2022)
  • Robert Kadlec

  • Whitney Webb: Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec (17-May-2020)
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    20 / 20   World Economic Forum Junior Leaders Alumni