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  • Lloyd Austin | Revolving Door | Dec-2020 Profile | Lloyd Austin: Military No Longer Prosecuting Sexual Assaults
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  • Robert Kagan | Brookings Senior Fellow | Twilight of the Liberal World Order (2017) | Big Ideas for America
  • Victoria Nuland | Salon Profile | Nuland-Pyatt Call Transcript Ukraine (2014) | Nuland On Russia (30-Mar-2022)
  • Jake Sullivan | Politico Profile | Meeting China's Yang Jiechi (13-Jun-2022) | Kyiv Post: Fire Jake Sullivan! (1-Jun-2022)
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  • (Condoleezza Rice) - The Hidden Neocon Doctrine of Condoleezza Rice
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  • The Bush Doctrine | New policy to ensure our safety must be examined (30-Sept-2021) | David Frum: Don't Blame America For Anti-Americanism (14-Jun-2008)
  • Prospect For The New American Century --> Foreign Policy Initiative --> Bipartisan Policy Center --> Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • With New DC Policy Group Dems Continue To Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush Era Neocons (17-Jul-2017)
  • The Enemy of Your Enemy is Your Friend (13-May-2020)
  • Neoconservatism: The Historical Chart (3-Feb-2008) | The ‘Weekly Standard’ and the Eclipse of the Center-Right (5-Dec-2018)
  • Minors: Kamala Harris | Mark Warner | Jennifer Wexton | Rich Lowry
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    4 / 46   America: The Indispensable Nation

    5 / 46   America: Wolfowitz Doctrine and Neocon Unipolar Mania

  • A 'Regime' is a Government at Odds With the US Empire (20-Aug-2018)
  • National Security Council: Defense Policy Guidance (16-Apr-1992)
  • Think Tanks: Project for the New American Century | Foreign Policy Initiative
  • Wikipedia: The Wolfowitz Doctrine
  • Project for the New American Century: Letter to President Clinton from Neocons Promoting Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction (26-Jan-1998)
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy (1-Jul-1996)
  • PBS: Barton Gellman - Washington Post - Recollections on Defense Department 1992 Defense Planning Guidance (29-Jan-2003)
  • Council on Foreign Relations: Remarks to the U.S. Military Academy - Council on Foreign Relations (1-Jun-2002)
  • New York Times: Excerpts From Pentagon's Plan: 'Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival' (8-Mar-1992)
  • Washington Post: A Grand Strategy - George Bush US Foreign Policy (Oct-2002)
  • George Washington University: The Making of the Cheney Regional Defense Strategy, 1991-1992 (26-Feb-2008)
  • Chris Hedges: No Way Out but War (22-May-2022)
  • Militarist Monitor: 1992 Draft Defense Planning Guidance (20-Feb-2020)
  • New York Times: Hillary Clinton Liked Covert Action if It Stayed Covert, Transcript Shows (16-Oct-2016)
  • Foreign Policy Institute: How to Prevent a War in Asia (18-Jun-2020)
  • Project for the New American Century: Rebuilding America's Defenses - Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century (Sept-2000)
  • Hudson Institute: Preserving Pax Americana (Jan-2001)
  • London School of Economics: American Exceptionalism - Unipolarity - September 11 (Mar-2004)
  • Strategic Insights: Dissuasion and Allies - Volume IV Issue 2 (Feb-2005)
  • Harper's Magazine: Dick Cheney's Song of America (Oct-2002)
  • The Geopolitical Strategy Of The US' Global Hegemony By A Notorious Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski (2018)
  • Cambridge University Press: Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens (2014)
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    6 / 46   America/NATO: Against China

    7 / 46   America/NATO: Against Middle East

    8 / 46   American Super Imperialism

    9 / 46   Anglo-American Imperialists

    10 / 46   Arctic

    11 / 46   Arms Trade

    12 / 46   Atlantic Council: On Russia

    13 / 46   Australia Strategy Policy Institute

    The ASPI is the Australian Strategy Policy Institute - a foreign affairs "Five Eyes" deep state military think tank with heap big influence on Australian and NATO policy.


    14 / 46   Blue Dot Network - Belt and Road

    America-led alternative to China's Belt and Road Initiative, the Blue Dot Network (BDN) is a multi-stakeholder initiative founded 4-Nov-2019 - United States, Japan, Australia - infrastructure development projects worldwide on measures of financial transparency, environmental sustainability, and impact on economic development, funnel for laundering private capital abroad

  • Initially led by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), Japan Bank for International Cooperation, and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia
  • Atlantic Council/US Energy: The Three Seas Initiative (11-Feb-2019)
  • Atlantic Council/NATO: US commits $1 billion dollars to develop Central European infrastructure (15-Feb-2020)
  • Joint Statement: Vision and Principles for India-U.S. Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership (25-Feb-2020)
  • US-Taiwan Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue (21-Nov-2020)
  • OECD Inaugural Meeting of the Blue Dot Network’s Executive Consultation Group (7-Jun-2021)
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    15 / 46   Cold War: Against Afghanistan

    16 / 46   Cold War: Post-Soviet Russian Diaspora

  • "Tsar and God" and Other Essays in Russian Cultural Semiotics (2012)
  • The Atlantic: The Fall of the Russian Empire: The End of Monarchy (1928)
  • Back In The USSR: Russia's Intervention in the Internal Affairs of the Former Soviet Republics and the Implications for United States Policy (Jan-1994)
  • The "New Minorities" in Post-Soviet States (Jun-1994)
  • The State of Nations: The Ex-Soviet Union and Its Peoples (1996)
  • Migration Dilemmas Haunt Post-Soviet Russia (1-Oct-2002)
  • The Ethnic Russian Minority: A Problematic Issue In the Baltic States (2003)
  • TRANSCRIPT: The Collapse of the USSR
  • The Return of the Czar (7-Mar-2017)
  • Ethnic Russians in some former Soviet republics feel a close connection to Russia (24-Jul-2017)
  • Foreign Policy Research Institute: The Post-Soviet Wars: Part I (18-Dec-2017)

  • Military Review: Russian Diaspora as a Means of Russian Foreign Policy (Mar-2018)
  • New Yorker: Vladimir Putin's Revisionist History of Russia and Ukraine (23-Feb-2022)
  • The Once and Future Tsar - Putin's Past and Russia's Future (13-May-2018)
  • Putin and the Orthodox Church: How His Faith Shapes His Politics (16-Feb-2022)
  • Solzhenitsyn, Putin and the historical myth-making that drives Russian imperialism (18-Mar-2022)
  • HENRY SREBRNIK: The view from Russia — what was Putin thinking when he attacked Ukraine? (1-Mar-2022)
  • Our View of Russia Needs To take Into Consideration How Russia Views Us
  • Post-Soviet Union's Demise As Seen By Today's Russians (9-Dec-2021)
  • 30 Years After Soviet Collapse, Breaking Up Is Still Hard To Do (1-Feb-2022)
  • UK Foreign Office Think Tank: Understanding Putin (11-Mar-2022)
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    17 / 46   Cold War: Russia Ukraine NATO


  • U.S. Code Chapter 39 - ARMS EXPORT CONTROL ACT (1947 and numerous revisions)
  • The Guardian: Pro-Russian Crimeans celebrate landslide vote for return to motherland (16-Mar-2014)
  • Truthdig: Chris Hedges: In Ukraine, Washington Uses Fake Evidence as Usual (28-Apr-2014)
  • YouTube: Lindsey Graham and John McCain in Ukraine - Preparing for a Proxy War (2016)
  • WaPo: Why giving Ukraine lethal weapons would be a massive mistake (7-Aug-2017)
  • Carnegie Europe: What Is the Public Mood Like in Crimea? (6-Nov-2017)
  • Nation of Change: US Staged A Coup In Ukraine - Here's How and Why (15-Aug-2018)
  • WaPo: Six years and $20 billion in Russian investment later, Crimeans are happy with Russian annexation (18-Mar-2020)
  • Proposed Agreement on measures to ensure the security of The Russian Federation and member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (17-Dec-2021)
  • Proposed Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees (17-Dec-2021)
  • NYT: In Responses to Russia, U.S. Stands Firm on Who Can Join NATO (2-Feb-2022)
  • Scheerpost: Chris Hedges: The Greatest Evil Is War (27-Feb-2022)
  • Glenn Greenwald: War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic, Authoritarian, and Reckless (27-Feb-2022)
  • Russia publishes alleged Ukrainian plans for launching offensive in separatist Donbas region (9-Mar-2022)
  • The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigation (28-Mar-2022)

  • Anti-Russia

  • Time Magazine Simon Shuster: 4 Reasons Putin Is Already Losing in Ukraine (3-Mar-2014)
  • CNS News: Crimea Vote: Putin Cites Kosovo ‘Precedent’ (16-Mar-2014)
  • Kyiv Post: Journalists, free speech activists demand abolishing of [Ukraine's] newly-formed ‘Ministry of Truth’ (4-Dec-2014)
  • New York Times: Defying Obama, Many in Congress Press to Arm Ukraine (11-Jun-2015)
  • BBC: Ukraine conflict: Russia completes Crimea security fence (28-Dec-2018)
  • Al Jazeera: United States formally withdraws from Open Skies treaty (22-Nov-2020)
  • Murmansk Gets Russia's Biggest Dry Dock (May-2019)
  • Radio Free Europe: NATO Shows Off Missile Base In Romania, Calling It 'Purely Defensive' (25-Nov-2019)
  • Real Clear Defense: A Decade of U.S.-Romanian Missile Defense Cooperation: Alliance Success (19-Mar-2021)
  • YouTube Dishcast: Is There Really A Nazi Threat In Ukraine? (25-Mar-2022)
  • Twitter thread: advisor to President Zelenskyy in 2019: "Our price for joining NATO is a big war with Russia." (26-Mar-2022)
  • Asia Times: Ukraine And The Battle For Eurasia (26-Apr-2022)
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    18 / 46   Cold War: Russiagate

    19 / 46   Cold War: Soviet Union Endgame

    20 / 46   Economic Warfare: Russia-Ukraine Sanctions

    21 / 46   EU Wankery

  • Germany Could Spend $10 Billion To Bail Out Expropriated Ex-Gazprom Unit (13-Jun-2022)
  • Macron Seeks Bigger Military Budget in 'War Economy' (13-Jun-2022)
  • Leonid Slutsky: Member of the European Parliament from Poland Radoslav Sikorsky directly proposed to transfer nuclear weapons to Ukraine (12-Jun-2022)
  • West Has The Right To Give Ukraine Nuclear Warheads - Sikorsky (12-Jun-2022)
  • Finland and Sweden To Drop Players From Russian League
  • UEFA Bans Russia From European Competitions
  • EU Considers Exemptions As Hungary Threatens To Veto Russian Oil Ban
  • EU Rejects Russia's Ruble For Gas Scheme - Warns Of Supply Shock
  • Finland Will Decide To Apply For NATO Membership On May 12 Says Iltalehti Newspaper
  • Germany Would Weather Russian Oil Ban Despite Shortages Says Minister
  • Finland Cancels Nuclear Deal With Russia Ahead Of Nato Decision
  • Timeline of NATO expansion since 1949
  • US News & World Report: NATO Membership Would Strengthen Nordic Defence, Swedish Defence Minister Says
  • The Hill: UN receiving ‘credible’ information about Ukrainian troops torturing Russian prisoners, official says
  • Dave Decamp: Ukraine Hails 'Turning Point' as Germany Hardens Stance on Russia - News From
  • Bulgaria Says Will Veto EU Oil Sanctions on Russia if It Does Not Get Derogation
  • AP Interview: Lithuania FM calls for regime change in Russia
  • Lithuanian Lawmakers Brand Russian Actions in Ukraine as 'Genocide', 'Terrorism'
  • Pentagon pitches law changes to enable US-EU defense cooperation
  • Overwhelming Support for NATO Bid Among Finns: Poll
  • Britain promises to defend Finland and Sweden if invaded
  • Macron urges creation of ‘European political community’ beyond EU
  • EU Should Seize Russian Reserves to Rebuild Ukraine, Borrell Says -FT
  • U2: Bono, The Edge play Ukraine ‘freedom’ concert in Kyiv metro
  • NATO Chief Says Alliance Will Increase Presence in Baltic Sea if Sweden Applies - SVT
  • Parties Linked to France's Macron Form Coalition for Parliament Elections
  • Spain Briefly Detains Pro-Russian Ukrainian Blogger Accused of Treason (5-May-2022)
  • Majority of Austrians Reject Joining NATO (6-May-2022)
  • Hungary and Slovakia Get Two Years To Comply With Russian Oil Ban
  • Pentagon Draws 1.4 Billion To Replenish Weapon Stocks Sent To Ukraine (6-May-2022)
  • Mistaken PayPal Email Means Consortium News Is Permanently Banned (6-May-2022)
  • Mexican president slams US on tour of Central America (6-May-2022)
  • Okinawa Governor Calls for Japan to Reduce China Tensions, Wants Fewer US Military Bases (6-May-2022)
  • Austria says EU must consider radical treaty change over Ukraine (3-May-2022)
  • Amnesty says evidence shows Russian troops committed war crimes near Kyiv (6-May-2022)
  • ‘Not isolated incidents’: Amnesty accuses Russia of war crimes (6-May-2022)
  • Mariupol Authorities Say Russia Violates Ceasefire During Evacuation Operation (6-May-2022)
  • German Lawmakers Vote to Approve Huge Fund for Military (3-Jun-2022)
  • Sweden's Defence Minister Sees Ongoing Support Necessary for Ukraine (3-Jun-2022)
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    22 / 46   Extremism: Fascists and Nazis in Ukraine

    23 / 46   Five Eyes: Britain versus Europe

    24 / 46   Geopolitics: Concepts and Definitions

    Westphalian State System

    Term used in international relations, supposedly arising from the Treaties of Westphalia in 1648 which ended the Thirty Years War. It is generally held to mean a system of states or international society comprising sovereign state entities possessing the monopoly of force within their mutually recognized territories. Relations between states are conducted by means of formal diplomatic ties between heads of state and governments, and international law consists of treaties made (and broken) by those sovereign entities. The term implies a separation of the domestic and international spheres, such that states may not legitimately intervene in the domestic affairs of another, whether in the pursuit of self‐interest or by appeal to a higher notion of sovereignty, be it religion, ideology, or other supranational ideal. In this sense the term differentiates the ‘modern’ state system from earlier models, such as the Holy Roman Empire or the Ottoman Empire.


    25 / 46   Imperialism: American Globalism and NATO Censorship

    26 / 46   International Law: Self Defense

    27 / 46   Israel: America/Britain v United Nations

    28 / 46   Migrant and Refugee Economics

    Do immigrants reduces native born wages? Do migrants cost _us_ money?
  • "No. Immigrants almost never reduce native born wages, except sometimes briefly during the peak or trough of recession. In recessions the net fiscal impact moves back to an overall net positive soon after."
  • "No. Migrants don't tend to cost the country money, except at the very start (rescue and housing) and/or if the migrant is subsequently deported before becoming a taxpayer. Once paying taxes, migrants like immigrants are net positive. Benefit to national fiscal balance over a lifetime is very positive, in part because immigrants don't need public spending during childhood so spend much higher percentage of their lives as taxpayers."
  • Migrant Population in the U.K.: Fiscal Effects (22-Feb-2002)
  • Paying Their Way. The fiscal contribution of immigrants in the UK (27-Apr-2005)
  • The Effect of Immigration along the Distribution of Wages (Mar-2008)
  • New Labour? The Impact of Migration from Central and Eastern European Countries on the UK Labour Market (19-Oct-2008)
  • The Economic Impacts of Migration on the UK Labour Market (26-Feb-2009)
  • The Government's Immigration Sums Don't Add Up (18-Nov-2010)
  • ONS reveals impact of immigration on low-paid jobs and wages; how should Labour react? (26-May-2011)
  • REDACTED: The Spectator - ONS Blunder Lets Ministers Blame Falling Real Incomes On Immigration (Aug-2012)
  • Impacts of migration on UK native employment: An analytical review of the evidence (Mar-2014)
  • The impact of immigration on occupational wages: evidence from Britain (Dec-2015)
  • Finding the facts: The truth behind referendum claims on immigration (13-Apr-2016)
  • Does Immigration Reduce Wages? (2017)
  • An immigration strategy for the UK: Six proposals to manage migration for economic success (5-Dec-2017)
  • The Economic Impact of Immigrations on the UK (6-Apr-2018)
  • The Fiscal Imact of Immigration in the UK (18-Feb-2019)
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    29 / 46   National / European Endowment for Democracy

    30 / 46   NATO Russia/Ukraine: Germany Selling Out

  • Calls to Give Heavy Weapons to Ukraine Divide Germany’s Government (20-Apr-2022)
  • Green Party Germany: "The longer this war drags on, and the closer Putin gets to a victory, the greater the danger that further countries will be invaded and that we then end up sliding into an extended, de facto third world war," said Anton Hofreiter, the head of the European Relations Committee in the Bundestag and a member of the Greens, on the public broadcaster ZDF on Wednesday morning.
  • Germany To Drill For Gas In North Sea To Reduce Reliance On Russia | (Apr-2022)
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    31 / 46   Nuclear Treaty Dates

  • 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty - ended 2001 by George W Bush
  • 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty - ended 2019 by Donald Trump
  • 1990 Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty - ended by NATO expansion
  • 1992 Open Skies Treaty - ended 2020 by Joe Biden
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    32 / 46   Russia: Putin and Post-Soviet Era

    33 / 46   Russia: Warm Water Ports

    34 / 46   Russia/Ukraine Conflict: Intel Analysis and Articles

    35 / 46   Sanctions: Corporate Tech versus Russia

    36 / 46   Sanctions: Russia / Ukraine

    37 / 46   Soft Power: Essays 1990-2021

    38 / 46   South America: Brazil

    39 / 46   South America: Venezuela

    40 / 46   Space: US Space Policy

    41 / 46   Stratcom - EU / East Europe / Russia

    42 / 46   Ukraine: Euromaidan, Neo-Nazis and US Proxy War

    43 / 46   Ukraine: Great Game 21st-Century

    44 / 46   Unipolar to Multipolar World

  • Cable Sergei Lavrov to William Burns: NYET MEANS NYET: Russia's NaTO Enlargement Redlines (1-Feb-2008)
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    45 / 46   United Nations: Security Council

    46 / 46   US Military Industrial Budget