Craig Murray

Craig John Murray (born 17-Oct-1958) is a British author, human rights campaigner, journalist, and former diplomat for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Between 2002 and 2004, he was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan during which time he exposed the violations of human rights in Uzbekistan by the Karimov administration. This led to conflict with his superiors in the Foreign Office until finally he was removed from the post. Specifically, Murray complained to the Foreign Office repeatedly that intelligence received by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the Uzbek government was unreliable because it had been obtained through torture, as was later confirmed by European investigators.

Subsequently he became a political activist, campaigning for human rights and for transparency in global politics as well as for the independence of Scotland. Murray was one of few people granted access to Julian Assange’s extradition hearing which started in the Old Bailey on 7 September 2020. He published detailed reports of each day’s proceedings on his website. Murray is currently in prison on charges cooked up by the UK government to silence the unwanted Assange coverage.