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1 / 12   80/20 Rule - Pareto Principle


2 / 12   Atomic Force Microscopy


3 / 12   Linguistics and Perception: Comparative Colour Hierarchies


4 / 12   Natural Language Processing

5 / 12   Neuroscience Neurocognition

6 / 12   Neuroscience: Attention and Consciousness

  • Neural Darwinism and consciousness (Mar-2005)
  • A Theory Of Micro-Consciousness (1-Jan-2007)
  • The Neural Correlates of Consciousness and Attention: Two Sister Processes of the Brain (31-Oct-2019)
  • Left And Right Hemispheres Approach To Education (12-Oct-2021)
  • The Precuneus and Consciousness (7-Nov-2014)
  • Conscious, preconscious, and subliminal processing: a testable taxonomy (1-May-2006)
  • The Consciousness Instinct - Unraveling The Mystery Of How The Brain Makes The Mind (Michael Gazzaniga)
  • Artificial consciousness and the consciousness-attention dissociation (Oct-2016)
  • A gender- and sexual orientation-dependent spatial attentional effect of invisible images (7-Nov-2006)
  • The Zombie Within (21-Jun-2001)
  • Hemispheric Asymmetry in White Matter Connectivity of the Temporoparietal Junction with the Insula and Prefrontal Cortex (19-Apr-2021)
  • Capture of Attention to Threatening Stimuli without Perceptual Awareness (11-Jun-2009)

  • Modular co-organization of functional connectivity and scale-free dynamics in the human brain (1-Jun-2017)
  • The Hierarchical Organization of the Default, Dorsal Attention and Salience Networks in Adolescents and Young Adults (17-Nov-2017)
  • The relation between consciousness and attention: An empirical study using the priming paradigm (Mar-2010)
  • Bilateral Theta-Burst TMS to Influence Global Gestalt Perception (26-Oct-2012)
  • Can cognitive processes be inferred from neuroimaging data? (1-Feb-2006)
  • Consciousness, epilepsy, and emotional qualia (1-Sept-2005)
  • Synchronization of Neural Activity across Cortical Areas Correlates with Conscious Perception (14-Mar-2007)
  • Attention, Salience, and Self-Awareness: The Role of Insula in Meditation (14-Feb-2018)
  • Neuroimaging Studies of Attention: From Modulation of Sensory Processing to Top-Down Control (15-May-2003)
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    7 / 12   Neuroscience: Cognition Computation


    8 / 12   Research: Alzheimer's Disease

    9 / 12   Research: Evolution and Multicellularity

    10 / 12   Research: Neurology and Neocortical Glions

    11 / 12   Research: Neurology and Tau Protein Targeting


    12 / 12   Theories: Opponent Process