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“Her beauty is beyond compare with emerald eyes and auburn hair, the botox’d and mammographized Jolene.”


I was doing a deep dive on NFTs, reading a blog about economics and how crypto could threaten (or become weaponized by) corporate oligarchy yadda yadda. Familiar subject but the guy had it all broken down into a cool bibimbap timeline.

Got me thinking it’s weird hardly anyone is clear on how big capital has captured government (law making), mainstream media (propaganda) and all the important public-facing institutions (including military and the internet)… Like why is everyone 100% suckered by the dumb “my team good – your team evil” circlejerk, when it goes nowhere, wasting all our time arguing over hot button headlines?

It’s like everyone drinks enough of the bullshit spigot to stay poisoned and powerless. We sign off on being exploited, even though we know it’s a rigged game that’s getting worse no matter which corrupt flunkey gets elected.
This line of thinking got me thinking about stupidity and groupthink and then I did a quick search for “Church of Christ”. It’s an interesting search.
Gorman: looks like a damn town meeting.
Burke: tell Ripley we’ve found her colonists.
Mostly good regular people, no doubt. Simple folks. NUMEROUS numinous followers of the word…
The IQ of half the world is under 100. Every other person you pass in the street is—without exaggeration—an idiot.
Doesn’t mean they’re bad. Means they’re probably unwitting agents of a smarter greed…
It means they’d probably put a bullet in your brain – in the name of what’s right, what they’ve been told is right. It means they’re probably unencumbered by intrusive thoughts like “don’t blindly follow orders” or “am I being exploited?” to feed somebody else’s avarice.
  • Half the world. Under 100 IQ.
  • Minds like Non-Fungible Tokens.
  • Marching blindly towards the slaughterhouse.
  • Hauling everyone along, like a lemming chain-gang.
  • It’s bananas.

The world is being fucked up by two crappy common human traits. First is the neurological path of least resistance, the second – a consequence and corollary of the first – a failure of (and in) the imagination.

The dynamic is in every single human brain and what seems like a contradiction between the advancing technology and improving quality of life enjoyed by almost all human beings (relative to their ancestors) versus an increasingly clear degradation of individual ‘quality of mind’.

When a brain gets locked into a path of least resistance reciprocating and reinforcing the shortfall (and then failure) of imagination, the end result is a ‘closed mind’ of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias – an atrophying of the corpus callosum symbiosis of trained, optimized left-brain activity (pragmatic, practical) with creative, multivariate right-brain imagination (predictive, inventive).

Metaphorically and (probably) literally, the corpus callosum facilitates an asynchronous bidirectional ‘analogue to digital’ multicast communication between the hemispheres. Neurological path of least resistance is trying to optimize these complex brain functions, discarding the disruptive elements and rationalizing down the multivariates (i.e. towards certainties).

As products of evolution by natural selection, we’re put together – as a package, mind and body, expressions of diversity and sameness – as best serves the continuity of our genes (individually, family, community, by extended phenotype) into the next generation. Human intelligence is remarkable (on this planet) and who knows, but consciousness – individual original creative imagination – may be unique in the universe. Who the fuck knows.

We inherit, as individuals, a collection of potentials, a spectrum from love to hate, nurture to violence, altruism to sadism: note, these are all variables with a range, not a polarization of binary either/or.

The ability to make a synthesis of a plethora of ‘range’ variables, to distill, approximate, laterally connect, imagine, speculate and ultimately neural-network into a metaphorical gestalt that’s susceptible to binary “shall we do this or that?” decisiveness – whether in a familiar environment or an entirely new one.


Neuroscience arguably points to a symbiosis between the partial specializations of the human left-brain right-brain hemisphere. Left-brain is the intelligent primate, most closely resembling the neural networks modeled in machine learning in Artificial Intelligence insofar as its specialisation is optimized handling of the physical (animal) world, reacting to imposition from the limbic system (senses, especially if it’s part of an ancient survival system like fight-or-flight catalysts) and applying the training of childhood and past experience – mostly good, useful systems, sometimes coping neuroses (trauma, PTSD, tragedy, etc).

Right-brain invents worlds, models scenarios, weighs possibilities, creates systems, proposing its conclusions to the left-brain, for action and possible integration into left-brain training, responses, reactions, ciphers, distillations and factor-in-factor-out keys to meet reality (as it was, as it is, as it may become) with the binary “this or that?” choice. Left-brain – MRI-scans confirm – decides and sends out the specific act/reaction, down the brain stem and instructing physical pulses, summoning neural impulse feedback, etc, etc.

Practical martial-artist left-brain communicates with the metaphorical creative dreamer right-brain hemisphere through the corpus callosum. Complex psychology is more distinct to each individual human than the fingerprints of everyone in the world.

Right-brain left-brain symbiosis – to the point of a single conscious prefrontal executive – seems to be one of the more recently evolved traits of the homo sapiens mind. Consciousness is the gift of the dreamer right-brain. It’s unclear how far the remarkably effective, almost infinitely trainable left-brain – on its own – would have evolved the same degree of abstract self-awareness. Who knows?

The other primates don’t have abstract self-awareness, but the human brain is so deeply intertwined neurologically, an individual doesn’t become a zombie if the right-brain is damaged. On the other hand, a foetus with no right-brain functioning never gets to the stage of abstract self-awareness… psychology is a complex beast. 


There’s more people in your extended social media sphere than you can remember, let alone individuate. This means there’re more opinions and more events and more effluent from bullshit spigot coming at you (if you leave your mouth open) than it’s possible to imbibe.

So how to parse all this? How does the human brain make a start on understanding and then reacting to the tsunami of ‘stuff’ flowing by? Look for patterns. The brain is a remarkable pattern-matcher.

What’s the clearest patterns? The familiar – if you’re not pro-active against it – that is to say, confirmation bias.

What’s the best way to see the clearest patterns fastest over time? An endless loop of confirmation bias.

So, in the torrents of info flooding our brains, every one of us is caught – at times – by patterns that are matched by confirmation bias. Can’t be helped. It’s the path of least resistance (mentally) after all.

In the mob of info sources (people, strangers), the same path applies. Your mind must bail on individuating (impossible to do, not enough time or reward). This means the pattern-matching distillation of the info as portrayed by the ‘type’ of people/sources either reduces real-world people to crude accordant versus discordant action-belief-behaviour – LIKE, DISLIKE, IGNORE – or picks out algorithm-individual strangers to fit the preconceived pattern of narrative. Expectation based on confirmation bias.

Most people resort to the former, reinforcing the preference by occasionally bringing an individual info source into focus, pre-selected to prove the pattern is objectively valid. What a crock.


Until there’s widespread maturation in how we cope with the perpetual stream of social noise, to re-individualize strangers rather than a path of least resistance pattern match, even though the former seems like it’s taking in less than the latter (the opposite is true), then the dumber and dumber trajectory will confirm itself to an opinion spectrum less and less tolerant to anything or anyone diverging from preconceived affirmation.

Plap. Pallop.