Scattergun CONTENT BROADCAST. WEEK OF 29th July 2021.

The real world of seven-plus billion human beings is so far beyond simple metrics like good and evil as to make mere presentation of big data an irrelevant distraction for understanding the reality of complex society. Instead, humbly acknowledging its inadequacy, scattergun recs goes for the [Blunderbuss] content recommendation method.

== BOOKS ==

Nothing distills knowledge better than long-form written text. It’s perennially annoying because time is finite and we all know it’s so much easier to absorb a abridged video passively. But the learning doesn’t penetrate. It doesn’t stick the way it needs to, to become part of your brain’s intellectual arsenal, without the detail and the focused mental interaction.


No need to reinvent the wheel. Wikipedia is a useful resource for both general overview and referencing sources, so long as the subject doesn’t crossover with the unfortunate partisanship of ‘culture wars’ editor activism. With that in mind, here’s a select index of Wikipedia pages covering terms and subjects central to informed socio-political education.

  1. ”Progressivism”
  2. ”Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights”
  3. ”Industrial Revolution 1760-1840”
  4. ”List of Conspiracy Theories”
  5. ”Alt-Right Glossary”


We can’t take responsibility for any third-party sites. The articles and essays are selected because they add to understanding of a particular subject, typically one where the mainstream narrative has been hijacked and appropriated to misdirect the public away from seeing the reality. Please report any broken links.

  1. ”Plutocracy and the Precariat (Noam Chomsky)”
  2. ”The Roots of Fascism (February 11th 2020 | George Monbiot)”
  3. ”The Rigged Darwinism of the American Dream”
  4. ”Elites Have Forced America Into National Psychosis (Noam Chomsky)”
  5. ”Launching Rockets and Looting Riots”
  6. ”Extinction Rebellion “If defending life on Earth is extremist, we must own that label”
  7. ”US Military uses IMF, World Bank as Unconventional Weapons”
  8. ‘Dichotomy is the New Opiate of the Masses”
  9. ”Confronting the Great American Myth”
  10. ”Capitalism v Socialism is a False Choice”
  11. ”Cambridge Union 1965 debate James Baldwin and William S. Buckley”
  12. ”An Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st-Century”
  13. ”The Tyranny of Defense Inc (Military Industrial Complex)”
  14. ”How The Young Are Indoctrinated To Obey”
  15. “Radicalizing Moderates Into Extremists”
  16. “Trump and the Society of the Spectacle (NYT)”
  17. “Where Your Tax Dollar Was Spent”
  18. ”Postmodernism – Blueprint For Western Irrelevance”
  19. “What Is The Problem With Social Media?”
  20. “Conscious and Unconscious Brain States and Agenda”


Books may be the best method for in-depth learning but there are millions of subjects we ought to have in our repertoire but don’t need close study. Video is our friend here. What’s more, video record of historical events can be firsthand, authentic as a record of the moments in time like no other medium.

  1. President FDR on the Second Bill of Rights, 1944)
  2. Manufacturing Consent (documentary Noam Chomsky, 1988
  3. The Century of the Self (documentry by Adam Curtis, 2002)
  4. Capitalism – A Love Story (film by Michael Moore, 2009)
  5. Hypernormalisation (film by Adam Curtis, 2016)
  6. Switzerland’s Direct Democracy (short explainer film by SwissInfo.ch, 2011)
  7. Blacks Britannia (banned film about UK immigration and racism, 1978)
  8. “I Have A Dream” (Martin Luther King, 1963)
  9. Feminism Debate (Germaine Greer and William F. Buckley, 1973)
  10. Edward Snowden on the Joe Rogan Experience (podcast, 2019)
  11. Iran (Persia) from Decadence to Theocracy (BBC, 2016)
  12. Margaret Thatcher on Firing Line (interview, 1975)
  13. President Eisenhower Farewell Address (1961)
  14. Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans (2020)

== MUSIC ==

Music is too personal a preference to include as advisory recommendations. So instead, the listed links are simply music used to vocalize, highlight, and expose real-world forces that define our everyday lives in society with a political, sociological and/or cultural insight that cuts through the bullshit. Typically the insight won’t be as taught in the indoctrination syllabus of a school curriculum i.e. that 99.9% of the world population is (at best) a dispossessed tenant class living on somebody else’s land and education is mostly false paradigms designed to hide (or soften) the brutal scale of power, wealth and violence ring-fencing the continuity of birth and lineage.

  1. “Rich Man’s World (Immortal Technique, 2013)”
  2. “Point Of No Return (Immortal Technique, 2011)”
  3. “Soundtrack to the Struggle (Lowkey ft Adnan Al-Radhi, 2011)”
  4. “Slow Down Gandhi (Sage Francis, 2013)”


Content – typically YouTube video – with a more cosmic or sweeping historical angle. There’s a rabbit hole with each entry in the list waiting to welcome enquiring viewers…

  1. Moon – Planet – Star Size Comparison (morn1415, 2016)
  2. Journey Through The Universe (2013 film)
  3. Black Hole Comparison (morn1415, 2014)
  4. Hubble Space Telescope Ultra Deep Field (NASA, 2019)
  5. Human Population Through Time (Natural History Museum, 2016)
  6. Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (NASA, 1969)
  7. From Human Being to the Quantum Foam (morn1415, 2019)
  8. Short Obituary for the United Kingdom (short video, 2019)


General content suggested by external users and given the thumbs. Mostly it’s instructional, sometimes it’s useful counter-narrative insight and so on. All worth a little attention.