What gives credibility – and therefore trust – to neoliberal stakeholder capitalism, with its meritocracy of experts duly credentialed (because we can’t know everyone in a world of billions), World Economic Forum, transnational public-private networks of NGOs, and global leader programs, is the simple but undeniable fact that it COULD be genuinely motivated by the best, pragmatic, practical, most progressive, least inhuman of collective considerations. It could be good.


It’s hard not to see an underlying prejudice in the boomer liberal’s willingness to be subordinated to the bullshit Democratic Party Clinton-Obama-Biden neoliberal neocon corporate credentialist oligarchy (!). Example: Robert Cox, editor of the Buenos Aires Herald 1968-79, courageously exposed the military junta by naming “disappeared” journalists and later denounced la grieta – the internicine brutality of the Kirchner(SP) anti-Kirchner factions persecuting free press in Argentina. Cox bought existential threat Trump and Russiagate bullshit hook line and sinker. Dozens of front page articles in multiple countries testify. Why? Why is it possible to call out Argentine state crime but not American (or British) criminality? It’s got to be prejudice.


Anyone who knows world – and especially European – history will understand the destructive stories of war, totalitarianism and state brutality, exported as rapacious colonialism abroad, imported as surveillance state repression at home. We should all implicitly understand this is evil. Peaceful cooperation beats forced compliance every time. When stakeholder capitalists propose the former and condemn the latter, it’s natural we want to believe them. We want to be optimistic about the hearts of our fellow human beings.

But by their actions are they known, and by the very evils we and they condemn, the scales must fall from our eyes. Neoliberalism is the pretense of humane, inclusive meritocracy without the implicit moral imperative. Neoliberalism prosecutes all the evils its own leading advocates condemn.

Neoliberalism is the evil of totalitarianism, with a slightly larger included class than old fashioned aristocracy, honed by economic over violent coercion, methylated by narcissistic hypocrisy. It’s the worst, most toxic combination on the planet. It’s sly, dishonest and divisive. It rewards sociopath competence over sincere expertise in the competition for power. Small wonder its rotten fruits are forever war, fascist coups, mass surveillance and a world on the edge of nuclear holocaust.

It’s all such a fucking shame and doesn’t need to be this way. That’s what I don’t get, however deeply I understand the forces at play.


We’re all suffering the same termimal illness. None of us get out alive. Meaning comes hard won, in snatches, less and less unambiguous as the years go by. Why choose greater wealth and power plus cruelty over a bit less wealth and fair limitations on power plus kindness? Cruelty comes with pointless risk, unregulated zero sum rape of resources, the endless headache of imposed exploitation. It’s stupefying and wasteful. I don’t get it! It’s not like the billionaire class is nurturing a second Renaissance in some hidden seastead Firenze. Culture commodified is like fast food to haute cuisine. I don’t get it!

What’s the great vision? What’s the reward for the winners of the global survivor war they’re forcing on the planet? It says a lot when the only answer anyone’s offered has been Jeffrey Epstein’s island of politicians and celebrities fucking teenagers. Transgression of the norms everyone else lives by. Being above the law of the land and the moral strictures of society. What a pathetic expression of victory in the power games.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the depravity of the winners circle should be a symptom of the evil done to get there. Karma. In an amoral uncaring godless universe.