Struggle. Few. Versus. Many.

Narrative blah blah narrative yadda yadda narrative-narrative-narrative. It’s almost worse to be sceptical about a world full of competing narratives – perceiving them everywhere – without trying to cut through any of them, than taking everything the media says at face value. Unless you get to the point of a real, original perspective, you’re simply swapping one narrative for another.
The world is full of people, and it’s impossible to know them all personally. But it’s important not to let this fact collude with our natural pattern matching and innate predisposition to conclude in binary. The world of people isn’t a stage of actors playing out scenes in the movie of your life. More important than this misconception – which is sometimes impossible to avoid – we shouldn’t respond to the real-world by role-playing ourselves as a character in the film. It’s not genuine. It’s not real. It’s not sincere. It’s a recipe for dehumanizing individuals and making real into surreal, which is to separate feeling and emotion from the moment experience. That way cruelty lies! (And comedy and tragedy, so yeah, sometimes it’s okay, but let’s at least draw the distinction between performance and authenticity.
Most protest is just protest.
Recent protests in the USA have been used as political cover by LARPing Antifa anarchists. Which is shit.
That said, the circle of abuse is often completed through ostensibly good people editorializing their anger and fear as the expense of their sympathy and culpability.
“The few who loot steal our focus from the cause of the many BUT then, when we fixate on the few, we choose to let the real suffering of the many continue unaddressed. Sometimes that evasion is wilful, self-serving.”

Corporations and institutions use tech to reach millions of targets. Media’s power lies in wielding that reach to influence public opinion – be it politics or product advertising .
Individual citizens use tech to be reached by corporations, institutions, and through social media sometimes be a miniscule part of the public conversation.
We are the prey of organized campaigns of corporate and giant institutions.
We are atomized. We are individuals, or even when grouping with common cause, we’re disorganized or naïve.
Thousands of scattered protests don’t trend; unless they happen to get amplified through the focus of a media institution; which is no basis for pushing oligarchs to change.
Political think tanks and Russian hypernormalization farms understand how to trend their agenda; and how to impact the public narrative through social media, amplified focused action and N.L.P. intelligence applied via the internet.
They punch way above their weight: twenty organized actors can impact twenty million atomized individuals.

Bring back de facto democracy to the so-called internet public square that’s been subverted by corporate oligarchy to narrow, antithetical political interests. Or democracy is going to be a hiding to totalitarianism.