Secret or Private Intelligence?

Security in stores. Keeping an eye on my safety if watching me, that’s a white privilege. Not offended by the scrutiny, Who cares what’s in their brains?

Trump is just the last echo of the Industrial Age and the installation of a senile grifter, the triumph of the technocracy, shielded by the CIA and MI5/6. These spy organizations were always private companies.
CIA was built by Wall Street, and British Intelligence (MI5/6) is an arm of the British monarchy and has never been accountable to the public.
A realignment is taking place. Behind the curtain. Challenging the old guard is the nexus of more openly private intelligence organizations like that of Erik Prince and computer oligarchs like Thiel and Mercer. This is exactly who put Trump over. Biden is the reassertion of the old guard.

I’m not resigned to anything. I’m just not deluded about the world outside my window.
  • Lesson#1 is don’t be poor.
  • Lesson#2 is don’t be chained to one location.
  • Lesson#3 is try to meditate interactions with the world on your own terms.
  • Lesson#4 is think the worst of people en masse but hope for the best of people as individuals.
There’s more lessons of course!