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“Then there was the educated Texan from Texas who looked like someone in Technicolor and felt, patriotically, that people of means – decent folk – should be given more votes than drifters, whores, criminals, degenerates, atheists and indecent folk – people without means.”Joseph Heller

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Regarding the Coronavirus on New Year's Day 2022

"So basically the only way we got a virus so pathogenic as the novel coronavirus was illegal gain-of-function escaped from the lab. Big Pharma took the opportunity to reap huge profits from a repurposed gene therapy mRNA platform and meanwhile the virus kills a few million people. Nature eventually reasserts on the virus (and populations) leading to omicron: very infectious, not very pathogenic."

"End result. The world has a new cold for everyone. Big Pharma makes billions. Dr Fauci needs to be in jail."


Fact Sheet for Circadian Rhythms


Founded in 2004 to extend space for critical discussions on contempoary art, Fillip is a Vancouver-based publishing organization.


National Education Spending
Bioinformatics - the intersection of two distinct fundamentals of science. 

  • In the mathematical sciences once you have a proof it should stand forever. The numbers of variables involved are under your control.
  • In the biological sciences once you demonstrate something you are only starting. Other experiments in different settings may support prior results or may have different results. The number of variables involved is nearly unbounded. And not all of them are visible or measurable. And they are all interdependent.
  • Example: you have this great result, say gene G affects disease D. But it does so only only 40% of the time. With more work, adding more variables, you can increase the success ratio. But how do you get the uncertainty down to zero? No easy answer.


  • Why not let funding follow the child, e.g. homeschooling or private?
  • What happens to the government money that would've gone to schools had the child been put into state/public education?
  • OECD: Education Spending


  • starts at age 5 - kindergarten
  • $13000-$15000 public school
  • $21,000 - $33,000 tertiary
  • $45000 private school day
  • $60000 private school boarding


  • starts at age 4
  • £5600 elementary / £6500 secondary
  • $11500 average total
  •  free meals if your poor
  • £9500 tertiary
  • £35000 private day
  • £45000 private boarding

    Italy, Portugal, Ireland

  • $8000-$9000 on average
  • elementary + secondary
  • free meals + free books

    France, Finland, Japan

  • $10000 average
  • free meals
  • (Finland all public school teachers need five year Masters minimum)
  • starts with day care funding, age 3 (optional) then compulsory from age 4 - to educate not necessary to send to school

    Holland, Germany, Canada

  • $11000 average
  • South Korea, Sweden, Iceland

  • $12000 average
  • Norway, Austria

  • $15000 average
  • Switzerland

  • $18000 average elementary/secondary
  • Luxembourg

  • $20000 average elementary/secondary

  • C



    Why wasn't Germany a broken state post-WW2 like Iraq, Libya et al?

    We take for granted the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, bombing of Libya etc led to broken states once the dust settles. The chaotic Middle East is an object lesson with its guerrilla insurgencies, endless internecine, rampant corruption, lawlessness. And Iraq is a relatively small country but the US (and the West) couldn't even make Iraq peaceful and orderly (let alone Afghanistan). OK?

    So, how did post-WW2 Germany get pacified and re-civilised literally overnight? It was broken too, far worse than Iraq or Afghanistan. Its cities were flattened and it was occupied after 1945 by four different nations. A few years later, West and East Germany. Not a single insurgent? Fully functional government? Pacified populations? No guerrilla anything? How the fuck was that achieved? It is never included in popular history of post-war continental Europe. "Western" conceit simply takes for granted that Germany would've instantly coalesced into a peaceful, functional, rule of law nation. But this was by no means guaranteed. The big difference between the Muslim nations broken and the German nations pacified was more psychological than military. Enter the holocaust...


    Pythonisation of Expert Labour

    "AI/automation and computer aided work seems like a democratisation. But moving work to the cloud is an inevitable centralization; package libraries lead to a lumpenisation of Information Technology - a Pythonisation of Coding and Coders; corporate structures demote experts and promote managers, degenerating the quality of IT decision-makers. Meanwhile the lumpenisation and the democratisation is subordinated to the Citadel, expert labour subsumed into the working class by bad education and UBI (universal basic income) based on regulated obedience."


    Corporate Abuse of IP: References
  • The institution of intellectual property therefore involves the ‘construction of scarcity’ where none necessarily exists (May & Sell, 2006: 17-20)
  • ... for Western advocates, modern genetic research aimed at increasing human welfare is entirely respectable ‘bioprospecting’, a form of IP that fits within the TRIPS framework. For indigenous peoples, by way of contrast, the patenting of TK resources such as neem extract can be seen as a form of ‘biopiracy’, and represents the “disingenuous repackaging of traditional knowledge in order to secure monopoly rents for the biopirate while excluding the original innovator from a claim of these rents” (Isaac & Kerr, 2004)
  • TRIPS therefore reflected the interests of particular global corporate actors, and it is only through acknowledgement of this that it can be properly understood (Matthews, 2002: 4-5)

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