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“Then there was the educated Texan from Texas who looked like someone in Technicolor and felt, patriotically, that people of means – decent folk – should be given more votes than drifters, whores, criminals, degenerates, atheists and indecent folk – people without means.”Joseph Heller

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Various Articles @ 10th September 2021

Groundbreaking technique yields important new details on silicon, subatomic particles and possible ‘fifth force’ (21-Aug-2021) @ ARTICLE on sciencedaily.com website.

Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little - Using excess discretionary time on productive activities can help bolster well-being @ ARTICLE on Science Daily August 2021

Assessing China's Prosperity Campaign (9-Sept-2021) @ LONG ARTICLE LINK on brookings.edu website.

Hacker Lawyer Jay Leiderman Is Dead at 50 - California defence attorney known for his whistleblower advocacy and defense of political dissidents and hackers, was confirmed dead in Ventura County (8-Sept-2021) @ DEATH NOTICE ARTICLE on slashdot.org website.

Vax versus Anti-vax

Some seem sincere. Some who try to explain are unfairly hit by a lot of lazy ad hominems in these comments. Hopefully that doesn't become so disconcerting they stop trying. That said, most should be more sympathetic to concerns about these extremely new vaccines - even if the concerns come from non-medical voices.

As a useful way to frame the whole vaccine context, Pfizer and the other corporations are stakeholder profit engines with no interest in public health or acting within the law except insofar as there's a material calculation to be made: risk versus reward. It's important to ALWAYS keep corporate amorality in mind when trying to answer public health questions, even when focused on simply parsing conclusions on the science.

There doesn't need to be anything sinister or conspiracy about pharmaceutical corporations maximizing profit. But it's naive - or disingenuous - not to include suspicion of Pfizer/Moderna/AZ/J&J/FDA/CDC criminality in every credible analysis of adverse vaccine impact (or any other aspect of for-profit healthcare opportunism).

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vocal fry register
The lowest vocal register and is produced through a loose glottal closure that permits air to bubble through slowly with a popping or rattling sound of a very low frequency as per Wikipedia definition
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Voting within the Duopoly
Punishment at the ballot is only punishment if it's outside the DUOPOLY Dems follow donors lobbyists activated, because voters are feckless. Who cares about approval ratings for Biden, Harris, Buttigieg? Which three are IN executive positions? Who was attending Biden's big infrastructure bill signing? Sinema. Manchin. Dems losing voters is part of the oligopoly success story if it's voters swinging GOP. How's that going to help your social programs? Worker going from Dem to GOP out of frustration over Dem policy failure fucking working class (not looking out for their interests) is a win for plutocracy. Culture war creates a perpetual non economic headline argument engine that divides progressive threat, undermining it by driving white blue collar rightwing and socialists - woke wedge issue. Jacobin study progressive populist left the best blend for winning elections - on a level playing field - which is revealing in many ways: shows the power of media and insider collusion as Bernie who epitomised this beaten by Biden who's the opposite hobbled by Warren the actualised culture war flank attack. Populist left would be the most effective politics except for the simple fecklessness of the voters. Michigan, South Carolina, blue collars feckless, black bloc feckless, Biden, Biden.

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Virtue Ethics versus Principles Ethics
Virtue ethics is based on the consequences of actions, whereas principle-based ethics is based on character traits. Virtue ethics is based on set of rules, whereas principle-based ethics is based on consequences of actions.

Volodin - Speaker of Russian Duma - Luhansk and Donetsk

Volodin is ready to discuss the proposal of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on a request to Putin to recognise the LPR and the DPR. Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said that the draft resolution submitted by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the recognition of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics (LPR and DPR) and the corresponding appeal to the president requires discussion. "The issue proposed for consideration is very serious and responsible. In this regard, it would be right to hold consultations with the leaders of the factions next week and discuss this initiative," Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday.

Then, according to the results of consultations, the speaker believes, the issue can be considered at the Council of the State Duma. According to Volodin, Russia cannot allow "ignoring the Minsk agreements" by Kiev and NATO's plans to "occupy Ukraine". He also stressed that Moscow should look for a way to protect compatriots in the self-proclaimed LNR and DNR. On Wednesday, the deputies of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation submitted to the State Duma a draft resolution of the chamber, in which they propose that parliamentarians officially appeal to President Vladimir Putin with a request to recognize the independence of the LPR and DPR.

Lavrov arrived in Geneva, where he will hold talks with Blinken on Friday. "I think that tomorrow we will know more. At least I hope that tomorrow we will know more about whether Russia is really committed to trying to resolve these differences through diplomacy, through dialogue, or not," he said in an interview with a German television channel. ZDF.

Blinken stressed that he does not expect any breakthroughs. According to him, the United States wants to understand what the recent talks with Russia have led to in the framework of the dialogue on strategic stability, the Russia-NATO Council and the OSCE. "I think this is an important moment to assess with Foreign Minister Lavrov where we are, to see what conclusions Russia draws from these diplomatic conversations," the American diplomat said. He added that Washington has for many years "showed good will" towards Moscow, "wishing to work with Russia." As examples of the desired cooperation with the Russian Federation, Blinken cited the fight against COVID-19, climate change, new technologies - "problems that affect all of our citizens."

"We would like nothing more than to develop a more stable, predictable relationship with Russia," the Secretary of State said, stressing that, "unfortunately, we have been constantly denied." Negotiations between Blinken and Lavrov will be held on January 21 in Geneva. Before that, the US Secretary of State visited Kiev, where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, and Berlin, where he talked with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock. Western countries are concerned about the buildup and movement of Russian troops near the border of Ukraine. They believe that Russia may be planning an invasion of this country. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not going to attack the neighbouring state.

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