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“Then there was the educated Texan from Texas who looked like someone in Technicolor and felt, patriotically, that people of means – decent folk – should be given more votes than drifters, whores, criminals, degenerates, atheists and indecent folk – people without means.”Joseph Heller

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Ideology: the Library of Babel

In a Major Blow to Vaccine Efforts, Senior FDA Leaders Stepping Down (31-Aug-2021)

In a Major Blow to Vaccine Efforts, Senior FDA Leaders Stepping Down @ ENDPTS article.

Infowars: Ron Coleman on Free Speech
Ron Coleman on Free Speech on Social Media @ YOUTUBE.COM.

Infowars: SKDK Lobbying

SKDK Lobbying Group website.

Obama founding. Keystone pipeline. Took over flagging Biden campaign. Anita Dunn heading it up for Joe. SKDK - founder of TimesUp, weaponized corporatized branding #metoo Arbiters of who gets metoos - not big Dems. Timesup pro-bono SELECTED by politics.

Infowars: Media Deep State Trump Biden Afghan Withdrawal

Infowars: Media Deep State Trump Biden Afghan Withdrawal @ TWITTER THREAD link.

Infowars: Dreamwidth Studios social networking

Dreamwidth Studios is an Open Source social networking, content management, and personal publishing platform. Our mission in life is to make it easy for you to share the things you make, and easy to find the people who are making the things you want to enjoy.

Infowars: Richard Lynn on Wealth of Nations

LINK to Richard Lynn's Wealth of Nations / IQ-Intelligence study. Essentially East Asian Chinese, Japanese, Koreans score higher IQ than Europeans/Americans, both of which are higher than Africans and Native Americans. Ashkenazi Jewish are the 'white' exception with an IQ 10-27 points higher than any other average by ethnicity including Israeli Jews. Seized upon by Conspiracy Theorists, Anti-semites, Zionists and wankers alike, to draw conclusions that fit their various confirmation biases.
Further links, typical anti-Semitic/Conspiracy Theory reflections:
Exponential growth of Ashkenazi Jews following a Medieval population bottleneck @ LINK.
A Dissident Meditation on Jewish Identity: A Review of Gilad Atzmon’s 'The Wandering Who?' @ LINK on the same site.

Infowars: Eugenics Ethics - From Chance to Choice: Genetics & Justice

From Chance to Choice: Genetics & Justice @ AMAZON LINK.
Written by four internationally renowned bioethicists, From Chance to Choice is the first systematic treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to human beings. Probing the implications of the remarkable advances in genetics, the authors ask how should these affect our understanding of distributive justice, equality of opportunity, the rights and obligations as parents, the meaning of disability, and the role of the concept of human nature in ethical theory and practice. The book offers a historical context to contemporary debate over the use of these technologies by examining the eugenics movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition, appendices explain the nature of genetic causation, gene-environment interaction, and expose widespread misconceptions of genetic determinism, as well as outlining the nature of the ethical analysis used in the book. The questions raised in this book will be of interest to any reflective reader concerned about science and society and the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as to professionals in such areas as philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, health management, law, and political science.

Infowars: Non-Academic Reflections - India Average IQ in 2100

India's Average IQ in 2100? (6-Jun-2008) Non-Academic Reflections @ BLOG LINK.

Infowars: Ireland watchdog fines WhatsApp record sum for flouting EU data rules

Ireland watchdog fines WhatsApp record sum for flouting EU data rules @ Guardian article.

Infowars: Damien Young on Hilarity and Profundity in Vulnerability (22-Mar-2019)
Damon Young Finds Hilarity and Profundity in Vulnerability @ ARTICLE LINK.

Infowars: Rumble - WaPo - Glenn Greenwald - Case In Point

Mainstream corporate journalism versus independent personality truth-reportage. Rumble video platform versus YouTube/Google. Thinktank NGO expertise for hire.

Infowars: 538 in 2020 and 2022
How FiveThirtyEight’s 2020 Forecasts Did And What We’ll Be Thinking About For 2022 @ LINK.

Infowars: A Reasonable Debate About Ivermectin

Infowars: Aubrey de Grey #metoo
Laura Deming blog including #metoo of Aubrey de Grey. Also FAQ on longevity research.

Infowars: Chris Hedges - The Price of Conscience

Infowars: EFF Sues USPS
EFF Sues U.S. Postal Service For Records About Covert Social Media Spying Program- Service Looked Through People’s Posts Prior to Street Protests @


Infowars: Frontline Freelance Register

Infowars: archivarix.com domain archivist?
ARCHIVARIX.COM website domain backup restorer ransomware.

Infowars: Guide to Regime Propaganda

Infowars: storywrangling.org
Storywrangler: A massive exploratorium for sociolinguistic, cultural, socioeconomic, and political timelines using Twitter.

Infowars: Hedges: Bless the Traitors
Daniel Hale article by Chris Hedges: Bless the Traitors @ LINK.

Infowars: Kalergi Plan
The Kalergi Plan (Italian: Piano Kalergi), or sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, is a far-right, anti-semitic, white nationalist conspiracy theory, which states that a plot to mix white Europeans with other races via immigration was constructed by Austrian-Japanese politician Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and promoted in aristocratic European social circles. The conspiracy theory is most often associated with European groups and parties, but it has also spread to North American politics. @ LINK.

Infowars: Research Tools

Infowars: Seeding Mistrust in Third Parties
‘Ghost’ candidate in key state Senate race had help from controversial political consultant @ LINK.

Infowars: UK GE 2019 Maps
UK Election Voting Map @ here.

Infowars: US Billionaires Want China Authoritarianism
Billionaire Investor Charlie Munger Says US Should Learn From China's Authoritarianism @ LINK.

Infowars: US Govt Writing Sweden Legislation

Infowars: Wellcome Leap Into Transhumanism
Whitney Webb Dissects the Wellcome Leap into Transhumanism @ LINK.

Infowars: Wikileaks Sample - Sleboda Stratfor

Infowars: Wikileaks Trust Deficit
No, WikiLeaks didn’t create a 'trust deficit' @ LINK.

Infowars: Turkish Deep State - Susurluk Car Crash (3-Nov-1996)
The Susurluk car crash took place on 3 November 1996 in the small town of Susurluk, in Turkey’s Balıkesir Province. It resulted in the death of three of the passengers: Abdullah Çatlı, a former ultra-rightist militant wanted by police for multiple murders and drug trafficking; Huseyin Kocadağ, a senior police official; and beauty queen Gonca Us (Çatlı’s girlfriend). Sedat Bucak, an MP, escaped with a broken leg and fractured skull. The Susurluk crash was a key event in the unravelling of the deep state in Turkey. The peculiar associations of the crash victims and their links with Interior Minister Mehmet Ağar led to a number of investigations, including a parliamentary investigation, of what became known as the Susurluk scandal. @ WIKIPEDIA LINK.

Infowars: Close to Zero - Joseph Wilcox
Close to Zero (English) @ Joseph Wilcox WEBSITE translation of novel Close to Zero by Russian political provocateur Vladislav Surkov.

Infowars: Vladislav Surkov
Vladislav Surkov @ Wikipedia article.

Interview: Bob Smith NYT
Confessions: NY Times Bob Smith interview on Naked Capitalism.


Interview: Julian Assange

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Just beginning: signs of incipient public frustration.
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If only Africa had more mosquito nets.
Then every year we could save millions... of mosquitos from dying needlessly of AIDS.
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Immigrant Community as Potemkin Village

Community doesn't last outside the leftovers of ethnics in immigrant neighborhoods and stubborn holdouts doing irrelevant oldworld rituals in suburbia. Even the white Christian crackers only ape a Potemkin community they'll sell out if ever they can. The real American community is not public and not recruiting. "Let them eat cake."

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Infowars: Whole Foods
Classist? I'm no Whole Foods shill! There's no bargain in the food industry. Every dime saved at checkout is extracted multiple times in the supply chain. Source any Trader Joe/Aldi/Walmart/Lidl product. Trace it to the producer. It'll become clear why it's so cheap in store. You could say: "What do I care about supply chains or distant food producers? Just give me the savings." This is your prerogative. But our willful 'not my problem' approach to market consequences - who pays, writ large - is devouring the planet and has corrupted industrial agrifood; which means degraded products on shelves.

Ivermectin Incentives
Ivermectin in clinical hands is a safe proven globally available antiviral. There's no medically or ethically sound reason to aggressively persecute and restrict use; or censor even discussion between experts. It makes no sense. It has nothing to do with getting vaccinated. The only concrete reason for the official crackdown on every aspect of non-vaccine responses is that vaccine emergency use requires no other treatments to be available. It's naive to think there wouldn't be regulatory capture when so much money is at stake. As a sidebar, the lack of AstraZeneca vaccine authorization in the USA - the non-profit vax - because it'd decrease Pfizer/Moderna revenue, is another smoking gun. What other reason to exclude it? The consistency of profit over patient is too comprehensive.

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