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“Then there was the educated Texan from Texas who looked like someone in Technicolor and felt, patriotically, that people of means – decent folk – should be given more votes than drifters, whores, criminals, degenerates, atheists and indecent folk – people without means.”Joseph Heller

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Economics: Collective Bargaining
Collective bargaining is the process in which working people, through their unions, negotiate contracts with their employers to determine their terms of employment, including pay, benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies, ways to balance work and family, and more @ AFICIO.ORG explainer.

Economics: US Militarized Budget 2020

Overview of the US Discretionary and Fixed Budget public spending 2020 @ LINK.
CBO.GOV infographics US govt website.

Economics: Social Mobility in USA since 1850s
Long-term decline in intergenerational mobility in the United States since the 1850s @ ARTICLE.

Economics: Federal Reserve Inter Generational Wealth 2018
2018 study by the federal reserve on how wealth moves between generations @ ARTICLE.

Economics: The Financial Crisis Was a Minsky Moment but We Live in Strange Times (19-Feb-2019)

Economics: The Financial Crisis Was a Minsky Moment but We Live in Strange Times (19-Feb-2019) @ Nat Dyer article from Economic Questions website. Nat Dyer is a freelance writer based in London. He has an MSc in International and European Politics from Edinburgh University. He was previously a campaigner with Global Witness, an anti-corruption group. Twitter: @natjdyer.

Economics: Comparing Healthcare Spending

Economics: Covid-19 Profiteering for BlackRock & co
COVID PROFITEERING ON SUPER STEROIDS: This Is What the Whole World Is Witnessing (25-Jun-2021) @ LINK.

Economics: Democrats Privatising Healthcare
Democrats Prepare to Privatize Medicare, Using Medicare Advantage as Their Opening Wedge (and New York Unions?) @ LINK.

Economics: Ethereum 2.0 by JP Morgan
Ethereum 2.0 Will Supercharge Staking Industry By Tens Of Billions, JPMorgan Estimates @ LINK.

Economics: Fed Cannot End QE
The Fed In A Box Part 2: They Cannot End Quantitative Easing @ LINK.

Economics: Military Spending
Military spending, technical progress, and economic growth: a critical overview on mainstream defense economics @ LINK.

Economics: Money in Elections
How Money Impacts Elections @ LINK.

Economics: Neoliberalism Govt Supported
Neoliberalism Has Depended on Huge Levels of Government Support for Its Entire Existence @ LINK.

Economics: New Regime Oil Control
One For The History Books: A New Control Regime In Oil @ LINK.

Economics: New Theory of Inflation
Answering The $64 Trillion Question: A New Theory Of Inflation @ LINK.

Economics: Norway Divests Israel
Norway: Largest Pension Fund Divests from Israeli Settlements @ LINK.

Economics: Techno-Feudalism
Yanis Varoufakis: Techno-Feudalism Is Taking Over @ LINK.

Economics: United Kingdom Food Bank - Hunger Map
UK interactive hunger map @ LINK.

Economics: Worry About Private Sector Collapse
Inflation Is Not What We Need to Worry About: the Risk of Major Collapse in the Private Sector Is What Should Be Troubling Us Right Now @ LINK.

Education: Hamilton Morris Student Chemistry Blog

Education: Learning in Layers of Muscle Memory

Education: Leitner Box Learning Aid

Education: Politics Test Psychometrics

Education: the Pari Center for New Learning

Evolution: Humanity Switch Gene? Chinese Human Fossils?

The humanity switch: How one gene made us brainier article in New Scientist.

Chinese human fossils unlike any known species article in New Scientist. But why are these referred to as Chinese human fossils rather than human fossils found in China? China didn't exist until 5000-8000 years ago. Little examples of bullshit infowars propaganda training reader thinking.

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A short extract from a continuous whole thing.

pressing; demanding e.g. "the exigent demands of her contemporaries' music took a toll on her voice"

elite theory
In political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the state that seeks to describe and explain power relationships in contemporary society. It posits that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic elite and policy-planning networks, holds the most power—and that this power is independent of democratic elections. Through positions in corporations or on corporate boards, and influence over policy-planning networks through financial support of foundations or positions with think tanks or policy-discussion groups, members of the "elite" exert significant power over corporate and government decisions. See What is an Elite Democracy? question on Quora re: popular conception


In essence, the Establishment is a dominant group or elite that controls a polity or an organisation, often an influential closed social group that selects its own members or an entrenched élite structure sharing social, economic and class bonds, often born and bred. In sociology jargon, the upper eschelons of a society is divided between insider and outsider. The Establishment is made up of insiders; far smaller than the outsiders numerically but also far more influential. The term in its modern sense was popularised by the British journalist Henry Fairlie writing in the London magazine The Spectator in 1955: "By the Establishment, I do not only mean the centres of official power—though they are certainly part of it—but rather the whole matrix of official and social relations within which power is exercised. The exercise of power in England cannot be understood unless it is recognised that it is exercised socially."

existentialism absurdism

Sartre is tagged with Existentialism, Camus is tagged with Absurdism. Both too reductive but anyway: Existentialism vs Absurdism — Explanations and Key Differences of Each.

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Extirpating History

The great strides made in western liberal societies since the Enlightenment have been firmly based on the Greco/Christian tradition. It should be no surprise that the purveyors of consumerist agnosticism firmly reject this tradition within the western democracies. By pulling the spiritual rug out from under Euro/American culture, they have left a black hole that can only be filled by their circus and gadgets.

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Economics: Free Market Free Political Civil Authorities
If you're a believer in market capitalism efficiently sorting winners and losers by who's best at making money - who's best at winning the most ubiquitous competitive game in the world - therefore also who's best at their job - the same should apply to politics and civil authorities; all positions of value in society.

Eugene B Meyer - Federalist Society CEO

Eugene B. Meyer President and CEO, The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies.

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