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“Then there was the educated Texan from Texas who looked like someone in Technicolor and felt, patriotically, that people of means – decent folk – should be given more votes than drifters, whores, criminals, degenerates, atheists and indecent folk – people without means.”Joseph Heller

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'Tax These Moochers': Top 1% Dodge $163 Billion in Taxes Each Year
'Tax These Moochers': Top 1% Dodge $163 Billion in Taxes Each Year "We can no longer tolerate a rigged tax system that allows the top 1% to avoid $163 billion in taxes that they owe," said Sen. Bernie Sanders @ ARTICLE from commondreams.org.



AI: Vision Processing by AI and by Human Eye
Latest Tesla ARM-chip performs up to 72 trillion operations per second (or TOPS), and the system, as a whole, is capable of analysing 2,100 frames of video each second. 720p is 1280x720 or 921600 pixels. 4K is 8337600 (8MP). For comparison, the human eye resolution is 576MP (576,000,000 pixels). Human eye @ 576MP / 60 frames per second estimated, practical processed usable.

Angela Davis - Hillary + Biden, why not Bernie?
Angela Davis - Activist Academic - Why the endorsement of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, I wonder?

Art: Thomas Hardy - DH Lawrence

Thomas Hardy and D. H. Lawrence: A Literary Kinship lecture notes from Victorianwebdotorg.

Article: What Is OPCW Chief Afraid Of?


Biochemistry: Dereplication, Sequencing, Identification of Peptidic Products

Dereplication, sequencing and identification of peptidic natural products: from genome mining to peptidogenomics to spectral networks


Covering: 2000 to 2015. While recent breakthroughs in the discovery of peptide antibiotics and other Peptidic Natural Products (PNPs) raise a challenge for developing new algorithms for their analyses, the computational technologies for high-throughput PNP discovery are still lacking. We discuss the computational bottlenecks in analyzing PNPs and review recent advances in genome mining, peptidogenomics, and spectral networks that are now enabling the discovery of new PNPs via mass spectrometry. We further describe the connections between these advances and the new generation of software tools for PNP dereplication, de novo sequencing, and identification.

Biochemistry: Polyketides

Polyketides are a diverse class of compounds that are often created by a series of modular enzymes which condense and then modify chains of acetate or propionate units primarily through reduction, dehydration, cyclization, and aromatization reactions.


Also BioArchiv and ChemArchiv.

Biochemistry: Cubane (C8H8 compound)

Biochemistry: Human Genome

Biochemistry: Ubiquitin Regulates Aging

Biochemistry: Dalton Mole Equivalency
The number 6.02214076×10^23 (the Avogadro number) was chosen so that the mass of one mole of a chemical compound in grams is numerically equal, for most practical purposes, to the average mass of one molecule of the compound in daltons. Thus, for example, one mole of water (H2O) contains 6.02214076×1023 molecules, whose total mass is about 18.015 grams and the mean mass of one molecule of water is about 18.015 daltons.

Biography: John Brown (abolitionist)

Biography: John Taylor Gatto

Biography: Lysander Spooner

Biohemistry: NIST Mass Spectral Library Data + Peptide Library

Mass Spectral Library + Other Tools and Peptide Library.

NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center - in the Biomolecular Measurement Division (BMD) - develops evaluated mass spectral libraries and provides related software tools. These products are intended to assist compound identification by providing reference mass spectra for GC/MS (by electron ionization) and LC-MS/MS (by tandem mass spectrometry) as well as gas phase retention indices for GC. The Center is located on the NIST main campus in Gaithersburg, MD.

Bios: Mikhail Lesin
Mikhail Lesin @ Wikipedia Article.

Biotech:  Super-VT - IV Vitamin Therapy Concierge Service 
See details of Super-VT IV Vitamin Therapy Concierge Service vitamin IV therapy London-based service on supervitiv.com website.

Biotech: ivbooks.uk London IV concierge
IV Treatments - Mitogive S-Acetyl Glutathione Therapy at ivboost.uk concierge service London.


CompSci: Bellingcat Crowdsources Spycraft

CompSci: Decentralised Internet
Infrastructure for a Decentralised Internet @ LINK.

CompSci: Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)
Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) @ LINK.

CompSci: GPT-3 Max Woolf Blog
Fun and Dystopia With AI-Based Code Generation Using GPT-J-6B @ LINK.

Compsci: Merkel Trees

CompSci: prq.se

CompSci: Stochastic Parrots

CompSci: Trade and Invest Smarter — The Reinforcement Learning Way
Trade and Invest Smarter — The Reinforcement Learning Way @ LINK deep dive into TensorTrade — the Python framework for trading and investing using deep reinforcement learning

CompSci: Trust Assertions for Certification Keys

CompSci: Visualizing Brain Waves In Python

Coronavirus: Whistleblower Charges of Cronyism Behind Potential COVID-19 Drug (13-May-2020)

Coronavirus: Merck Ivermectin Nobel Prize
Ivermectin has been used in humans for 35 years and over 4 billion doses have been administered. Merck, the original patent holder, donated 3.7 billion doses to developing countries. 2015 the two individuals who developed Ivermectin were awarded a Nobel Prize for medicine.

Coronavirus: Antivax versus Vaccinated Breaking Point

Coronavirus: Large-scale Genome Risk Analysis

Coronavirus: Lymphnode Activity Covid-19 Vaccines

Coronavirus: Pulmonary Fibrosis Covid-19 Vaccines
COVID-19 and pulmonary fibrosis: therapeutics in clinical trials, repurposing, and potential development (18-May-2021) @ LINK.

Coronavirus: Repurposed Drugs For Covid-19
Repurposed drugs present new strategy for treating COVID-19 @ LINK.

Coronavirus: Vaccinated America Has Had Enough

David Frum - Vaccinated America Has Had Enough in The Atlantic

In the United States, this pandemic could be almost over by now. The reasons it’s still going are pretty clear.

Corporate Abuse of IP: References
  • The institution of intellectual property therefore involves the ‘construction of scarcity’ where none necessarily exists (May & Sell, 2006: 17-20)
  • ... for Western advocates, modern genetic research aimed at increasing human welfare is entirely respectable ‘bioprospecting’, a form of IP that fits within the TRIPS framework. For indigenous peoples, by way of contrast, the patenting of TK resources such as neem extract can be seen as a form of ‘biopiracy’, and represents the “disingenuous repackaging of traditional knowledge in order to secure monopoly rents for the biopirate while excluding the original innovator from a claim of these rents” (Isaac & Kerr, 2004)
  • TRIPS therefore reflected the interests of particular global corporate actors, and it is only through acknowledgement of this that it can be properly understood (Matthews, 2002: 4-5)

  • Cory Doctorow: pluralistic.net

    PLURALISTIC.NET website blog for Cory Doctorow, source of useful polemics about Surveillance Capitalism and tech monopoly's existential threat present and future.

    Crypto: Athena Bitcoin ATM

    Crypto: Bitfinex'd
    Exposed Bitfinex and Tether as one of the largest financial frauds in history. Covered by The New York Times, Bloomberg, WSJ, CNBC & New York Attorney General @ Amy Castor Blog.

    Crypto: Namecoin

    Crypto: Save The Kids Token
    It's been obvious from the start the world of influencers and gamers and sucker fanbases is a dirty, degraded Parliament of Fowls. Even without the long list of scams (like the Save The Kids token) it's an infantilism that stunts the brains of almost everyone involved. Combine the survivor-bias kay fabe glamour of elevating gaming to e-sports, gamers to heroes, with the most degraded monetization of mass media exploiting audience psychology - conditioning children into retarded adults to best prepare them for a life among the suckers - and the sham intimacy of personal direct to fans delivery systems. End result: a mainstream adjacent Ponzi world that's so populated and so structured to exploit, it's conditioning millions of adults dominated by path of least resistance fantasy into the world. This can't end well.









    Crypto: Wallet of Satoshi
    Wallet of Satoshi Lightning Network @ LINK.

    Crypto: Warren Buffet Crypto Bank
    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Invests in Bitcoin-Friendly Digital Bank @ LINK.

    Curios: Cleopatra Island
    North of Rhodes. Part of Turkey. Marmara Sea. SEDIR ISLAND Wikipedia. Luis de Garrido - Architect - Eye of Horus Eco-House Design sailsecrets.com Cleopatra Island. GOOGLE MAPS. Viral Story about Cleopatra's Island bought by Russian billionaire for model Naomi Campbell, with apparent satellite image of island with Eye of Horus house. But does it exist in reality?


    Danny Fenster (CIA Journalist) Imprisoned in Myanmar (1-Sept-2021)

    Danny Fenster CIA Journalist imprisoned in Myanmar @ Columbia College Chicago article on Alumnus Danny Fenster.

    Deep State: Turkish Deep State Ergenekon
    Ergenekon was the name given to an alleged clandestine, secularist ultra-nationalist organization in Turkey with possible ties to members of the country’s military and security forces. The would-be group, named after Ergenekon, a mythical place located in the inaccessible valleys of the Altay Mountains, was accused of terrorism in Turkey. Ergenekon was by some believed to be part of the “deep state”. The existence of the “deep state” was affirmed in Turkish opinion after the Susurluk scandal in 1996. Ergenekon’s modus operandi had been compared to Operation Gladio’s Turkish branch, the Counter-Guerrilla. By April 2011, over 500 people had been taken into custody and nearly 300 formally charged with membership of what prosecutors described as “the Ergenekon terrorist organization”, which they claimed had been responsible for virtually every act of political violence—and controlled every militant group—in Turkey over the last 30 years.

    Definitions: Deep State (Origins)
    A deep state (calque of Turkish: derin devlet) is a type of governance made up of potentially secret and unauthorised networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals. In popular usage, the term carries overwhelmingly negative connotations. The range of possible uses of the term is similar to that for shadow government. The expression state within a state is an older and similar concept. Historically, it designated a well-defined organization which seeks to function independently, whereas the deep state refers more to a hidden organization seeking to manipulate the public state.

    Definitions: Kritarchy (kritocracy / juristocracy / dikastocracy)
    Rule by judges. Kritarchy, also called kritocracy, was the system of rule by Biblical judges (Hebrew: שופטים‎, shoftim) in ancient Israel, started by Moses according to the Book of Exodus, before the establishment of a united monarchy under Saul. Because the name is a compound of the Greek words κριτής, krites ("judge") and ἄρχω, árkhō ("to rule"), its colloquial use has expanded to cover rule by judges in the modern sense as well. To contrast such a rule by (modern) judges with the actual form of the 1996 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, judge Albie Sachs coined the term dikastocracy for it, from δικαστής ("judge"), rejecting the coinage "juristocracy" for being an admixture of Latin and Greek.

    Definition: Naive Bayes Classification
    Naive Bayes classifiers are a family of simple classifiers that use Bayes Theorem good for dealing with high scaling complexity dimensional data.

    Definitions: Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
    Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon that provides storage, packaging, and shipping assistance to sellers. ... The program allows sellers to ship their merchandise to an Amazon fulfillment center, where items are stored in warehouses until they are sold. Often used as a 'get rich fast without effort' mechanism selling cheap Chinese stuff at a profit warehoused and fulfilled by Amazon. Leads to a lot of useless unsold trash.

    Definitions: daltons
    The dalton or unified atomic mass unit (symbols: Da or u) is a unit of mass widely used in physics and chemistry. It is defined as 1⁄12 of the mass of an unbound neutral atom of carbon-12 in its nuclear and electronic ground state and at rest. The atomic mass constant, denoted mu is defined identically, giving mu = m(12C)/12 = 1 Da. A unit dalton is also approximately numerically equal to the molar mass of the same expressed in g / mol (1 Da ≈ 1 g/mol). Prior to the 2019 redefinition of the SI base units these were numerically identical by definition (1 Da = 1 g/mol) and are still treated as such for most purposes.

    Definitions: 1 mole
    The mole (symbol: mol) is the base unit of amount of substance in the International System of Units (SI). It is defined as exactly 6.02214076×1023 particles, which may be atoms, molecules, ions, or electrons.


    Economics: Collective Bargaining
    Collective bargaining is the process in which working people, through their unions, negotiate contracts with their employers to determine their terms of employment, including pay, benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies, ways to balance work and family, and more @ AFICIO.ORG explainer.

    Economics: US Militarized Budget 2020

    Overview of the US Discretionary and Fixed Budget public spending 2020 @ LINK.
    CBO.GOV infographics US govt website.

    Economics: Social Mobility in USA since 1850s
    Long-term decline in intergenerational mobility in the United States since the 1850s @ ARTICLE.

    Economics: Federal Reserve Inter Generational Wealth 2018
    2018 study by the federal reserve on how wealth moves between generations @ ARTICLE.

    Economics: The Financial Crisis Was a Minsky Moment but We Live in Strange Times (19-Feb-2019)

    Economics: The Financial Crisis Was a Minsky Moment but We Live in Strange Times (19-Feb-2019) @ Nat Dyer article from Economic Questions website. Nat Dyer is a freelance writer based in London. He has an MSc in International and European Politics from Edinburgh University. He was previously a campaigner with Global Witness, an anti-corruption group. Twitter: @natjdyer.

    Economics: Comparing Healthcare Spending

    Economics: Covid-19 Profiteering for BlackRock & co
    COVID PROFITEERING ON SUPER STEROIDS: This Is What the Whole World Is Witnessing (25-Jun-2021) @ LINK.

    Economics: Democrats Privatising Healthcare
    Democrats Prepare to Privatize Medicare, Using Medicare Advantage as Their Opening Wedge (and New York Unions?) @ LINK.

    Economics: Ethereum 2.0 by JP Morgan
    Ethereum 2.0 Will Supercharge Staking Industry By Tens Of Billions, JPMorgan Estimates @ LINK.

    Economics: Fed Cannot End QE
    The Fed In A Box Part 2: They Cannot End Quantitative Easing @ LINK.

    Economics: Military Spending
    Military spending, technical progress, and economic growth: a critical overview on mainstream defense economics @ LINK.

    Economics: Money in Elections
    How Money Impacts Elections @ LINK.

    Economics: Neoliberalism Govt Supported
    Neoliberalism Has Depended on Huge Levels of Government Support for Its Entire Existence @ LINK.

    Economics: New Regime Oil Control
    One For The History Books: A New Control Regime In Oil @ LINK.

    Economics: New Theory of Inflation
    Answering The $64 Trillion Question: A New Theory Of Inflation @ LINK.

    Economics: Norway Divests Israel
    Norway: Largest Pension Fund Divests from Israeli Settlements @ LINK.

    Economics: Techno-Feudalism
    Yanis Varoufakis: Techno-Feudalism Is Taking Over @ LINK.

    Economics: United Kingdom Food Bank - Hunger Map
    UK interactive hunger map @ LINK.

    Economics: Worry About Private Sector Collapse
    Inflation Is Not What We Need to Worry About: the Risk of Major Collapse in the Private Sector Is What Should Be Troubling Us Right Now @ LINK.

    Education: Hamilton Morris Student Chemistry Blog

    Education: Learning in Layers of Muscle Memory

    Education: Leitner Box Learning Aid

    Education: Politics Test Psychometrics

    Education: the Pari Center for New Learning

    Evolution: Humanity Switch Gene? Chinese Human Fossils?

    The humanity switch: How one gene made us brainier article in New Scientist.

    Chinese human fossils unlike any known species article in New Scientist. But why are these referred to as Chinese human fossils rather than human fossils found in China? China didn't exist until 5000-8000 years ago. Little examples of bullshit infowars propaganda training reader thinking.



    Founded in 2004 to extend space for critical discussions on contempoary art, Fillip is a Vancouver-based publishing organization.

    Fact Sheet for Circadian Rhythms


    Geopolitics: Elias Amare (Ethiopia/Eritrea)

    Erudite voice from the Horn of Africa @ ELIAS AMARE at blackagendareport.com website.

    Geopolitics: Who are the top international-relations specialists? (25-Sept-2014) @ foreignpolicy.com

    Who are the top international-relations specialists?Surprise! Scholars have a very different view than policymakers do @ (25-Sept-2014)WEBSITE LINK on foreignpolicy.com website.

    Globalism: Child Labour for Batteries
    Are children ‘dying like dogs’ in effort to build better batteries? @ LINK.

    Great Whales

    Grift: Going, Going, Almost Gone: UK Government Speeds Up Privatisation of National Health System

    Grift: How Iran Was Swindled Out Of $3.2 Trillion


    History: Afghanistan Timeline 2500BC to 2020AD

    Link to high resolution image timeline of Afghanistan 2500BC to 2020AD history overview.

    History: Battle of Blair Mountain
    Battle of Blair Mountain (West Virginia, 1921) @ WIKIPEDIA ENTRY.

    History: British East India Company Half Entire World Trade
    British East India Company at Google Books.

    History: Calvin Case of the Postnati (1608)
    Calvin's Case, also known as the Case of the Postnati, was a 1608 English legal decision establishing that a child born in Scotland, after the Union of the Crowns under King James VI and I in 1603, was considered under the common law to be an English subject and entitled to the benefits of English law. Calvin's Case was eventually adopted by courts in the United States, and the case played an important role in shaping the American rule of birthright citizenship via jus soli ("law of the soil", or citizenship by virtue of birth within the territory of a sovereign state).

    History: CIA and Mafia in Italy 1947-8
    In 1947 the CIA (having, that year, superseded the OSS) was faced with its first daunting task, i.e. how to prevent the Italian Communist Party (PCI) from forming the next government. Elections were scheduled for 1948 and the PCI was a virtual shoe-in not just in Italy proper, but in Sicily as well. Fortunately, ‘Gladio’ was ready and waiting. The gladiators had been training in a special camp set up in Sardinia under the local command of the former WW2 Italian fascist leader, Prince Junio Valerio Borghese. In addition, hundreds of American mafioso began to arrive on the shores of Italy to lend a hand with the communist ‘problem’. The arrival of the ‘made men’ was the result of Donovan’s efforts from 1943 onward in working with American mobsters Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano and Vito Genovese to conger new (drug) funding for the OSS’s off-books’ operations, and to reinstall the Sicilian mafia on the island in the leadup to Operation Husky (the Allied invasion of Sicily). These forces were now unleashed on the Italian electorate, and through 1948 an average of five people a week were murdered by the CIA-backed terrorist units. The results were grimly predictable.

    History: English Common Law Individual Rights
    They were certain basic rights that all subjects of the English monarch were understood to be entitled to, such as those expressed in Magna Carta since 1215, the Petition of Right in 1628, the Habeas Corpus Act 1679 and the Bill of Rights 1689. In a legal case in 1608 that came to be known as Calvin's Case, or the Case of the Postnati, the Law Lords decided in 1608 that Scotsmen born after King James I united Scotland and England (the postnati) had all the rights of Englishmen. This decision would have a subsequent effect on the concept of the "rights of Englishmen" in British America.

    History: Italy Election 1948
    A massive letter writing campaign from Americans of Italian extraction to their relatives and friends in Italy – at first written by individuals in their own words or guided by “sample letters” in newspapers, soon expanded to mass-produced, pre- written, postage-paid form letters, cablegrams, “educational circulars”, and posters, needing only an address and signature. And – from a group calling itself The Committee to Aid Democracy in Italy – half a million picture postcards illustrating the gruesome fate awaiting Italy if it voted for “dictatorship” or “foreign dictatorship”. In all, an estimated 10 million pieces of mail were written and distributed by newspapers, radio stations, churches, the American Legion, wealthy individuals, etc.; and business advertisements now included offers to send letters airmail to Italy even if you didn’t buy the product. All this with the publicly expressed approval of the Acting Secretary of State and the Post Office which inaugurated special “Freedom Flights” to give greater publicity to the dispatch of the mail to Italy.

    History: Rights of Englishman in America
    George Mason, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, stated that "We claim nothing but the liberty and privileges of Englishmen in the same degree, as if we had continued among our brethren in Great Britain."

    History: US Senate
    Term of the Senate, [26 June] 1787 @ LINK.

    History: William Colby CIA Director
    “It was primarily this fear [spread of socialism/communism],” William Colby, former Director of the CIA, has written, “that had led to the formation of the Office of Policy Coordination, which gave the CIA the capability to undertake covert political, propaganda, and paramilitary operations in the first place.”


    Ideology: the Library of Babel

    In a Major Blow to Vaccine Efforts, Senior FDA Leaders Stepping Down (31-Aug-2021)

    In a Major Blow to Vaccine Efforts, Senior FDA Leaders Stepping Down @ ENDPTS article.

    Infowars: Ron Coleman on Free Speech
    Ron Coleman on Free Speech on Social Media @ YOUTUBE.COM.

    Infowars: SKDK Lobbying

    SKDK Lobbying Group website.

    Obama founding. Keystone pipeline. Took over flagging Biden campaign. Anita Dunn heading it up for Joe. SKDK - founder of TimesUp, weaponized corporatized branding #metoo Arbiters of who gets metoos - not big Dems. Timesup pro-bono SELECTED by politics.

    Infowars: Media Deep State Trump Biden Afghan Withdrawal

    Infowars: Media Deep State Trump Biden Afghan Withdrawal @ TWITTER THREAD link.

    Infowars: Dreamwidth Studios social networking

    Dreamwidth Studios is an Open Source social networking, content management, and personal publishing platform. Our mission in life is to make it easy for you to share the things you make, and easy to find the people who are making the things you want to enjoy.

    Infowars: Richard Lynn on Wealth of Nations

    LINK to Richard Lynn's Wealth of Nations / IQ-Intelligence study. Essentially East Asian Chinese, Japanese, Koreans score higher IQ than Europeans/Americans, both of which are higher than Africans and Native Americans. Ashkenazi Jewish are the 'white' exception with an IQ 10-27 points higher than any other average by ethnicity including Israeli Jews. Seized upon by Conspiracy Theorists, Anti-semites, Zionists and wankers alike, to draw conclusions that fit their various confirmation biases.
    Further links, typical anti-Semitic/Conspiracy Theory reflections:
    Exponential growth of Ashkenazi Jews following a Medieval population bottleneck @ LINK.
    A Dissident Meditation on Jewish Identity: A Review of Gilad Atzmon’s 'The Wandering Who?' @ LINK on the same site.

    Infowars: Eugenics Ethics - From Chance to Choice: Genetics & Justice

    From Chance to Choice: Genetics & Justice @ AMAZON LINK.
    Written by four internationally renowned bioethicists, From Chance to Choice is the first systematic treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to human beings. Probing the implications of the remarkable advances in genetics, the authors ask how should these affect our understanding of distributive justice, equality of opportunity, the rights and obligations as parents, the meaning of disability, and the role of the concept of human nature in ethical theory and practice. The book offers a historical context to contemporary debate over the use of these technologies by examining the eugenics movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition, appendices explain the nature of genetic causation, gene-environment interaction, and expose widespread misconceptions of genetic determinism, as well as outlining the nature of the ethical analysis used in the book. The questions raised in this book will be of interest to any reflective reader concerned about science and society and the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as to professionals in such areas as philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, health management, law, and political science.

    Infowars: Non-Academic Reflections - India Average IQ in 2100

    India's Average IQ in 2100? (6-Jun-2008) Non-Academic Reflections @ BLOG LINK.

    Infowars: Ireland watchdog fines WhatsApp record sum for flouting EU data rules

    Ireland watchdog fines WhatsApp record sum for flouting EU data rules @ Guardian article.

    Infowars: Damien Young on Hilarity and Profundity in Vulnerability (22-Mar-2019)
    Damon Young Finds Hilarity and Profundity in Vulnerability @ ARTICLE LINK.

    Infowars: Rumble - WaPo - Glenn Greenwald - Case In Point

    Mainstream corporate journalism versus independent personality truth-reportage. Rumble video platform versus YouTube/Google. Thinktank NGO expertise for hire.

    Infowars: 538 in 2020 and 2022
    How FiveThirtyEight’s 2020 Forecasts Did And What We’ll Be Thinking About For 2022 @ LINK.

    Infowars: A Reasonable Debate About Ivermectin

    Infowars: Aubrey de Grey #metoo
    Laura Deming blog including #metoo of Aubrey de Grey. Also FAQ on longevity research.

    Infowars: Chris Hedges - The Price of Conscience

    Infowars: EFF Sues USPS
    EFF Sues U.S. Postal Service For Records About Covert Social Media Spying Program- Service Looked Through People’s Posts Prior to Street Protests @


    Infowars: Frontline Freelance Register

    Infowars: archivarix.com domain archivist?
    ARCHIVARIX.COM website domain backup restorer ransomware.

    Infowars: Guide to Regime Propaganda

    Infowars: storywrangling.org
    Storywrangler: A massive exploratorium for sociolinguistic, cultural, socioeconomic, and political timelines using Twitter.

    Infowars: Hedges: Bless the Traitors
    Daniel Hale article by Chris Hedges: Bless the Traitors @ LINK.

    Infowars: Kalergi Plan
    The Kalergi Plan (Italian: Piano Kalergi), or sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, is a far-right, anti-semitic, white nationalist conspiracy theory, which states that a plot to mix white Europeans with other races via immigration was constructed by Austrian-Japanese politician Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and promoted in aristocratic European social circles. The conspiracy theory is most often associated with European groups and parties, but it has also spread to North American politics. @ LINK.

    Infowars: Research Tools

    Infowars: Seeding Mistrust in Third Parties
    ‘Ghost’ candidate in key state Senate race had help from controversial political consultant @ LINK.

    Infowars: UK GE 2019 Maps
    UK Election Voting Map @ here.

    Infowars: US Billionaires Want China Authoritarianism
    Billionaire Investor Charlie Munger Says US Should Learn From China's Authoritarianism @ LINK.

    Infowars: US Govt Writing Sweden Legislation

    Infowars: Wellcome Leap Into Transhumanism
    Whitney Webb Dissects the Wellcome Leap into Transhumanism @ LINK.

    Infowars: Wikileaks Sample - Sleboda Stratfor

    Infowars: Wikileaks Trust Deficit
    No, WikiLeaks didn’t create a 'trust deficit' @ LINK.

    Infowars: Turkish Deep State - Susurluk Car Crash (3-Nov-1996)
    The Susurluk car crash took place on 3 November 1996 in the small town of Susurluk, in Turkey’s Balıkesir Province. It resulted in the death of three of the passengers: Abdullah Çatlı, a former ultra-rightist militant wanted by police for multiple murders and drug trafficking; Huseyin Kocadağ, a senior police official; and beauty queen Gonca Us (Çatlı’s girlfriend). Sedat Bucak, an MP, escaped with a broken leg and fractured skull. The Susurluk crash was a key event in the unravelling of the deep state in Turkey. The peculiar associations of the crash victims and their links with Interior Minister Mehmet Ağar led to a number of investigations, including a parliamentary investigation, of what became known as the Susurluk scandal. @ WIKIPEDIA LINK.

    Infowars: Close to Zero - Joseph Wilcox
    Close to Zero (English) @ Joseph Wilcox WEBSITE translation of novel Close to Zero by Russian political provocateur Vladislav Surkov.

    Infowars: Vladislav Surkov
    Vladislav Surkov @ Wikipedia article.

    Interview: Bob Smith NYT
    Confessions: NY Times Bob Smith interview on Naked Capitalism.


    Interview: Julian Assange


    Journalist: Matthieu Aikins

    Matthieu Aikins - Writer, Journalist - Afghanistan-based - New York Times and Rolling Stone and other such MSM outlets @ PERSONAL WEBSITE. Twitter @mattaikins - useful litmus what MSM is allowing into print from warzones.


    Language: Precision over Time equals Attention over Evaluation
    I, WE: Language wants to be precise but vocabulary and context equate to precision, less context more words required, less shared metaphor more words less efficiency in communicating precision subtlety or complex nuance.

    Law: Being Digital Citizens
    Full text of Being Digital Citizens @ GOLDSMITH UNI ARTICLE.

    Law: Blackstone Ratio
    In criminal law, Blackstone's ratio (also known as the Blackstone ratio or Blackstone's formulation) is the idea that: "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." as expressed by the English jurist William Blackstone in his seminal work Commentaries on the Laws of England, published in the 1760s. The idea subsequently became a staple of legal thinking in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions and continues to be a topic of debate. There is also a long pre-history of similar sentiments going back centuries in a variety of legal traditions. The message that government and the courts must err on the side of bringing in verdicts of innocence has remained constant.

    Law: FCC v Section 230
    What the FCC can and can’t do to Section 230 @ VOX ARTICLE.

    Law: First Amendment v Trump
    Center for Democracy and Technology versus Donald Trump @ CDT Complaint Filing Document PDF.

    Law: First Amendment
    Supreme Court v First Amendment Inst @ PDF document from Supreme Court filing.

    Law: Free Speech on Trial
    Ron Coleman on First Amendment Landmark Case @ SHAPING OPINION LINK to case details.

    Law: Free Speech on Social Media
    Liberty First Amendment Cases @ LINK.

    Law: Gavin McInnes v SPLC
    Gavin McInnes law suit update against SPLC after two years defamation @ LINK.

    Law: Jus Soli
    Jus soli (meaning "right of soil"), commonly referred to as birthright citizenship, is the right of anyone born in the territory of a state to nationality or citizenship. Jus soli was part of the English common law, in contrast to jus sanguinis, which derives from the Roman law that influenced the civil-law systems of mainland Europe. Jus soli is the predominant rule in the Americas, but it is rare elsewhere. Since the 27th Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland was enacted in 2004, no European country grants citizenship based on unconditional or near-unconditional jus soli.

    Law: PDF of McInnes v SPLC Alabama Court Filing
    Gavin McInnes document Alabama Court Filing against SPLC @ Alabama Courthouse Documents.

    Law: PREP Act
    Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act @ LINK.

    Law: Slaughter-House Cases
    The Slaughter-House Cases was a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that held that the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution only protects the legal rights that are associated with federal U.S. citizenship, not those that pertain to state citizenship. It was a blow to the emancipation of chattel slaves, protecting state right to persecute black citizens at the behest of white ethno-supremacist state institutions. Ruling: The 14th Amendment only protects the privileges and immunities pertaining to citizenship of the United States, not those that pertain to state citizenship.

    Law: Supreme Court Justice Bradley
    "The people of this country brought with them to its shores the rights of Englishmen, the rights which had been wrested from English sovereigns at various periods of the nation's history.... England has no written constitution, it is true, but it has an unwritten one, resting in the acknowledged, and frequently declared, privileges of Parliament and the people, to violate which in any material respect would produce a revolution in an hour. A violation of one of the fundamental principles of that constitution in the Colonies, namely, the principle that recognizes the property of the people as their own, and which, therefore, regards all taxes for the support of government as gifts of the people through their representatives, and regards taxation without representation as subversive of free government, was the origin of our own revolution."

    Law: Supreme Court Rules For Baker Over Gay Couple

    Law: Supreme Court 1st Amendment v Trump
    Supreme Court ruling Dec 2020 @ Reuters Article.

    Law: UK Govt versus UK People
    Public Order Act 1986, the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1992, the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, the Terrorism Act 2000, the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014, the Trade Union Act 2016, the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act 2021.

    Law: UK Secrecy Law Recasts Journalism As Spying

    Law: United States v Cromitie (Williams) 2013

    Lit: Be Night Quiet
    Night quiet. Quiet in sound, but also respite from a billion photons constantly insistently clamouring LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. Night quiet, imagination can emerge - in the silent unflooded moments - slowly opening the glisten of phantasmagoria butterfly wings. Night quiet, love and life and free from time's intrusive discord, enlivenen by the foreknowledge of a dawn that'll come, perhaps a moment to marvel at sunrise serene insouciant colour at first soft soon blunderbuss clouds blood shards yadda, city awakening, photons hammering, fantasy quiet night silence over. // Night quiet wake up soft shoe consciousness onto the stage. Alarm is a tumble or a descent on wires too fast!

    Lit: Bojangles Tabor Lesbian Maypole Wikipedia Generational Divide in Action
    Mr Bojangles Sammy Davis Jr yay. American Idol teen / Robbie Williams vacuity show tune, fuck you. Talib Kweli Beat 21st C, brother's even a Columbia professor Beat 21stC // June Tabor, Love Win Tear Us Apart. Big tree trunk lesbian, strong enough to be regaled by preening Oysterband dancer prancer singing and twisting the umbilical ribbons around the erect She. Who can take it even though who the fuck wants to live a life as obdurate as wood? // See Wikipedia on Morris Dancing and Maypole plus ribbons. Talk also. Sometimes a stick is just a stick. Bullshit. A stick is always a stick. Even if you're being fucked by it.

    Lit: Interstate Beautiful Necklace City Gems Choking Life
    Interstate strung like a necklace of yadda connection the complex gems of a thousand cities; pulling them together to choke the life out of a nation ... And now the internet is gonna do the same to the world or finish the job, friendly I'm data garbage, primordial soup.

    Lit: Why is African stuff still in Western museums? Identity pol striving from an obsessive compulsive disinformation world: African stuff in Western museums
    Why is African stuff still in Western museums? Identity pol striving from an obsessive compulsive disinformation world.

    Literature: Dystopian Allegories - 1984, Brave New World, Farenheit 451, We, The Guardians, The Death of Grass

    Brave New World (1931) anticipated the mechanics and the biotechnology of confident mass social regulation. 1984 (1948) depicted the totalitarianism of information and cancellation and war and ignorance control. Farenheit 451 (1953) saw the uniformity of comfort, hatred of knowledge and the fantasist plus crippling anxiety of aspiring to a world lived inside the four walled VR room. Huxley (1894-1963) and Orwell (1903-1950) are Modernists, embedded in their generation's zeitgeist. Both novels are masterpieces, smart brave idealism masquerading as fiction. The Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) novel - a better work of fiction, by a primarily fiction writer - slips into the 20th-century literary canon by a sci-fi side-door because by the 1950s/60s, the cultural gatekeepers have been replaced by postmodernists eager to marginalize individuals (especially dissenters).

    See also : We (1924) an early Modernist dystopia novel by Russian writer Yevgeny Zamyatin (1884-1937). Written for younger readers but unflinching on substance is The Guardians (1970) and The Death of Grass (1956) by English writer John Christopher (1922-2012).

    Locus Coeruleus: Opioid Receptors + Clonidine

    Clonidine down-regulates locus coeruleus

    Opioids inhibit the firing of neurons in the locus coeruleus. When opioid consumption is stopped, the increased activity of the locus coeruleus contributes to the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. The α2 adrenergic receptor agonist clonidine is used to counteract this withdrawal effect by decreasing adrenergic neurotransmission from the locus coeruleus.

    London Street Maps: Ethnic Neighbourhoods


    May the Bridges We Burn Light Our Way Home

    Media: Coleman Nation Podcast
    Coleman Nation YouTube: Coleman Nation Podcast on youtube.com Coleman Nation RSS @ Coleman Nation Podcast Feed at coleman-nation.com website.

    Medical: Abortion Access
    Association of travel distance to nearest abortion facility with rates of abortion @ LINK.

    Medical: Achilles Heel of mRNA

    Medical: Bio-inspired Tissue glue (9-Aug-2021)
    Bio-inspired, blood-repelling tissue glue could seal wounds quickly @ SCIENCEDAILY.COM ARTICLE.

    Medical: Druggability of Conserved RNA
    Exploring the druggability of conserved RNA regulatory elements in the SARS-CoV-2 genome


    Medical: Fetal Memory In Utero

    Medical: gene therapy treats multiple age-related diseases

    Medical: Pfizer Advises Stay Away From Unvaccinated

    Medical: Reprogramming Recovering Epigenetic Information

    Medical: Summary of Metformin


    National Education Spending
    Bioinformatics - the intersection of two distinct fundamentals of science. 

  • In the mathematical sciences once you have a proof it should stand forever. The numbers of variables involved are under your control.
  • In the biological sciences once you demonstrate something you are only starting. Other experiments in different settings may support prior results or may have different results. The number of variables involved is nearly unbounded. And not all of them are visible or measurable. And they are all interdependent.
  • Example: you have this great result, say gene G affects disease D. But it does so only only 40% of the time. With more work, adding more variables, you can increase the success ratio. But how do you get the uncertainty down to zero? No easy answer.


  • Why not let funding follow the child, e.g. homeschooling or private?
  • What happens to the government money that would've gone to schools had the child been put into state/public education?
  • OECD: Education Spending


  • starts at age 5 - kindergarten
  • $13000-$15000 public school
  • $21,000 - $33,000 tertiary
  • $45000 private school day
  • $60000 private school boarding


  • starts at age 4
  • £5600 elementary / £6500 secondary
  • $11500 average total
  •  free meals if your poor
  • £9500 tertiary
  • £35000 private day
  • £45000 private boarding

    Italy, Portugal, Ireland

  • $8000-$9000 on average
  • elementary + secondary
  • free meals + free books

    France, Finland, Japan

  • $10000 average
  • free meals
  • (Finland all public school teachers need five year Masters minimum)
  • starts with day care funding, age 3 (optional) then compulsory from age 4 - to educate not necessary to send to school

    Holland, Germany, Canada

  • $11000 average
  • South Korea, Sweden, Iceland

  • $12000 average
  • Norway, Austria

  • $15000 average
  • Switzerland

  • $18000 average elementary/secondary
  • Luxembourg

  • $20000 average elementary/secondary

  • Nature: Indian Ghost Pipe

    Indian Ghost Pipe also known as Indian Ghost Pipe, wildflower is rare, mystical and appears above ground just one week each year.

    Neuroscience: Lateralization In Vertebrate Brains
    Lateralization in vertebrates: Its early evolution, general pattern, and development @ LINK to article in sciencedirect journal.

    Neuroscience: Lateralization of Language in Brains
    From Acoustic Segmentation to Language Processing: Evidence from Optical Imaging @ LINK article published at researchgate website.

    Neuroscience: Lateralization Architecture Human Callosal Connectivity
    The architecture of functional lateralisation and its relationship to callosal connectivity in the human brain @ LINK to article published in nature.com journal.

    Neuroscience: Handedness in Healthy Humans Brains
    Handedness and hemispheric language dominance in healthy humans @ LINK to article published by Oxford University Press.

    Neuroscience: Standardized Neuro-Psychomotor Assessment
    Laterality and Lateralization in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Using a Standardized Neuro-Psychomotor Assessment @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Corpus Callosum and Autism
    Corpus Callosum and Autism @ LINK to study as reported on mappingignorance.org website.

    Neuroscience: Brain Lateralization: A Comparative Perspective
    Brain Lateralization: A Comparative Perspective @ LINK published on physiology.org peer-review.

    Neuroscience: Autism Lateralization Meta-Analysis
    Autism, lateralisation, and handedness: A review of the literature and meta-analysis @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Contralateral Control Mechanisms
    The evolution of contralateral control of the body by the brain: Is it a protective mechanism? @ LINK to article.

    Neuroscience: Asymmetry Visual Lateralization
    Asymmetry pays: visual lateralization improves discrimination success in pigeons @ STUDY published on cell.com

    Neuroscience: Brain Lateralization: Comparative Perspective
    Comparative Perspective on brain lateralization meta-study @ STUDY published at physiology.org journal.

    Neuroscience: Advantages of a Lateralized Brain
    Advantages of a Lateralized Brain @ PAPER published by peer-reviewed Royal Society.

    Neuroscience: callosal connectivity in the human brain
    The architecture of functional lateralisation and its relationship to callosal connectivity in the human brain @ LINK published in nature.com journal.

    Neuroscience: Spatial Intelligence in Multiple Intelligences Theory

    WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE on Spatial Intelligence based on the pseudo-scientific meta-ideas of multiple intelligences theory. The theory proposes the differentiation of human intelligence into specific “modalities of intelligence”, rather than defining intelligence as a single, general ability. The theory has been criticized by mainstream psychology for its lack of empirical evidence, and its dependence on subjective judgement.

    Neuroscience: Synaptic Development Articles

    Study overturns age-old theory of brain learning @ Medical News Today article.

    New research to radically alter our understanding of synaptic development @ Oxford University news.

    Choline. A Critical Micronutrient for Baby's Brain Development in Pregnancy @ a8h.com article from Australia.

    Imaging in vivo acetylcholine release in the peripheral nervous system with a fluorescent nanosensor @ PNAS.org article.

    Staphylococcal Plasmids, Transposable and Integrative Elements @ American School of Microbiology article.

    CNS neurons Ependymal cells (inner lining of ventricles, make CSF) Oligodendrocytes Astrocytes @ quizlet.com flashcards on Neurology.

    Synaptopathy @ DEFINITION from Wikipedia.

    Ideas That Will Change The World (2018) @ Roshawn Terrell Blog post.

    Neuroscience: How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron? (2-Sept-2021)

    How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron? @ Quanta Magazine Article.

    Neuroscience: Corpus Callosum + Synapse Definitions
    Encyclopedia Britannica Online - Corpus Callosum and Synapse useful definitions.

    Neuroscience: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence
    Neuroscience: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence @ numenta.com summary definition.

    Neuroscience: Numenta - Advancing Machine Intelligence with Neuroscience
    Developing machine intelligence through neocortical theory @ NUMENTA.COM website for Advancing Machine Intelligence with Neuroscience

    Neuroscience: Attention Lateralization
    Comparative vertebrate lateralization @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Bird Brain Lateralization
    Functional and structural comparison of visual lateralization in birds – similar but still different @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Brain Hemisphere Research
    Specialisation of function in the Human Brain Estimated By Intrinsic Hemispheric Interaction @ jneurosci.org.

    Neuroscience: Corpus Callosum Lateralisation
    The architecture of functional lateralisation and its relationship to callosal connectivity in the human brain @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Early Brain Development
    Key processes in early brain development revealed @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Foetal Learning Before and After Birth
    An Examination of Foetal Learning Before and After Birth @ LINK - Study.

    Neuroscience: How Brain Process What We See

    Neuroscience: Left Right Brain Hemisphere Behaviour
    Left and right brain-oriented hemisity subjects show opposite behavioural preferences


    Neuroscience: Memory Restored in Aged Mice

    Memory Restored in Aged Mice by Modifying the Brain’s ECM

    Components of the extracellular matrix control how synapses function.

    Neuroscience: Modular Consciousness
    Modular Consciousness and the Dual Quadbrain @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: New Language Brain
    Learning a new language changes the brain's division of labour @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: New Role For Specific Brain Regions

    Neuroscience: Plasticity of Language Systems
    Converging Evidence for Differential Specialisation and Plasticity of Language Systems @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Qualia
    Qualia are defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experience @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Quining Qualia
    Daniel Dennett Quining Qualia @ LINK.

    Neuroscience: Notes on Brain Neural Networks
    What is the Zygote algorithm for building brains? What is biological intelligence? What is human intelligence? AI neural networks are all learning to fulfill connectivity. But aren't they still driven by human systems, to create context for the neural networks true/false criteria to reach an objective? Robin Hiesinger RI video: 1943 The Artificial Neuron (McCullough and Pitt) compare to biological neuron in all its complexity 1957 "Perceptron" Marvin Minsky Neumann architecture Decision making trees Symbol processing logic 2006 Minsky - "AI has no common sense" 2011/2012 Deep Neural Network and Big Data: Darwinian against A World Multilayer - AND OR XOR Connectivity: improve architecture like modelling the cortex But more advances by Learning: self learning - reinforcement learning AlphaGo paradigm - no learning per se (DATA) but man made because it's given context: criteria for win/lose MUIZERO latest iteration of AlphaGo Symbol processing logic -- neural networks Data feeding - deep learning self learning Still no genome in the mix. Not even a butterfly brain, which grows in a butterfly from the genome. Arguments for no genome: Learning changed network connectivity, training replaces growth; training order matters; much time much energy required Human brain has 100,000,000,000 neurons Fruitfly brain has 100,000 neurons Nematode worm has 302 neurons Fully neuronally mapped Neuromodulator - chemical (which?) realeased at one end, received at other end - No working connectome diagram - unlike electrical diagram which works 150 Where does the information from? Genome + Energy thru Natural Selection Feedback from Proteins + Time = growing brains not describing it, i.e. information independent Natural Neural Selection can't be predicted but doesn't have to be because it operates blind watchmaker on only outcome instances Algorithmic Information Theory - just as I wrote above. Compressed information. (Ray Solomonoff) https://playgameoflife.com 100x100 board random squares either live, dead or empty. Any live cell with 2 or 3 neighbors survives Any dead cell with 3 neighbors becomes a live cell All other cells die. Dead cells stay dead. Cellular Automaton 1D Algorithmic Growth Unfolding Information Rule 110. Matthew Cook + Steven Wolfram = Universal Turing Machine (over time, all possibilities represented, unpredictable ... Hash?) Action potential: variable, multi directional, multi +/- only excites at +X only inhibits at -Y (Wolfram's A New Kind of Science) Algorithmic Growth for Neural networks: No shortcuts to time and energy Can't be predicted or calculated. Only built by evolution. But computers can at least apply a faster rate of a Darwinian selection points: the crunch! Field Ultimates: Artificial General Intelligence Grown and/or Trained, different scales, different Darwinian criteria No shortcuts to self-assembling brain Heisinger Lab - self-assembling brain.

    Neuroscience: Synaptic Dopamine
    Synaptic Dopamine reuptake and degradation @ LINK.

    News: London Freedom Weekend
    London Freedom Weekend @ LINK.

    NLP: Reid Technique

    Novel: Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry
    Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry @ PDF E-Book.


    Opioid Crisis - Purdue/Sackler Slipperiness
    Product hopping: July 2019, the British company Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB Group) and its current/former affiliated entities (notably Indivior, which split from RB Group in 2014) settled with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the sale and marketing of brand name Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone).


    Plutocracy: United Kingdom Order of Peerage Preference

    Plutocracy: BlackRock Invests Fossil Fuels While Pretending Climate Credentials

    Politics: Conservative Party UK
    Linktree page for the UK Conservative Party.

    Politics: Labour Party UK
    Website for the Labour Party (Camden Town).

    Pythonisation of Expert Labour

    "AI/automation and computer aided work seems like a democratisation. But moving work to the cloud is an inevitable centralization; package libraries lead to a lumpenisation of Information Technology - a Pythonisation of Coding and Coders; corporate structures demote experts and promote managers, degenerating the quality of IT decision-makers. Meanwhile the lumpenisation and the democratisation is subordinated to the Citadel, expert labour subsumed into the working class by bad education and UBI (universal basic income) based on regulated obedience."


    Question: How Do We Make Sustainable Individuated Incentive Systems?
    QUESTION: how do we make a sustainable individuated incentive system that rewards care for environment and all people but ALSO competes with profit+power capitalism that incentivizes sociopath short-term greed?

    Questions: Zygote Intelligence Maker WTF?
    QUESTION: Zygote intelligence maker, what other factors go into the formula?


    Regarding the Coronavirus on New Year's Day 2022

    "So basically the only way we got a virus so pathogenic as the novel coronavirus was illegal gain-of-function escaped from the lab. Big Pharma took the opportunity to reap huge profits from a repurposed gene therapy mRNA platform and meanwhile the virus kills a few million people. Nature eventually reasserts on the virus (and populations) leading to omicron: very infectious, not very pathogenic."

    "End result. The world has a new cold for everyone. Big Pharma makes billions. Dr Fauci needs to be in jail."

    Research: Views Changing Aging

    Resignation Letter - Peter Boghossian (8-Sept-2021)
    My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit. The more I spoke out against the illiberalism that has swallowed Portland State University, the more retaliation I faced (8-Sept-2021) @ https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/my-university-sacrificed-ideas-for


    Science Lecture: Vincent Racaniello Virology Lecture 2020

    Vincent R. Racaniello (born 2-Jan-1953) is a Higgins Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is a co-author of a textbook on virology, Principles of Virology. Excellent insight into Coronavirus and Covid-19. See 2020 Virology lecture @ YOUTUBE.

    Socioeconomics: Senior FDA Leaders Stepping Down (31-Aug-2021)

    In a major blow to vaccine efforts, senior FDA leaders stepping down @ ENDPTS.com report absent from mainstream media.


    The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences (2014)

    The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences - a study by the National Research Council of the National Academies (2014).



    Various Articles @ 10th September 2021

    Groundbreaking technique yields important new details on silicon, subatomic particles and possible ‘fifth force’ (21-Aug-2021) @ ARTICLE on sciencedaily.com website.

    Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little - Using excess discretionary time on productive activities can help bolster well-being @ ARTICLE on Science Daily August 2021

    Assessing China's Prosperity Campaign (9-Sept-2021) @ LONG ARTICLE LINK on brookings.edu website.

    Hacker Lawyer Jay Leiderman Is Dead at 50 - California defence attorney known for his whistleblower advocacy and defense of political dissidents and hackers, was confirmed dead in Ventura County (8-Sept-2021) @ DEATH NOTICE ARTICLE on slashdot.org website.

    Vax versus Anti-vax

    Some seem sincere. Some who try to explain are unfairly hit by a lot of lazy ad hominems in these comments. Hopefully that doesn't become so disconcerting they stop trying. That said, most should be more sympathetic to concerns about these extremely new vaccines - even if the concerns come from non-medical voices.

    As a useful way to frame the whole vaccine context, Pfizer and the other corporations are stakeholder profit engines with no interest in public health or acting within the law except insofar as there's a material calculation to be made: risk versus reward. It's important to ALWAYS keep corporate amorality in mind when trying to answer public health questions, even when focused on simply parsing conclusions on the science.

    There doesn't need to be anything sinister or conspiracy about pharmaceutical corporations maximizing profit. But it's naive - or disingenuous - not to include suspicion of Pfizer/Moderna/AZ/J&J/FDA/CDC criminality in every credible analysis of adverse vaccine impact (or any other aspect of for-profit healthcare opportunism).


    Why wasn't Germany a broken state post-WW2 like Iraq, Libya et al?

    We take for granted the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, bombing of Libya etc led to broken states once the dust settles. The chaotic Middle East is an object lesson with its guerrilla insurgencies, endless internecine, rampant corruption, lawlessness. And Iraq is a relatively small country but the US (and the West) couldn't even make Iraq peaceful and orderly (let alone Afghanistan). OK?

    So, how did post-WW2 Germany get pacified and re-civilised literally overnight? It was broken too, far worse than Iraq or Afghanistan. Its cities were flattened and it was occupied after 1945 by four different nations. A few years later, West and East Germany. Not a single insurgent? Fully functional government? Pacified populations? No guerrilla anything? How the fuck was that achieved? It is never included in popular history of post-war continental Europe. "Western" conceit simply takes for granted that Germany would've instantly coalesced into a peaceful, functional, rule of law nation. But this was by no means guaranteed. The big difference between the Muslim nations broken and the German nations pacified was more psychological than military. Enter the holocaust...

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    actuarial table
    a table or spreadsheet that shows the probability of a person at a certain age dying before their next birthday


    propagandist print media inclusion to discredit something heterodox

    bidirectional digital media
    B.D.D.M. (as it is called) is a coverall term for social media but also academic non-local learning - popular during the coronavirus pandemic

    the blockchain is an append-only data structure composed of subunits called blocks - [blocks] are permanently ‘chained’ together - in practice, the blockchain is an immutable medium because it contains instructions in the form of computer code replicated across thousands of nodes much like DNA [is replicated] in cells
  • Emergent Bioanalogous Properties of Blockchain-based Distributed Systems

  • blockchain nodes
    nodes on the blockchain are important because rather than a central administrator maintaining a big computer server in one location (and controlling everything going in and out of it), the blockchain database is distributed as many identical encrypted copies across a large network of multiple computers - the nodes somewhat like cells which contain many identical copies of DNA


    Chicano (as an identity) came to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s as Mexican Americans asserted their own ethnic, political, and cultural identity while rejecting and resisting assimilation into systematic racism and stereotypes, colonialism, and the American plutocracy-state imperialism. Chicano identity was organized around seven objectives: unity, economy, education, institutions, self-defence, culture, and political liberation, in an effort to bridge regional and class divisions among people of Mexican (and latterly Latin American) descent


    The term originates in Greek mythology. Struck by the beauty of Cassandra, daughter of Priam, Apollo provided her with the gift of prophecy, but when Cassandra refused Apollo's romantic advances, he placed a curse ensuring that nobody would believe her warnings. Cassandra was left with the knowledge of future events, but could neither alter these events nor convince others of the validity of her predictions. In psychology the Cassandra metaphor applies to to individuals who experience physical and emotional suffering as a result of distressing personal perceptions, and who are disbelieved when they attempt to share the cause of their suffering with others.

    contract research organization
    company that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis. A CRO may provide such services as biopharmaceutical development, biologic assay development, commercialisation, preclinical research, clinical research, clinical trials management, and pharmacovigilance.


    Dasein (German loanword) that means "being there" or "presence" - often translated i"existence". Existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger uses the expression Dasein to refer to the experience of being that is peculiar to human beings.

    A dormer is a roofed structure, often containing a window, that projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof, and a dormer window (also called dormer) is a form of roof window

    data | datum

    Data is a mass noun, uncountable noun, or non-count noun is a noun with the syntactic property that any quantity of it is treated as an undifferentiated unit, rather than as something with discrete elements. Non-count nouns are distinguished from count nouns. Sand, family, etc.

    Recently data has been singled out for abuse. "Data is" has been inexplicably morphing into "data are" and the usual cunts absorb and proliferate this change as if Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.


    A short extract from a continuous whole thing.

    pressing; demanding e.g. "the exigent demands of her contemporaries' music took a toll on her voice"

    elite theory
    In political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the state that seeks to describe and explain power relationships in contemporary society. It posits that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic elite and policy-planning networks, holds the most power—and that this power is independent of democratic elections. Through positions in corporations or on corporate boards, and influence over policy-planning networks through financial support of foundations or positions with think tanks or policy-discussion groups, members of the "elite" exert significant power over corporate and government decisions. See What is an Elite Democracy? question on Quora re: popular conception


    In essence, the Establishment is a dominant group or elite that controls a polity or an organisation, often an influential closed social group that selects its own members or an entrenched élite structure sharing social, economic and class bonds, often born and bred. In sociology jargon, the upper eschelons of a society is divided between insider and outsider. The Establishment is made up of insiders; far smaller than the outsiders numerically but also far more influential. The term in its modern sense was popularised by the British journalist Henry Fairlie writing in the London magazine The Spectator in 1955: "By the Establishment, I do not only mean the centres of official power—though they are certainly part of it—but rather the whole matrix of official and social relations within which power is exercised. The exercise of power in England cannot be understood unless it is recognised that it is exercised socially."

    existentialism absurdism

    Sartre is tagged with Existentialism, Camus is tagged with Absurdism. Both too reductive but anyway: Existentialism vs Absurdism — Explanations and Key Differences of Each.


    force majeure
    unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract - irresistible compulsion or superior strength


    Literally "synchronized" or brought into line and good order - synonymous with Nazification of extant institutions like universities and media outlets, bringing them into line with the National Socialist worldview


    A ‘haecceity’ (from the Latin, haecceitas, which translates literally as ‘thisness’) is a certain kind of property: a primitive, particular, nonqualitative property of an individual, i.e. the property of being a specific individual (or, perhaps, the property of being identical with a specific individual).


    Just beginning: signs of incipient public frustration.



    Modern usage based on the Hebrew biblical prophet Jeremiah who pronounced God's judgment upon the people of his time for their wickedness. The original Jeremiah was concerned especially with false and insincere worship and failure to trust Yahweh in national affairs. He denounced social injustices but not so much as some previous prophets, such as Amos and Micah @ University of Toronto on Judaism and Claude Mariottini Jeremiah Use of Metaphor articles.


    Mugwumps were Republican political activists in the USA opposed to political corruption, switching parties en masse (e.g. supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in 1884) because of the Republican candidate's long association with plutocracy corruption

    mechanism (marketing)
    people want something fast and without effort, like getting rich or getting thin. mechanism is the ever changing bullshit process sold to achieve the want. It's always changing as people get wise to a particular mechanism, new mechanisms are needed to profit from the want.

    missing context
    "Missing context" is the fact-checker euphemism for "this claim is correct but we don't want anyone screencapping this as ammo."


    Relating to religious belief.

    no true Scotsman

    No true Scotsman (appeal to purity) is an informal fallacy in which one attempts to protect their universal generalisation from a falsifying counterexample by excluding the counterexample improperly. Rather than abandoning the falsified universal generalisation or providing evidence that would disqualify the falsifying counterexample, a slightly modified generalisation is constructed ad-hoc to definitionally exclude the undesirable specific case and counterexamples like it by appeal to rhetoric - emotionally charged but nonsubstantive purity platitudes - like "true, pure, genuine, authentic, real" etc. In short: an "ad hoc rescue" of a refuted generalization attempt.

    Simplified rendition of the fallacy:

    • Person A: "No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge."
    • Person B: "But my uncle Angus is a Scotsman and he puts sugar on his porridge."
    • Person A: "But no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge."

    Appeal to purity is used here to protect/elevate a preferred group. "No true Scotsman would do XYZ" or "Only in Scotland would there be XYZ".


    originating in the Soviet Union, the nomenklatura describes the loosely interconnected social group that monopolises key administrative positions in a governing bureaucracy, running all spheres of national/civic activity (government, industry, agriculture, education etc) from positions conferred by the Communist Party or equivalent. The nomenklatura forms a de facto elite of public powers, a permanent credential class unaccountable to the public but wielding power over it, comparable to the Establishment in Western countries which controls both private and public powers (media, finance, trade, industry, the state, the universities, institutions).

    non-overlapping magisteria [NOMA]

    the philosophical worldview Non-Overlapping Magisteria places religion and science in separate domains of questioning ("magisteria") in order to avoid one contradicting the other. It's a justification for deep-rooted unchallenged cognitive dissonance - practical - for the sake of the religion and its benefits. The designation NOMA was popularised in the book Rock of Ages (1999) by Stephen Jay Gould.


    unspoken but absolute code of silence

    Occluded refers to stopping something by closing up the way in or the line of sight; to obstruct (an opening, orifice, or passage) e.g. thick makeup can occlude the pores.



    Did MS spell checker recently alter the word plebs to plebES? #NoteToSelf

    PLEBS used to be ubiquitous but now PLEBES is creeping into the vernacular of swathES:nerd_face: of non-academic US middle class. This demographic is also starting to actually say "pleeb" instead of "plebb". WTF? Merriam-Webster Screenshot as posted on Twitter.


    Typically, an excessively or blindly optimistic person, per the Pollyanna principle which is the basis of polyanna syndrome in modern psychotherapy. Originally "Polyanna" comes from the 1913 novel Pollyanna by American author Eleanor H. Porter, making "Pollyanna" a byword for someone who – like the title character – has an unfailingly optimistic outlook through practical "look for the glad in the difficulty and sorrow". Nowadays the word has devolved into simply excessive almost unrealistic (blind) optimism.

    Privilege Walk

    The Privilege Walk or Power Shuffle is a diversity-training workshop activity. Participants stand together on a line, then each steps forward or backwards in response to a series of statements such as: “If you’re a white male, take one step forward. If you were ever made uncomfortable by a joke about your ethnicity, gender, appearance, or sexual orientation, take one step back.” At the end participants find themselves arrayed along a continuum of “privilege.” Thus sorted, discussion ensues.

    Christian Parenti on the Privilege Walk"The Privilege Walk relies on a methodological individualism that assumes macro-level social phenomena have micro-level causes and solutions. This fixation on individual choice and personal attitudes reproduces the epistemological fallacies of neoclassical economics and most of right-leaning social science."


    the buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges, for example pardons or benefices

    ship of Theseus
    In the metaphysics of identity, the Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. The concept is one of the oldest in Western philosophy, having been discussed by Heraclitus and Plato by c. 500–400 BC, based on the 30-oar ship Theseus and the rescued sacrifices (youth of Athens) piloted back from King Minos' Crete to Athens, after having slain the minotaur.

    Stochastic refers to the property of being well described by a random probability distribution - note: stochasticity and randomness are distinct in that the former refers to a modeling approach and the latter refers to phenomena itself, these two terms are often used as being synonyms - adj. Of, relating to, or characterized by conjecture; conjectural - involving or containing a random variable or process - conjectural; given to or partaking of conjecture

    swathe | swath
    Swathe and swath aren't synonyms - somehow the words have separated, with some Americans using "swath" and others using "swathe" - but they have different definitions and anyone who uses SWATH when they should say SWATHE is a cunt

    synaptopathy is a disease of the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nervous system relating to the dysfunction of synapses that can arise as a result of a mutation in a gene encoding a synaptic protein such as an ion channel, neurotransmitter receptor, or a protein involved in neurotransmitter release; or sometimes as a result of an autoantibody targeting a synaptic protein


    Telos is a term used by philosopher Aristotle to refer to the full potential or inherent purpose or objective of a person or thing, similar to the notion of an 'end goal' or 'raison d'être' - can be understood as the "supreme end of man's endeavour"

    tabula rasa (blank slate)
    Formalised by philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) in n Essay Concerning Human Understanding, tabula rasa is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content (ideas) and therefore all knowledge (conceptual) comes from experience or perception - epistemological proponents of tabula rasa disagree with the doctrine of innatism, which holds that the mind is born already in possession of certain knowledge - instead preferring nuture over nature emphasis (without discounting nature exerting great influence over nurture) building on potentials that vary from person to person


    vocal fry register
    The lowest vocal register and is produced through a loose glottal closure that permits air to bubble through slowly with a popping or rattling sound of a very low frequency as per Wikipedia definition


    extremely enthusiastic advocate (follower) of a particular dognma - origin early 14c into English from "member of a militant 1st century Jewish sect which fiercely resisted the Romans in Palestine" (late Latin zelotes, from Greek zēlōtēs "one who is a zealous follower") with extended sense of "a fanatical enthusiast" first recorded 1630s (earlier mid-15c this sense was zelator)
    All | \ A F I W
    There are currently 8 jokes in this directory
    "How do you get a gay man to have sex with a woman?
    Shit in her cunt.

    An autopsy revealed that Whitney Houston was clean at the time of her death.
    Well I would think so, she'd been lying in the bath for two weeks.

    Fundamentalist Islamic sex dolls.
    They blow themselves up.

    If only Africa had more mosquito nets.
    Then every year we could save millions... of mosquitos from dying needlessly of AIDS.

    What did the Jewish paedo say to the children?
    Hey kids, wanna buy some candy?

    What does a cancer joke and a sick child have in common?
    They never get old.

    What part of a vegetable should you never eat?
    The wheelchair.

    Why do pedophiles always have beards & glasses?
    What is it about that look that children find so sexy?
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    Big Pharma Vaccine Patent Sharing

    Pfizer/Moderna (i.e. NIH under US President - the patent holder) aren't sharing their vaccine recipe because they need to protect the mRNA platform, quite separately from the debate over proliferating vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in the context of saving lives in the Coronavirus pandemic.

    It's possible the big pharmaceutical corporations don't object to letting poor countries make their own vaccines. The problem is with sharing the mRNA platform itself - specifically - because it is a multipurpose technology way beyond targeting spike proteins with potential for revenue streams that dwarf the billions made from SARS-CoV-2.

    The mRNA platform has myriad uses as a cancer delivery drug, which is perhaps the biggest prize in medical science - a bonanza of incalculable trillions that could roll on and on for decades. This is why the patent isn't going to be shared. It won't be shared until the technology can be shared in a way that doesn't open access beyond targeted Coronavirus usage. The vaccine corporations will doubtless be working on a nerfed version. If they find it, there will be a mainstream media fanfare of "patent sharing"; and a feeding frenzy over much unearned but irresistible political capital.

    Borrowed Energy - Awakenings Depression

    The movie Awakenings is set in a sanitarium full of patients in an awake catatonic state. In the film, a psychiatrist performs a strange experiment. He throws a tennis ball at one of the long-term catatonics and despite having been frozen for decades, since childhood, the patient catches the ball. No other movement. Still catatonic after. It's like the patient borrows the kinetic energy of the ball - overcoming the catatonic state, but only for that moment.

    This is how my engagement with the world works, nowadays, with social media and infowars and "neoliberal" consumerism.

    There's a headline, an article, a conversation. It has a kinetics of context and a background that might animate a fleeting interest, empathy, research - usually leading to an opinion - a conclusion, a placement within the bigger picture of society and what people do.

    Then the energy is spent. No more attention to be given, no natural engagement follows. Nothing lasts. The catatonic mindset returns. Nothing changes, except perhaps an imperceptible cold petrification that began years ago, at the extremities, and has been very slowly spreading inward towards the heart.


    Breaking The Erasure Paradigm

    Some guys defy odds to make a difference. Most are content being more Ballerina than reformed fat slob endurance runner David Goggins. Now and then fate gives an individual the chance to challenge their inner mettle and - very occasionally - it comes with a public stage.

    Cancel culture has been perverted into a wanton spectacle of coordinated hearsay, erasing anyone it touches. There's no recourse, no appeal, no end to cancellation. The smallest offence to prurient public opinion carries as severe a punishment as the most egregious.


    Someone's got to show the world how to resist; how to break the paradigm of perpetual erasure.

    Someone's got to figure a way through the coruscating glare of public bloodlust, to reach those who know and support the individual.

    That reconnection may have power to build new foundations, fortified against being sacrificed by the mob to feed the insatiable spectacle of cancel culture.


    Classical Tradition - Christian Greed

    "Christianity is many things to billions of people but - contrary to the conservative commentariat pandering - it is not the essence of the west. Christianity had 1000 years to inspire a Renaissance but it took Medici patronage, the fall of Constantinople and the rediscovery of classical Greece and Rome to light the essential fire of European - now Western - art and rational science; an overflow of curiosity and greedy, exceptionalist ambition that encircled the world."

    Conservative Backlash Against Woke: Fascist Family Values
    I've noticed a coalescing of "conservative" voices around a notion of shared tradition, patriotism, family and respect for Western Enlightenment values. These have always been cultural talking points for the right. Before the current culture war, the right-wing would cry traditional family values as a smokescreen for prejudice against minorities (racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, ideological), an excuse for aggressive censorship of anything counter-cultural - including the assumption culture itself was defined by the conservative guardians of good propriety. Against this monolith, the many minority interests fought their separate battles for rights and recognition, mostly courted by - and seeking refuge in - parties of the liberal left-wing. During the nineties and noughties the cultural polarization reached its natural zenith: right-wing conservative representing reactionary traditional nuclear family values, old-fashioned gender roles, suburban white flight, free market rhetoric and loyalty pledged proudly to flag and country; left-wing liberal a broad church of minorities, urban working class and middle class progressives, educated professionals, cosmopolitan city elites, nascent collective activism and loyalty to the vision of a more equal society for all. From the financial crisis in 2008 everything changed. Under Obama a neoliberal vision overtook the mainstream of left-wing politics Trump broke liberal brains. Shattering remaining faith in uneducated uplift, corporate takeover of ideological marketing. Conservative individualists including tolerant more libertarian types marginalized, mocked, censured and censored. Forced to bend the knee to bullshit identarian antiracism, antihistory, untradition. Refusal to do so is pushing that cohort to band together for survival; and by necessity find (or declare) common cause. This common cause is forced to compete against an all-or-nothing neoliberal doctrine that lumps together all dissent as one dissent; which dissenters must accept as reality even if it's a gross reductive misrepresentation of their specific beliefs. So on the one hand you have the identity politics of liberal left-wing antiracist antihistory prosecuted through credentials, corporate censorship and a critical race confederacy of cunts. And on the other, the conservative traditionalists, the reactionaries, the libertarians, and everyone else: far left socialists to far right ethnonationalists. Conservative traditionalism is the lodestone of the dissenters, whatever the reason for their disloyalty; and as a consequence these traditions - unreasonably attacked, worthy of defenders - draw in the diverse spectrum of non-neoliberals, turning them into (in effect) social conservatives; because where else can they go? What's the point of all this? Perversion of good (human justice instinct) in service of evil (profit) bolstered by clever manipulation of weakness (jealousy, outrage, divisive point scoring, career self-interest, political expediency) kept on track perpetual by capture and consolidation of power by the plutocrat class promising inclusion to the professional class; and innumerable filters, loyalty tests, know your place hurdles to overcome, finite lifespan time devoted to the "cathedral" each year in strengthening the arsenal of policing loyalty and obedience. Against this, atomized opponents must group together to resist, loathe the degraded identarian verities so naturally oppose, find some common cause with other dissenters - set aside aspects of ideology that don't fit - alloying together ultimately as a reactionary conservative counter movement. End result is culture wars equals zero sum. For society that's a disaster, whoever wins; or none. For corporate state it's a recipe for not being accountable while plundering the world.

    Culture Wars as Ersatz Politics
    The culture wars unfold in precisely the same way as the liberal virtue-quest: they are an exciting ersatz politics that seem to be really important but at the conclusion of which voters discover they’ve got little to show for it all besides more free-trade agreements, more bank/finance deregulation, more corporate-government nepotism, and a different prison (or social-apartheid) crackdowns.



    The ballot paper for Presidential Election 2020 offers only two tickets with any chance of winning the election: Republican Trump Pence and Democratic Party Biden Harris. Any other vote, including not voting, in this context means less than nothing. The corrupt political process has seldom been more accurately exemplified then in this woeful choice between different but equally masochistic forms of self-harm.

    Trump is a vain, venal moron, too stupid to lead, too easily manipulated by the luddite Republican base to be anything but a racist dog whistle.

    Biden is...

    Plutocracy grift.

    Polarization fight over small manageable percentages.

    Bones to population mitigating excess until the full grifters get back in the saddle.

    Sanders beaten by blacks and Michigan crackers. The DNC won that battle. It shouldn't have been close.

    Choice is between Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. Fucked up.


    Brexit (for instance) is another plutocracy snow job. Sold on inane identity wedge issues, caressed into millions of brains by concerted psychometrics. But it's really just about removing regulations, unshackling the govt/oligarchy so they can enrich without pesky rules. Wedge: "take back control" "Britain independent" "Keeping out the foreigners" etc etc. Playing up some bullshit caricature of a British identity in a world of foreigners and rivals. Wedge issues is a very popular method, for dividing populations, playing to people's worst instincts, to deliver an outcome that's actually against their own best interests.

    Farage was the cat's paw. The model usually has one. Democratic Party this year used Bernie Sanders for that role, though it almost got away from them. In the end though, this IS democracy. One human one vote. If half the electorate vote to get exploited, that's the will of the people. It's up to the plutocrats to walk the line between exploiting them to get richer Vs fucking them to the point they push back.

    But the push back is also handled by having a duopoly. So if the ruling elite goes too far, their favourite govt grifters lose an election and the next bunch of grifters come in. Exploitation finds its new slightly less harsh equilibrium. Then typically the favoured grifters get back into govt and the process continues.

    Deregulation by Neoliberal 1990s
    The deregulation of the 1990s has been creeping poison to the US economy. America revs high as a nation at the best of times so economic pain gets real fast. Pressure on society becomes ubiquitous (and iniquitous). Worker exploitation is pushed to extremes, metastasizing into an existential threat of precarity. Culture war SNARLING gets violent as government capture is weaponized to change laws that enable (and enforce) oligopoly lockdown. Profit and self-interest, the engines of American prosperity, shift from dynamic growth to zero sum toxic. What's going to fix this? It'll take a powerful and independent government to turn back the tide on decades of inertia; but if anything today's corporate Democratic Party is part of the problem, the GOP too lost in grift and bullshit to be an alternative. How does the insane oligopoly cartel get stopped? It's hard to see anything but Brazil-style disintegration or China-style technofeudalism coming next.

    Duopoly 2020-2024

    "Trump Is A Roaming Hitler" versus "Trump Campaigns To Save America"

    Pundits and propagandists love to conflate left-wing economics with identarian bullsh1t, woke feminism, BLM, vegan fascism and cancel culture; and equate right-wing economics with evangelical self-interest, ethno-nationalism, climate denial, chauvinism and militarism. BOTH WRONG.

    Prediction for 2021-2024: Trump rallies start immediately after Biden's inauguration. Insatiable need for clickbait will ensure news media continues to fixate on Trump hysteria. As it happens, the Trump hysteria sharp serves the duopoly. The GOP can use Trump and rallies to evangelize their populist message, weaponizing the loss as a grand conspiracy theory to bind their base to the fundamentalist Republican agenda. The Dems get to continue using Trump as their useful bogeyman. Rallies play into the DNC-neoliberal centrists' need to whip loyalty into the progressives, as the enemy stays a visible, urgent threat. Both parties get to sell "join us, be loyal, help us to Save America" to their supporters, with the other cast in the role of corrupt anti-America evil.

    And so the papers and social media and news channels will be full of the same old pantomime - which'll somehow always be urgent and polarized and complete with its own set of facts depending on your "side" in the game.

    It'll keep the public busy; and irrelevant for 4 more years.

    Plutocracy finds a dirty equilibrium: #Trump2024 rallies begin soon as Biden takes office. Gives media 4 years guaranteed clickbait and the GOP/Dems 4 years hysteria, ensuring polarization against an evil enemy and a "Save America" script to keep everyone busy. And irrelevant.

    2021-2024 Trump rallies begin as Biden takes office. Media and GOP/Dems get 4 years clickbait and polarization to impose orthodoxy.


    Extirpating History

    The great strides made in western liberal societies since the Enlightenment have been firmly based on the Greco/Christian tradition. It should be no surprise that the purveyors of consumerist agnosticism firmly reject this tradition within the western democracies. By pulling the spiritual rug out from under Euro/American culture, they have left a black hole that can only be filled by their circus and gadgets.


    Feckless Big Bullshit

    You're feckless if you talk about trillion dollars blah in a massive hodge podge because what do you want - universal preK, free college, senior citizen hearing and vision and dental, what?


    Donors and lobbyists aren't misdirected by bullshit slogans into the indulgent airy debate over sweeping reform or principles bolx. Feckless voters are led, in great part by media - but the latter is also responsive to what works with the former - so if they choose to argue the toss over who pays for what, how govt should tax billionaire, which squad member should veto what, how treacherous is Sinema, how big is Manchin's yacht... This is feckless voter behaviour that's the goal of red/blue ingroup oligopolies; is a win from the get go.

    Federal Socialism

    Put aside all that bs you've inculcated about divide and gaslight and whatever. It's getting in the way of understanding both what I'm saying and what you're missing about what military budget is. I'll try to be more clear. 280 character Twitter isn't good for nuance.

    So. Your original point was that the USPS shouldn't be judged only by profit criteria. You identify $750B - a huge sum - as annual military budget. Taxpayer money.

    While the American people don't make profit on military expenditure, we don't expect profitable because we know military is vital to the country. It defends all of us, taxpayers included.

    Like military, USPS plays an essential role. If it's an expense, it's for the national good. It may be publicly subsidized by taxes but it's ultimately serving the American taxpayer, i.e. all of us. USPS profitability should be treated same as military: not what matters most.

    And serving the American people matters because military budget is funded by us. Most tax revenue comes from working and middle class Americans. People like you and me give nearly 24c of every tax dollar to pay for the military. Works out at just over 60 days of the average American's working year.

    OK so far?

    Football Heritage

    Imagine, M_ ______, 10 million+ English lads playing and CARING about football, agonies and ecstasies, sometimes in mostly out of organised teams, from reception to teens into adulthood. England has borne the weight of their hope, fear and expectation for 90+ years.

    In fact, personal connection to the ups and downs of England team long ago overflowed into the national mainstream: grannies, mothers, daughters and the middle-class. Not quite the same intensely personal link as English lads (in most cases) but nonetheless one of the most potent engines of shared cultural identity.

    This past decade or so, there has been rapid growth in women football at every level, from girls in school teams to women in pro clubs. England ladies teams are not just a thing, but highly ranked in world competition and some cross-pollination with football fans in the national mainstream too.

    There's a spate of recent headlines on the back of Euro2020.

    • Why should it be England for men's team but England Ladies for women?
    • Why is it 55 Years Since England Last Won referring to 1966 when England women won Euros in 2018?
    • @jessphillips tweeting "I really like the way in most of the reporting they make it clear that this is the first England final in a long time for the men's team."

    She's a virtue signalling cunt.


    General Miller versus President Trump - Hero or Traitor?

    General Miller: Subordination or Hero? (14-Sept-2021) on washingtontimes.com website.

    Simple binaries: "Preventing a war is easy to determine. Did Trump try to launch one?? If yes, the general is a hero. If no, doesn't matter how suspicious Pelosi or the generals were of Trump, it's no justification for refusing to withdraw from Afghanistan. Did Trump send the memo for withdrawal? If yes, the general needs to be court martialed. If no, where is the story here? It evaporates as another smokescreen wasting everyone's time while the upward wealth transfer continues and the poor continue to get f****d."

    Government Decisions by Corporate State

    The formula for what our governing authorities do is very simple. Their true aim, let’s not forget, is continuous upward wealth transfer – from taxpayer and treasury to the elite stakeholders and the corporate donor class (same people mostly).

    Day to day the job of corporate-state government is to manage the most profitable balance of immediate, ongoing and future revenue extraction with consolidating short-term authority and long-term power - without either power or profit facing disruption by mob insurrection. The management formula includes certain precepts: minimum spending on social provision, maximum upward wealth appropriation, and a merciless exploitation of the public for as much work (precarity), as much money (austerity) and as much debt (liquidity) as possible.

    Play each and every official government-CDC-FDA public health decision through the above formula. It is the ubiquitous explanation for the two years of pandemic opportunism, from the first headlines about Wuhan and cruise ships infected by a novel coronavirus in February 2020 to the latest Christmas 2021 clickbait peddling booster vaccines against hyper-infectious Omicron variants. All public policy is made to serve the same completely consistent objective.

    Government Fascism: Authoritarian Plan or Path of Least Resistance?

    "It's funny. Governments certainly have a path of least resistance that routes via control. At times. Guys like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz, Chelsea Manning exposed deep state (intelligence agencies) and military (deployed into danger - however unjust the politicians doing the deploying) and information (knowledge and science hoarded behind paywalls). Couldn't these guys be good, correct and worthy of government defending their individual rights while at the same time recognising their persecution is a revenge by deep state (military, intelligence agencies, etc) for putting their colleagues into harm's way? Principles like freedom of information are for civilian public servants to parse and apply. The path of least resistance (most likely, most not unreasonable) for the deep state is to defend their team of coworkers. Team CIA, Team FBI, Team USM, Team USN, Team MI6, Team GCHQ, Team US Congress, Team DNC, etc etc. Assange, Snowden et al attacked an extended family - even if it is a sinister, shadowy, over-powerful, unaccountable bunch of bastards - so the whistleblowers are getting fucked to settle the score, to make an example, etc. It's a trite explanation but perhaps more likely than risky, fatiguing prospect of a small group of well connected corrupt conspirators puppet mastering an entire country (or world) hegemony. In any case, it's up to the public servants (judges, lawyers, government elected politicians and so on) to play their role in the social contract: defend the public interest, safeguard individual rights, fiat justitia."


    Immigrant Community as Potemkin Village

    Community doesn't last outside the leftovers of ethnics in immigrant neighborhoods and stubborn holdouts doing irrelevant oldworld rituals in suburbia. Even the white Christian crackers only ape a Potemkin community they'll sell out if ever they can. The real American community is not public and not recruiting. "Let them eat cake."


    Mass State Surveillance and Big Tech Symbiosis

    Mass state surveillance is only feasible because of surveillance capitalism and its extremely low-yield ad-targeting systems, which require a constant feed of personal data to remain barely viable. Surveillance capitalism’s primary failure mode is mistargetted ads while mass state surveillance’s primary failure mode is grotesque human rights abuses, tending toward totalitarianism.

    State surveillance is no mere parasite on Big Tech, sucking up its data and giving nothing in return. In truth, the two are symbiotes: Big Tech sucks up our data for spy agencies, and spy agencies ensure that governments don’t limit Big Tech’s activities so severely that it would no longer serve the spy agencies’ needs. There is no firm distinction between state surveillance and surveillance capitalism; they are dependent on one another.

    Misruled Britannia

    I don't understand why educated adults in positions of public trust and/or authority are so keen to make a pig's breakfast of British culture. Last Night of the Proms simply happens to be today's target for extirpation.

    I don't get why these spineless 'curators' of UK cultural heritage keep kowtowing to the demands of self-appointed identity police? Is it just for social media likes? Anything for a quiet life? Virtue signalling in the hope of winning woke brownie points? To what end?

    Destroying the very traditions they're supposed to look after is a heavy price to pay, not least because their craven iconoclasm achieves nothing to actually help whichever oppressed minority is being championed by the "...haughty tyrants..." of woke outrage.

    Give the decision-making power on whether to bend the knee to internet mob outrage to sometime with a backbone. I'm sure they'd stand firm on not falsely editing history or spuriously censuring the culture of this "..blest isle..." (I know I would.)


    New York Times: Character Assassin of Orthodontists Dr Mews (20-Aug-2020)

    How Two British Orthodontists Became Celebrities to Incels - The Mews, a father-son team of orthodontists, have an unusual theory about the source of crooked teeth — one that has earned them a following in some of the darker corners of the internet (20-Aug-2020) @ NYT Hit Piece article. Useful both for its information and as a paradigm of current "Cathedral" propaganda tactics.


    This is my opinion. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My opinion is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my opinion is useless. Without my opinion, I am useless. I must fire my opinion true. Etc. Etc.


    Patrician Privilege - Suckers And Scammers
    Patrician privilege talking on unpredictable countries: if you have a hundred good meetings with a guy and build trust etc, then JUST ONCE violently fuck him in the arse then wonder why he doesn't trust you though you make sure to be polite respectful and generous next 100 encounters, you're an idiot!https://youtu.be/vwcr6O0LvWIDescribing the adhoc beliefs of the daft people going off to join isis, if you're dismissing Chomsky alongside conspiracy theories you're wilfully dodging the common BROKEN FAITH social contract that needs to come before running off to chase Allah in Iraq and Syria. The better question is whether the neoliberal project of creating a credential smart class monopoly, without fucking the world up, causing the plebs to revolt or the rich bigots to sabotage, has inevitable rebels running to religion because they're not on the inside and know it; perceive the bullshit fed to the masses and can't not be in the masses too.Are these guys like Stewart legit or talking shit when they say they're bewildered how few can impact many? I mean that's how every fucking country's rulers rule. See Hume re few governed by manyEmphasizing the noble not the atrocities. Like media whitewashing drone murder while lauding the constitutions sanctity? Cunt double standardsMiddle East: Kurdistan in Iraq drawing borders around oil field.Why cite ISIS recruiting as a problem alongside complaining about islamification at home, surely less Allah devotees is a win win ??

    Postmodernism Waging War Against Genius
    From innocuous roots in late 1940s postmodernism has spread like a steady but relentless virus. For its practitioners it has become a kind of consensus of absolution from having to measure personal (or peer group) standards against the achievements of genuine pioneers past and present. It has changed the essential currents of self-expression from outbound character-individualism to inbound caricature-identity. Postmodern culture has calcified an implicit lack of higher ambition (and talent) into a consensus assault on individual merit, patiently but systematically building a citation-legitimised exclusion of all forms of creative non-conformity; a paradise for patient, banal credentialism. The postmodern networks of weaponised influence are both cynical and smart, directing the most merciless attacks on the most dangerous of targets: original genius in art, disruptive uncompromising creativity in science. If these trends continue unchecked – and there’s no sign of organized resistance – the culture war will soon reach a catastrophic and possibly irreparable coda.

    Prison Industrial Complex
    Biden. Trump. Rogan debate? Bias? Impartial?We're lucky. We freely opine in public spaces.Americans: 5% of world's population, 25% of global prisoners.Black Americans: 7% behind bars, 8% can't vote.There's more black Americans incarcerated today than slaves emancipated in 1862.

    Professional Expert: neo-aristocracy led by elite citizens
    Herbert Croly, the author of the seminal work The Promise of American Life and later a founder of the New Republic, openly advocated for a sort of neo-aristocratic order led by “exceptional” citizens, and left-wing critics ranging from Thorstein Veblen to R. H. Tawney imagined capitalism tamed by professional expertise.

    Professional to Predator - 1971 to today
    Today we live in a world of predatory bankers, predatory educators, even predatory health care providers, all of them out for themselves. The corruption of the professions is a grand story in its own right.

    Professional Migration Republican to Democrat, Liberal to New Labour
    According to the sociologists Jeff Manza and Clem Brooks, professionals went from being the most Republican social formation in the country in the 1950s to being the most Democratic by the mid-Nineties.

    Professionals: Chris Hedges Death of the Liberal Class
    Chris Hedges Death of the Liberal Class: "The areas in which the left has made the most significant progress —gay rights, inclusion of women in higher education, the end of de jure racial discrimination—are the battles it has fought or is fighting in favor of making the meritocracy more meritocratic. The areas in which it has suffered its worst defeats—collective action to provide universal public goods, mitigating rising income inequality—are those that fall outside the meritocracy’s purview."

    Professional Merit Perceives Inequality As Natural
    Inequality does not contradict, defy, or even inconvenience the logic of professionalism. On the contrary, inequality is essential to it.Professionals, after all, are life’s officer corps. They give the orders; they write the prescriptions. Status is essential to professionalism; according to sociologist Larson, achieving a more exalted level in life’s hierarchy is "the most central dimension of the professionalization project."What she means is that inequality is what it’s all about.

    Professional: Education as Panacea

    To the liberal class, every big economic problem is really an education problem, a failure by the losers to learn the right skills and get the credentials everyone knows you’ll need in the society of the future. Take inequality. The real problem, many liberals believe, is that not enough poor people get a chance to go to college and join the professional-managerial elite.

    "If there is an income divide in America it is over education," wrote Democratic media strategist Bill Knapp in the Washington Post in 2012, "and this makes sense: People who are better educated should make more money."

    "What I fundamentally believe—and what the president believes," Arne Duncan, Obama’s secretary of education, told a reporter in 2012, "is that the only way to end poverty is through education."

    "The best way by far to improve economic opportunity and to reduce inequality is to increase the educational attainment and skills of American workers," declared Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to the graduating class at Harvard in 2008, a group much perturbed by inequality.

    Thomas Friedman, Obama’s other favourite newspaper columnist, comes back to the subject again and again. "The biggest issue in the world today is growth, and, in this information age, improving educational outcomes for more young people is now the most important lever for increasing economic growth and narrowing income inequality," he wrote in 2012. "In other words, education is now the key to sustainable power."

    Profession: Obedient Thinkers Trained To Orthodoxy
    In Disciplined Minds, an important description of the work-life of professionals, the physicist Jeff Schmidt tells us that “ideological discipline is the master key to the professions.” Despite the favorite Sixties slogan, professionals do not question authority; their job is to apply it. This is the very nature of their work and the object of their training, according to Schmidt; by his definition, professionals are “obedient thinkers” who “implement their employers’ attitudes” and carefully internalize the reigning doctrine of their discipline, whatever it happens to be.

    Professional Finance: Experts Unquestioned
    For old-school regulators, I am told, undue financial complexity was an indicator of likely fraud. But for the liberal class, it is the opposite: an indicator of sophistication. Complexity is admirable in its own right. The difference in interpretation carries enormous consequences: Did Wall Street commit epic fraud, or are they highly advanced professionals who fell victim to epic misfortune?

    Professional: Consensus As Faith
    One final consequence of the ideology of professionalism is the liberal class’s obsessive pining for consensus.This obsession, so peculiar and yet so typical of our times, arises from professionals’ well-known disgust with partisanship and their faith in what they take to be apolitical solutions.34 If only they could bring Washington’s best people together, they believe, they could enact their common-knowledge program. THE ANSWER WOULD BE KNOWN, SHARED AND UNIMPEACHABLE.

    Public Health Authority Pandemic Policy

    Every authoritarian mandate, every prophylaxis omission, every sledgehammer censorship, every single inexplicable announcement by celebrity public servants, every blatant contradiction, every one of Fauci’s weird never acknowledged lies, every hypocritical mismatch between what’s said and what’s actually done e.g. Joe Biden calling on rich countries to “share advanced vaccine technology with the world!” followed by zero sharing despite the President’s absolute right (and Bayh-Doyle authority) to do so. Pandemic handling has been totally consistent from the start.

    Policy, legislation, strategy, official propaganda, media messaging, political polarizations, inexplicable yet relentless team loyalty division; everything serves the same elite power centers, enriching the same corporate stakeholders, shaking down the same working and middle class Americans, mercilessly bankrupting the same unreported cracker and ethnic precarity, etc etc.

    Isn’t the game obvious to everyone? It sure oughta be by now.


    Smoking Ban (UK Health Act 2006) Begins 1st July 2007

    Health Act (2006) passed at the start of the third Labour term of Tony Blair's government. Across England the smoking ban in (pubs, bars, offices, restaurants, clubs, private members buildings) took effect on 1 July 2007. Key dates 1962-2021 in UK Tobacco Regulation per ASH PDF document.

    BHF.ORG report assessing the health benefits data from UK smoking ban, per SMOKING BAN TIMELINE.

    Benign, well-meaning, sincere. Not the actions of a rapacious corporate-oligarchy, exploiting a population for maximum profit. And yet, the health outcome data is only expressible in terms of "denormalising" smoking, how many fewer people smoke, how much less smoke is found in pubs and bars. While it's true the smoking ban reduced cigarette smoke pollution in pubs and bars by an enormous amount, this reduction runs parallel to a reduction in patron footfall. Less people are going to socialise in pubs and bars. Closures are ubiquitous. Smoking ban is one of many factors in this shift away from public square to public-facing social media but these cultural and legislative forces are inter-connected and cross-dependent.


    The Silent Drift Towards Totalitarianism By Judges
    "If the policy of govt upon final questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of SCOTUS… people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having to that extent practically resigned their government into the hands of that eminent tribunal."

    Topsy Turvy Lowkey
    It's funny how the rappers are posing as the gangsters -While the government takes money as bonuses for bankers -In life you learn, to close your eyes and hold your tongueBut TOGETHER we will overcome, there's never been a chosen ONE


    UK Media Consensus Partisan Fantasy
    There's a new 'private' consensus across UK media. It seems to frame the world in such extreme partisan us-v-them terms that voluntary reciprocal agreements (e.g. Brexit) become instruments of unjust foreign oppression whenever reality contradicts politically expedient fantasy.


    Voting within the Duopoly
    Punishment at the ballot is only punishment if it's outside the DUOPOLY Dems follow donors lobbyists activated, because voters are feckless. Who cares about approval ratings for Biden, Harris, Buttigieg? Which three are IN executive positions? Who was attending Biden's big infrastructure bill signing? Sinema. Manchin. Dems losing voters is part of the oligopoly success story if it's voters swinging GOP. How's that going to help your social programs? Worker going from Dem to GOP out of frustration over Dem policy failure fucking working class (not looking out for their interests) is a win for plutocracy. Culture war creates a perpetual non economic headline argument engine that divides progressive threat, undermining it by driving white blue collar rightwing and socialists - woke wedge issue. Jacobin study progressive populist left the best blend for winning elections - on a level playing field - which is revealing in many ways: shows the power of media and insider collusion as Bernie who epitomised this beaten by Biden who's the opposite hobbled by Warren the actualised culture war flank attack. Populist left would be the most effective politics except for the simple fecklessness of the voters. Michigan, South Carolina, blue collars feckless, black bloc feckless, Biden, Biden.


    White Middle Class Privilege

    There was a time, some years ago, when I didn't think my outlook on the world was unusual. I took myself for a fairly standard comfortable white middle class consumer, privileged in education and freedom to live the life I wanted, with humane hopes for an improving society better balanced to help the more deprived citizens get their fair share of the opportunity pie.

    I knew there were others who did more, with their day to day lives, to speed up the process of making the world a better place. And I knew there were some who's politics were inspired by a preference for society of winners and losers; themselves the winners, naturally.

    Right-wing my power, left-wing our love. Right covered the class of winners who knew they had inherited power and wanted to perpetuate their privilege, generation to generation, let the best of the poor prove their worth by competing out of their brutal class handicap. Left was a spectrum when it came to how, but the what - bottom line - was equality and a better world for all human beings. Save your complacent 2021 scorn for my once simplistic outlook. Hindsight is twenty twenty, as they say, but this is how I used to think.


    Young and Old in Protestant v Catholic Sensibilities

    Anglo-Canadian, when encountering pain, wants to eliminate it or permanently evade; the best pain is pain forgetten. Protestant aestheticism.

    French-Quebecois sees pain and wants to run towards it, jealous of the intensity of feeling (even though it hurts). The most beautiful pain is pain from love and loss. Catholic angelus misericordia.

    English culture worships potential - which means youth. French culture worships love - which means pain.

    Youth worship subordinates mature, hard-won learning, that need years to acquire, to visceral fast-paced trends and fashions. Youth worship creates ephemeral personalities, cyclical rather than it evolving culture and a fear of being subjected to complexity. Worshippers of idealized youth practice luddite self-quarantined. The paradigm is cherubic, angelic, aggressively disinterested. Merciless purity.

    Love worship subordinates material acquisition and the long-term attaining of sublimation. It can be invested in the drive to create other people (children) or instead pursue talent and accomplishment. Seldom both.


    Zoomer v Boomer
    Ask the average Zoomer what they'd like to be in life and you'll get an almost ubiquitous answer: FAMOUS. Older, wiser heads will shake scornfully, pointing out the vacuity in desiring fame without caring if it's based on merit. As usual, when it comes to the visceral things in life, Gen Z cuts to the chase and the old nay-sayers are missing the point.

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    Biden Appointing Judges Faster Than Trump

    Biden is appointing judges faster than Trump, and most everyone else—for now @ Brookings Institute Blog.

    British Race Violence
    Severe class inequalities persist, and while it’s probably unrealistic to expect a society with which everyone can be satisfied, by European standards the British class system is still particularly pernicious. It’s not that racism has disappeared from the UK since the 1980s, but without a doubt the resistance of black and Asian communities during the decade of my birth produced very significant reforms that have changed the way my generation experiences and understands ‘race’. The gollywogs and banana skins are no longer a daily feature of black life here and neither is the Special Patrol Group, the notoriously abusive policing unit that gave almost all of the older men in my life a bloody good hiding, more than once. Though police brutality of course continues, few would deny things are far better in this respect than thirty years ago, for now at least. The physical battles fought by our parents’ generation have meant that ‘nigger hunting’ and ‘Paki bashing’ are far less common than they once were too.

    British Schizo Soul
    Britain has two competing traditions – one rooted in ideas of freedom, equality and democracy, and another that sees these words as mere rhetoric to be trotted out at will and violated whenever it serves the Machiavellian purposes of power preservation. This is how the UK can have the largest of the demonstrations against the invasion of Iraq and yet still have a government that entirely ignored its population on an issue with such globe-shifting implications.


    Culture: Comic Books / Literature
    "Comic book movies are very popular. And small wonder. They are accessible and enticing. Like literary McDonalds. Culturally KFC."


    Deepstate: American Pravda

    Definitions: woke
    Woke is seeing society's power dynamics in terms of critical race-gender theory identity. Straight white males at the top, gestalt queer black trans female at the bottom. Woke deliberately uses the wrong tense, a condescension to ape perceived 'street' grammar of black Americans.


    Economics: Free Market Free Political Civil Authorities
    If you're a believer in market capitalism efficiently sorting winners and losers by who's best at making money - who's best at winning the most ubiquitous competitive game in the world - therefore also who's best at their job - the same should apply to politics and civil authorities; all positions of value in society.

    Eugene B Meyer - Federalist Society CEO

    Eugene B. Meyer President and CEO, The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies.


    Fixation on Minor Airplane Carbon Emissions
    Aviation emissions are a complete misdirection when it comes to battling climate change and human-origin carbon footprint. Headline articles railing against plane travel propagate to divert attention away from the industries with significantly larger footprint but, because regulating could be government/business policy TODAY, status quo enablers work to keep public pressure away from pushing legislative action to curb their profitable pollution.


    Germany: Introductions Cross-Section 2019-2020
  • Beliebte Beiträge im Thema: Der Willkommens-Thread für neue Mitglieder on blasted.de (German language: Popular Posts in the Topic: the welcome thread for new members) website

  • H

    History: First Command of George Washington General
    First command of George Washington was to kick out the blacks from the American army. In fact POC mostly fought on the British side for fear of slavery.


    Infowars: Whole Foods
    Classist? I'm no Whole Foods shill! There's no bargain in the food industry. Every dime saved at checkout is extracted multiple times in the supply chain. Source any Trader Joe/Aldi/Walmart/Lidl product. Trace it to the producer. It'll become clear why it's so cheap in store. You could say: "What do I care about supply chains or distant food producers? Just give me the savings." This is your prerogative. But our willful 'not my problem' approach to market consequences - who pays, writ large - is devouring the planet and has corrupted industrial agrifood; which means degraded products on shelves.

    Ivermectin Incentives
    Ivermectin in clinical hands is a safe proven globally available antiviral. There's no medically or ethically sound reason to aggressively persecute and restrict use; or censor even discussion between experts. It makes no sense. It has nothing to do with getting vaccinated. The only concrete reason for the official crackdown on every aspect of non-vaccine responses is that vaccine emergency use requires no other treatments to be available. It's naive to think there wouldn't be regulatory capture when so much money is at stake. As a sidebar, the lack of AstraZeneca vaccine authorization in the USA - the non-profit vax - because it'd decrease Pfizer/Moderna revenue, is another smoking gun. What other reason to exclude it? The consistency of profit over patient is too comprehensive.


    Language: Figures of speech matter
    Figures of speech are important. Because they're a target for subversion. "Science created this virus." Nature created it. Science is simply a toolkit for understanding reality in a way that communicates reproducible explanations. That's all. Science isn't evil. Scientists facilitating evil can't be a reason for everyone to terminate questions; or defer to superstition intuition.


    Media: David Sinclair / Health Entrepreneurs
    It's a pity David Sinclair has financial interests in consumer health product selling, like Inside Tracker. Money is a dirty motivator, beyond a certain point. Monetizing health is a recipe for grift on a trillion dollar scale; and an engine for wealth defining longevity not worth or need. All we are saying is give peace a change. Epigenome - differentiated cells - cells are the CD (DNA) and the reader/writer (Epigenome). It's the reader/writer that degrades not just the CD. What did Sinclair say about memory backup? Where is that? How can there be epigenetic memory?? Look into the mouse eye growing back. Child chronology? Why do most of the genetic combinations create tumors?

    Media: WSJ Titans of Industry Jewish Philanthropy

    Missing Context
    "Missing context" is the fact-checker euphemism for "this claim is correct but we don't want anyone screencapping this as ammo."


    Neuroscience: Consciousness Thought
    Consciousness persistence, chemical balance matters but if chemistry from moment A to A+1 changes little, the spell isn't broken. Sudden changes to general brainchemistry will break it, though if state is thereafter consistent, spell reasserts. It's only strong a associated memories that are parsed against current brainchemistry. If the memories  evoke contradictory chemistry, it'll feel wrong, artificial, unabsorbing. Orgasm makes a paradigm shift in brainchemistry, hence buyer's remorse (!)? Drugs and alcohol can do the same, hence in part the allure.

    Note: suckers v risk taker competence
    Giving money to the most competent risk-takers best positioned, best at exploiting advantaged position etc: it isn't necessary so bad. Infrastructure project billed at 10x cost, massive profit for the business getting the money. Ideally the infrastructure gets built too. Recipient takes a riskb but if he's judicious discreet enough he won't be exposed/punished so the risk pays off. Payment is funded by the millions of docile disorganized suckers working shit jobs for shit money.


    OffGuardian: The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)
    OFF-GUARDIAN ARTICLE Simply engaging in a "better" strategy of reality propaganda is NOT going to improve daily life, nor will it be effective push back against the mass media conditioning program of the past 15+ months. If anything, picking out another set of symbols marks out the segregation according to the bullsh1t rules of the govt-oligarchy. It plays into their hands. Propaganda reality dies in lived nuance. Apartheid is eroded by exposing the irrelevance of the terms of segregation; by ignoring it, by disdaining its orthodoxies - as infantile, disingenuous caricature. Go about your daily life without any of the symbols of conformism or rebellion. Force the world into a human to human dynamic, and confront only when confronted. Face to face. I know it doesn't counterpoint the anger felt (justifiably) about the whole coronavirus debacle like the sledgehammer red triangle badge but the symbol is a conceit, compounding the problem for the sake of performative rebellion. It's far more effective to dismiss both the propaganda reality and the compelled behaviour; and react to the drone-policing if/when it happens.


    Perspective: Environmentalism v Plane Travel
    Plane travel cross-pollinates individuals at an unprecedented scale. This cross-pollination turns foreign to familiar, which is the most effective rebuttal to fascists weaponizing xenophobia through fear into "us against them" Untermensch thinking. Attacking plane travel for the small impact on the planet's pollution is both a bad loss leader and a recipe for populations hostile to more and more nationalities perceived as 'other'. The temptation to fixate on planets and airports is a natural one, for an environmentalist, but it's short-sighted and ultimately counterproductive. Human society isn't better when it's atomized.

    Politics: How can democracy be subverted back to to serving the people?
    But, when democracy is subverted by universal suffrage itself, isn't the problem for opposition the establishing of credible long-term roots, i.e. visible markers to attract and channel energy of activists, supporters and capable individuals, to build an enduring multi-term base?

    Politics: Duopoly Weakpoints
    Folks, it's all down to the public consent - the votes. I know that sounds stating the obvious but it really is that simple. If every subscriber of just one of a dozen independent current affairs shows took informed voter choices as a real-life must-act imperative, and acted on a personal level to turn individual voter apathy into an individual simply voting in his/her best interests, it'd change the dynamics of power in America. The entire political map would change over the course of a single Presidential term.

    Politics: Nina Turner and Jim Clyburn - Evangelical Voter Energy
    The only way to beat big money big name establishment inertia is ground level, door to door, face to face, personal connection with voters. It takes a lot of people to make this work. CHANGE CAN'T MESSAGE EN MASSE - 17% turnout should be a headline. (It'd be interesting to look deeper into Clyburn/Turner preacher-inspired rhetoric - as Nina used in the megachurch on the Sunday before primary. I've no doubt it's effective in its way... But 17% turnout sure suggests it's not hitting everyone. In 2021, could it have become alienating i.e. a vote losing campaign strategy?) See @ VIDEO. And @ VIDEO.

    Politics: Duopoly Polarized Bases
    Duopoly base locked in stability, fierce fight over a few percentage swing bc keeping out third party maximum important. This is good policy BUT hasa weakness if there's a coherent bloc in that few percent - defining result, leveraging power.

    Politics: Breaking Points - Reigning In Big Tech
    DC teaming up against Big Tech isn't good for the average American. They won't break up the mega corporations. They won't extract fair taxes. There'll be no antitrust. What DC wants is control. Of information. Of messaging. Propaganda. Orthodoxy. Censorship. People data. People tracking. As Mcluhan said decades ago: the medium is the message. In 2021 this means Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter etc. They get profit; from you. DC gets power; over you.

    Principles of Virtue
    Virtue ethics teaches: An action is only right if it is an action that a virtuous person would carry out in the same circumstances. A virtuous person is a person who acts virtuously. A person acts virtuously if they "possess and live the virtues" A virtue is a moral characteristic that a person needs to live well.

    Psychology: Relational Frame Theory

    newharbinger.com: Relational Frame Theory

    Public Discourse About Racism
    public discourse about racism is still as childish and supine as it ever was. Where we do discuss race in public, we have been trained to see racism – if we see it at all – as an issue of interpersonal morality. Good people are not racist, only bad people are. This neat binary is a great way of avoiding any real discussion at all. But without the structural violence of unequal treatment before the law and in education, and a history of racial exploitation by states, simple acts of personal prejudice would have significantly less meaning. In short, we are trained to recognise the kinds of racism that tend to be engaged in by poorer people.


    Real Estate: Daily Mail - Million Pound Postal Codes

    10 new postal codes join the millionaire club

    This is silly estate agent clickbait. Most of London's properties (freeholds) are cut up into flats. Imagine a street lined with 20 stucco-fronted Edwardian townhouses, £4 million average house price. £80 million of real estate. Rich enough to be in this millionaire club. Then imagine the same street, exact same 20 buildings, with 8 period conversions in each, £700K average flat price. £112 million of real estate. Not rich enough to be in the millionaire's club.

    Rich Racism v Poor Racism
    The kinds of racism still engaged in by the wealthy and the powerful – such as the theft of entire regions’ resources under a thinly veiled update of ‘the white man’s burden’ (basically ‘the savages can’t govern themselves’), or profiteering from a racially unjust legal and prison system – are far more egregious and damaging. Yet these forms of racism are given far less attention than racism as simple name-calling. All said and done, the idea of racial hierarchy and the attendant philosophy of innate white superiority were not invented by poor people, and while we are not excusing the central role that everyday racism has played in upholding racial hierarchies in the UK and elsewhere, our critique should not rest there.

    Roboticist Rodney Brooks Predictions For The Future (2018-)

    Roboticist MIT Emeritus Rodney Brooks predictions for 30-50 years into the future @ PERSONAL BLOG category. See also MIT directory entry and ROBUST.AI team page.


    Sidebar: Callin App

    "Sidebar, part of the limits we get imposed on us - quite often without us knowing - fit with Chomsky's allow very lively debate but totally constrained within acceptable bounds that ensure there's never challenge to power.

    Recent Callin there was a 65 year old Indian guy who'd grown up in England, lived in the US the last 30 years. He struggled to articulate his point and seemed unusually rooted in UK culture - for a guy who's spend 3 decades in America - and eventually you had to move to the next caller so you politely reminded him you didn't know anything about England and maybe that was a "useful topic for a different podcast."

    BUT then the thought occurred: that's exactly what someone a British - or American - superiority complex would've said..! I mean, the idea our local boundaries are significant enough to mark a line between we ought to know and what we can dismiss, it's the vain heart of (insert identity label) supremacy... And it's Chomsky's boundaries in a very real-world narrative limiting sense.

    Maybe that's why socialists are always so hyper about internationalism. It breaks the boundaries of lines drawn by ruling elites, within which we're living in the full force of their propaganda and their control of information. Outside those lines ideas cross-pollinate, who knows but maybe solutions to impotence manufactured at home can only come from drawing on experiences from outside it...

    Social Media Waste
    Every second on Twitter is a waste of time. Most are too engrossed to see, swept along arguing over the latest clickbait. I am worse, though. I know social media is corrosive. I am ALWAYS aware there is better things I could be doing. But I am too lazy or feckless to bother. O well.

    Society: Dehumanizing Confirmation Bias
    Everyone you meet, meet fresh not as a group or a demographic or a generation. Generalizing is to dehumanize, racist or prejudiced bigoted fucked up. Confirmation bias made manifest. Path of social least resistance. Dropsybrain. Fuck that!


    Thomas Chatterton Williams Twitter: Customer Service v Quality of Care

    Thomas Chatterton Williams Tweet about French stores hours. "I've lived in France too and sympathize with your frustration at this kind of 'inexcusable' inconvenience. Initially, it affirms preconceptions: typical European "siesta-brain"- bad service, bad business. But then reflect on quality of product, quality of life, quality of care."

    Twin Towers
    Two means tolerance, one means division.

    Twitter Thread: The Days of Full Covid Coverage Are Over (21-Sept-2021)

    Christopher Rowland (@PostRowland on Twitter): The Days of full Covid-19 Coverage Are Over (21-Sept-2021)

  • "The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and copays, leaving patients with big bills"

  • Twitter: Afghanistan @RespectIsVital
    Twitter feed from Afghanistan @RespectIsVital via THREAD.


    Virtue Ethics versus Principles Ethics
    Virtue ethics is based on the consequences of actions, whereas principle-based ethics is based on character traits. Virtue ethics is based on set of rules, whereas principle-based ethics is based on consequences of actions.

    Volodin - Speaker of Russian Duma - Luhansk and Donetsk

    Volodin is ready to discuss the proposal of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on a request to Putin to recognise the LPR and the DPR. Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said that the draft resolution submitted by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the recognition of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics (LPR and DPR) and the corresponding appeal to the president requires discussion. "The issue proposed for consideration is very serious and responsible. In this regard, it would be right to hold consultations with the leaders of the factions next week and discuss this initiative," Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday.

    Then, according to the results of consultations, the speaker believes, the issue can be considered at the Council of the State Duma. According to Volodin, Russia cannot allow "ignoring the Minsk agreements" by Kiev and NATO's plans to "occupy Ukraine". He also stressed that Moscow should look for a way to protect compatriots in the self-proclaimed LNR and DNR. On Wednesday, the deputies of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation submitted to the State Duma a draft resolution of the chamber, in which they propose that parliamentarians officially appeal to President Vladimir Putin with a request to recognize the independence of the LPR and DPR.

    Lavrov arrived in Geneva, where he will hold talks with Blinken on Friday. "I think that tomorrow we will know more. At least I hope that tomorrow we will know more about whether Russia is really committed to trying to resolve these differences through diplomacy, through dialogue, or not," he said in an interview with a German television channel. ZDF.

    Blinken stressed that he does not expect any breakthroughs. According to him, the United States wants to understand what the recent talks with Russia have led to in the framework of the dialogue on strategic stability, the Russia-NATO Council and the OSCE. "I think this is an important moment to assess with Foreign Minister Lavrov where we are, to see what conclusions Russia draws from these diplomatic conversations," the American diplomat said. He added that Washington has for many years "showed good will" towards Moscow, "wishing to work with Russia." As examples of the desired cooperation with the Russian Federation, Blinken cited the fight against COVID-19, climate change, new technologies - "problems that affect all of our citizens."

    "We would like nothing more than to develop a more stable, predictable relationship with Russia," the Secretary of State said, stressing that, "unfortunately, we have been constantly denied." Negotiations between Blinken and Lavrov will be held on January 21 in Geneva. Before that, the US Secretary of State visited Kiev, where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, and Berlin, where he talked with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock. Western countries are concerned about the buildup and movement of Russian troops near the border of Ukraine. They believe that Russia may be planning an invasion of this country. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not going to attack the neighbouring state.


    White Ethnic Bigotry
    While ethnic bigotry has been around for millennia and probably affects every known human community to some degree, the invention, or at least codification, of ‘race’ was an eighteenth and nineteenth century pan-Euro-American project, in which British intellectuals played a central role. Britain also had a pioneering role in making white supremacy a temporary political reality via its racialised global empire, yet to publicly discuss racism, much less have the gall to accurately name white supremacy as a strong current in Britain’s history, is to be greeted with odium by some who claim to study that history, but it seems would rather be left to uncritically celebrate it in peace.


    Zing: At A Charmless Person
    "You've got the charisma of a ghost."

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