AstraZeneca have been far more clumsy and overly misleading than Pfizer/Moderna in their public/media handling. But at $20-$30 higher cost per dose for the Pfizer/Moderna jabs it should be no surprise they’ve got better publicists.

It’s a shame that financial (economic) data becomes more revealing of vaccine reality, in the real world, than genuine biomedical data; in part because the latter ends up ‘selected’ for numbers to engender maximum fearbait or ‘cherry-picked’ to serve the most profitable marketing.


In Australia there is a one in a million chance of dying from a car crash every time you drive 400km.

Based on the current data from the UK this is the same level of risk as dying from a severe blood clot from the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The risk of dying from an anaesthetic in Australia is five times that, but most people wouldn’t let that put them off having surgery, even if it wasn’t urgent.”

What side-effects (after vaccination) might indicate severe clotting?

Symptoms occur 4-20 days after vaccination. Key symptoms: severe persistent headaches (plus brain-fog, confusion, seizures) or severe abdominal pains (vomiting) Anyone with these symptoms should go to A&E or call an ambulance. Don’t delay.

Treatment for clotting side effect?

Two main treatments are anticoagulants and IV immunoglobulin anticlotting, blood thinners. Faster response, better results. If you recognise these side effect symptoms early – non-fatal blood clots or low platelet count reaction – treatment will avoid further complications.

The hospital will also order full spectrum of blood tests and appropriate scans. These results will define treatment strategy, i.e. what’s needed to restore normal clotting and coagulation. Prompt treatment is almost 100% effective.

ATAGI said: “We do not yet know exactly how much early recognition improves outcome versus more aggressive, later started treatment results.”