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Gender Wage Gap - Numbers, Curiosities and Social Imperative (18-Feb-2020)

Wage gap between white women and women of color persists in Santa Monica, according to new report (18-Feb-2020) @ Santa Monica Daily Press article.

If one were a cynic, one might suggest this whole vector of propaganda isn't about equality for women but about cushioning the blow - making it a social imperative - for both parents to work full-time, which is increasingly necessary as the lower and middle class is squeezed to continue the enrichment of the elite class.

GLOBE.GL @ Earth Rendering Tool Mapping Visual Datasets

Github open-source website globe.gl is a UI component for Globe Data Visualization using ThreeJS/WebGL. Examples are: Submarine Cables Connecting the World, World Population, World Cities by Population, International Outbound Airline Routes plus source code/API on the site.