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The Atlantic: Peter Thiel Single Digit Millionaires
Who Wants to Be a 'Single-Digit' Millionaire @ ARTICLE LINK on The Atlantic website.

The Fed Prints Trillions. Inflation Threatens. Will It Do A Weimar?
Since the beginning of Covid in Feb/March 2020, the Fed has pumped a mountain of cash into the economy to keep it running decently. But the prices of consumer goods are rising nonetheless, while real estate value isn't keeping pace.Inflation is usually a direct corollary of minting more money into the system. 40% of all USD in existence today was printed in the last 12 months.Some are forecasting runaway inflation rates and asking if America is repeating the same mistake of Weimar Germany in 1921?

The Safe Network Primer

The Safe Network Primer - an introductory guide to the world's first fully autonomous data and communications network (last update: August 2020) at safenetwork.org.