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Counter-Propaganda Indexes
Covid-19 Cribsheet
  • Big Pharma Sceptic: 30 Facts about Covid-19 (22-Sept-2021)
  • Ideological Repositories
  • theanarchistlibrary.org: The Anarchist Library
  • manilaprinciples.org: The Manila Principles
  • Pluralism: Non-Duopoly Political Parties
  • Britannica: List of Political Parties (by Country)
    1. Free Democratic Party (Germany: Freie Demokratische Partei)
    2. Partito Popolare Italiano [Popolare] (Italy)
    3. Political Reform League (New Zealand: Reform Party)
    4. Land And Freedom (Russia: Zemlya i Volya)
    5. Traditionalist Phalanx of the Juntas of the National Syndicalist Offensive [Falange] (Spain: Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista)
    6. Pluralist Party | @pluralistparty | [pluralism-notes] | (United Kingdom)
    7. The Liberal Party (United Kingdom: Social Democratic Party [SDP], Whig Party)
    8. Constitutional Union Party (United States)
    9. Federalist Party [Federal Party] (United States )
    10. Free Soil Party [Abolitionists] | Liberty Party (United States)
    11. American Labor Party [ALP] (United States)
    12. Liberalism + Democracy [LibDems] | Social Democratic Party [SDP] | Social Democratic and Labour Party [SDLP] (United Kingdom: SDP-Liberal Alliance]
    13. People's Party [EPP] (EU, European People's Party)
    14. Czech Model Pluralism: Party for Life Security | Club Committed Non-Party Members | Party for the Open Society | Party of Civic Rights | International Socialist Alternative [Alliance] | Civic Forum [Civic Democratic / Civic Movement] | Greens-European Free Alliance (Czech Republic)
    15. Euro-Anglosphere: Democracy in Europe Movement [DiEM25] | Reform Party of the United States | Czech Pirate Party | Canadian Alliance [Reform] | Civil Liberty and Motorists Party | Civil Liberties Party | Liberty Humanists | Peace and Freedom Party | People's Freedom Party (Reform / Civil Liberty)
    16. Global Democracy: Campaign for UN People's Assembly | Bringing Citizens to the Fore: Case for UN Parliamentary Assembly | Democracy Without Borders | A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly



    Politics and socio-economics website collection covering a broad spectrum of ideologies.




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