Climate change is a real phenomenon. Environmentalism is response to an existential threat to all human beings. Corporate lack of accountability as distant directors pursue maximum profit is an inevitable destructive force and as governments become subordinate to their agenda, the problem compounds. Solutions need to scale. This will require government to regulate corporate power. How can that happen?





Plane travel cross-pollinates individuals at an unprecedented scale. This cross-pollination turns foreign to familiar, which is the most effective rebuttal to fascists weaponizing xenophobia through fear into “us against them” Untermensch thinking. Attacking plane travel for the small impact on the planet’s pollution is both a bad loss leader and a recipe for populations hostile to more and more nationalities perceived as ‘other’. The temptation to fixate on planets and airports is a natural one, for an environmentalist, but it’s short-sighted and ultimately counterproductive. Human society isn’t better when it’s atomized.