Patrician privilege means there’s a plethora of first world “experts” talking down to the solutions for poorer, unpredictable countries: if you have a hundred good meetings with a guy and build trust etc, then JUST ONCE violently fuck him in the arse then wonder why he doesn’t trust you though you make sure to be polite respectful and generous next 100 encounters, you’re an idiot!

Describing the adhoc beliefs of the daft people going off to join isis, if you’re dismissing Chomsky alongside conspiracy theories you’re wilfully dodging the common BROKEN FAITH social contract that needs to come before running off to chase Allah in Iraq and Syria. The better question is whether the neoliberal project of creating a credential smart class monopoly, without fucking the world up, causing the plebs to revolt or the rich bigots to sabotage, has inevitable rebels running to religion because they’re not on the inside and know it; perceive the bullshit fed to the masses and can’t not be in the masses too.

Are these guys like Stewart legit or talking shit when they say they’re bewildered how few can impact many? I mean that’s how every fucking country’s rulers rule. See Hume re few governed by many

Emphasizing the noble not the atrocities. Like media whitewashing drone murder while lauding the constitutions sanctity? Cunt double standards

In the Middle East the quest for oil has been the patrician incentive for 100+ years. The largest nationless geo-ethnic group is the Kurds. Kurdistan doesn’t exist. The borders of Iraq and Syria are drawn around oil field.

How do people maintain the cognitive dissonance that ISIS/Al-Qaeda recruiting is a problem in the Middle East, justifying military intervention, crackdown, etc and the very next breath complain about Muslim immigrants and Islamification at America, Britain, France, Germany, which surely means less desperate devotees to a jihadi Allah?

Nobody in the #BLM public conversation on police brutality seems to have connected it’s the court system that’s been working to brutalize certain classes of society and it’s the unaccountable judiciary driving the corruption engine for decades. The prison Industrial complex with its well documented disproportionate incarceration of blacks, people of colour, poor crackers is represented on the frontline by judges not cops. Corporate capture has been as successful in the life-appointed judiciary as in the political class. Slowly but surely the totalitarian use of state violence on behalf of wealth against transgression is being actively turned on more and more dissenters, aided and abetted by high tech surveillance, militarized policing and gutless legislatures.