Us Against Them? Me Against You?

  • The narrative is full of propaganda and bullshit.
  • The orthodoxy is mostly inertia.
  • But the fundamentals? I don’t know. Harder to see it as entirely one-sided good guys versus bad guys, difficult to cite credible alternative “do it this way, humans” – despite how offensive the propaganda and the bullshit is.
  • I can certainly see some winners (in the broadest sense) and a lot of losers (in an everyday opportunity sense). Is that my own ugly pragmatism of birthplace and upbringing?
  • So there’s a prevailing narrative, a prevalent orthodoxy, and a complex interplay of geo-ethnic-competitive fundamental motivations playing out across the world as innumerable cause-and-effect actions and reactions.

“Here are some sources not commonly cited in the mainstream media, but invariably faster onto the truth behind the story and frequently the seed of articles that’ll germinate (after the appropriate douching by the bullshit spigot) in the popular press.