Orthodox Consensus versus Heterodox Confluence

Forced Consensus or Natural Confluence?

Orthodox or Heterodox?

If we were to list the genuinely ‘good’ humanity-improving creations of the internet age, I suspect Wikipedia would feature on almost everyone’s top ten. It’s an unparalleled resource. It’s one of the few transnational repositories not wholly subordinated to aggressive – and therefore limiting – editorial bias. Wikipedia is bigger than the expedient day-to-day prescription of a particular institution or ideology.

To my mind, three formidable forces threaten to erode what’s most special about Wikipedia (and indeed any independent popular information resource):

  1. American internecine politics
  2. China Communist Party propaganda
  3. Conflation of consensus with monopoly on truth.

The worst of outcomes would be for its current – and future – gatekeepers to submit to the creeping poison of official ‘manufactured consent’.

By dint of its global brand-recognition Wikipedia is an A1 target for editorial capture and, everywhere it serves the empowerment of top-down orthodoxy, for its invaluable content to become infected by groupthink dogma.

Official Authoritarian Dogma against an Ideal Wikipedian Pluralism?