Oligarchy. Money. We.

“Anti-Semitism is the fundamental litmus both for an individual’s moral compass and a society’s trajectory (i.e. is it progressing or is it degrading).”


Hyman Minsky (1919-1996)

“Any (economic) unit can create money. The problem is getting it accepted.”

Britain did it with gunships.
America does it with bombs.
Why doesn’t a country like Argentina or South Africa adopt BTC?


Iron Law of Oligarchy

I am not going to follow the iron law of oligarchy. Yes I have seen enough of life and human beings to find it difficult to argue against the law. I know more history than most and yeah, it might be correct. Darwin is a difficult handicap for an individual in a species; and yeah I know the very theory accounts for escape by baking survivor bias into the calculus. But back to the iron law of oligarchy. So, society is an onion of Santa Claus allegory and there’s a meritocracy of self-determinism writ large in every community. The vain would-be totalitarians dissemble their obsessive compulsive perfectionism as frustrated idealism, proselytising reasonableness to their congregations of subordinates to everyday necessity they’re too cowardly (or practical) to decline. It’s a good deal I guess. The preacher gets his vanity tickled. The congregation gets to be in the know; while they do their jobs and scroll their feeds. What bullshit, though. I do seem to blame them for their complicity. But in what? As I’m lying on my arse, what credit do I deserve for pointing out the emperor and all the citizens have no clothes when I’m naked myself. Well, not quite naked. White. Male. Surrounded by money. Free not to have to toil. No boss. No job. No discipline either. Not everyone on the hill kills… This is degenerating so I’ll pause. But don’t think I’ve forgotten about that blame, you complicit mother fuckers.


Working Class Hero

I like the song Working Class Hero. John Lennon looked like a cool guy, despite beating up his first wife and being a bit of a thug. But… Working. Class. Hero. That’s all wrong. Working is bullshit, if it means labouring menial. Class is bullshit, if it means being okay with not aspiring to know more and be better. Hero is bullshit, because only children need heroes – the poor cunts live in a world of giants and infinite populated horizons. If you’re an adult hero, a parent, then you’re a conceited narcissist living out a fantasy in which you’re not fucked and not providing an ‘out’ for others who’s faith gets to stop with you. Fuck being a hero. Fuck being a parent? Well, no. But fuck their lives of quiet desperation.


We is the Evil Pronoun, not He or She

Much talk these days is framed in terms of institutions and identities and group.

#We can be a powerful force.

#We can attack #them to force ‘adapt or die’

#Us against #Them is an attack that creates much collateral damage, unjustly.

#We and #Us are a hiding to Untermensch dynamics, which is fucking boring.

“…inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My children, you did it to Me.”


Nobody dreams of being fifty.
Sometimes it’d be nice to have cultivated the habit of talking to myself.

Die Welt

Science. Benefit not a priori, evolutionarily. Except it is, by a thousand cuts. Infant mortality. Longevity. Fertility. Less painful existence. Feeding the world. Not being bored. Etc etc. Practical reality beats fantasy, whenever a choice must be made. Humans like to have that cake and eat it. Science for life. Heaven for the death fear.

Corporate Right. Corporate Left. Let the Left sweep all their pieces off the board. But L. Ron Hubbard should NOT be the witless prophet of our future world! Singapore is as bad a paradigm as China. I hope when there comes a choice between the economic incentive and doing what’s right, big picture, you’ll choose the latter.


Lineage evolution as a reconciliation of group and gene-narrow kin evolution. Hmm. Blood lines and the iron law of oligarchy, and hero myth all packed into the evolutionary consequences.
5 million trees in NYC, 8 million in London, 300K in Paris (inside the Peripherique).

The End