I. Feel. Sick.

Science. Benefit not a priori, evolutionarily. Except it is, by a thousand cuts. Infant mortality. Longevity. Fertility. Less painful existence. Feeding the world. Not being bored. Etc etc. Practical reality beats fantasy, whenever a choice must be made. Humans like to have that cake and eat it. Science for life. Heaven for the death fear.

Lineage evolution as a reconciliation of group and gene-narrow kin evolution. Hmm. Blood lines and the iron law of oligarchy, and hero myth all packed into the evolutionary consequences.

In the multiple personality shards of identity – perfectly natural – the weighting needs to be in some kind of tension+equilibrium or else one drifts into sociopathic territory. This territory can be entered by any of the shards and if it goes too far, it becomes a sociopathy, if others shrink too small, it becomes a mania, if some too far plus others shrink too small, it becomes a psychopathy. In any case, these shards exist and all the endless debate about utopia versus dystopia, freedom versus subordination, fascism versus libertarian, it’s all lived out in terms of constraints or amplifiers on these shards. Everyone has their own blend. Many blends are symbiotic, others parasitic. Most “normal” blends are ultimately simpatico in a day to day sense. Let’s call them:

self —
lineage —

Maybe worth trying to reduce to a definitive-ish list at some point.

In any case, society culture advances to work organically towards keeping the shards in an equilibrium, varying degrees of inserted tension depending on the society systems, jury’s out which one is best. Oligarchy, totalitarianism, plutocracy, communism, all these “at scale” phenomenon are a cultural consequence of the population’s Jungian inertia passing through the prism of whatever shit is happening at the time (war, peace, personality overpathology, system, economics, neighbouring systems, propaganda, blahblahblah). Nothing is permanent for as long as some small % act freely, even if that small % is a bunch of mental drugfiend Nazis. Technology threatens this for many but not all. Stupidity plus technology may threaten permanent petrification but unlikely imho.

It may be worth trying to reduce the lived factors into a definitive-ish lst of adverse or illusionary or delusionary or negative conditions – at least those that’re also aspirations and not currently “known shitzones” reliably woven into the extant Jungian inertia already. Like for instance:
isolation without constraint (i.e. wealth without duty)
self-indulgence (animalcomfort, controlfreak, self-X go up; the others either go down or signals go zero)
isolation in a cage (i.e. solitary confinement)