Human Brain: Divided Hemispheres. Distinct Function.

The brain is divided into two distinct hemispheres, linked by the corpus callosum, a complex broad band of midbrain synapse-neuronal connections.  

By default, there’s an observable separation of left-brain right-brain frontline role in human thinking, though given the complexity of the neuro-synaptic networking both sides are involved in processing, parsing and pro-action in every possible thought and stimuli. Assume therefore than when talking about left-brain or right-brain function, it means a predominant not exclusive role.

Also take it as a given these notes are based on latest data (April 2021) from published peer-review neuroscientists, distilled into notes on essential distinctions. Science is a moving process. What I conclude (or speculate) is to the best of my inexpert knowledge. If you’re inclined to doubt, check out source papers yourself. I’ll always be grateful to anyone taking the time to point out a correction or suggest an alternate distillation of the data.



  • handles words
  • handles meta-images

Neuroscience data demonstrably proves either hemisphere is capable of handling words or pictures; or indeed any possible human characteristic. To a degree.

But the brain DOES specialize. The brain’s asymmetrical hemispheres are not like the symmetrical lungs.

Why is the human brain divided? What’s the meaning of the divided hemispheres?

Information processing: words are processed serially, pictures and metaphor are impressionistic taken in all at once.

Are any of the researchers / developers working on artificial intelligence (general) approaching the problem with opposing (yin-yang) information processing – different values, different goals?

The world is synthesized by both hemispheres but one side tends to dominate a particular job. And then get given that job thereafter. Snowball mechanism.
Unusual or inverted lateralization between the hemispheres:
  • Homosexuality: unusual lateralization.
  • Savants: likewise but in a workable way.
  • Schizos: likewise but in a fucked up unworkable way.
Yet these traits haven’t been bred out. Nature must have given to some outliers more generously. Pity the poor bastards who’s brains lost that genetic dice roll.
Evolving brain size rather than taking the opportunity to increase interconnection is going the other way: more inhibition.
  • The greater the brain asymmetry the smaller the corpus callosum.
  • Music evolved before language


  • new stuff
  • creativity synthesis
  • originality
  • inventive
  • open widespread activations.
  • lateral thinking
  • inventing new systems
  • empathy with others
  • making associations
  • creative care of others, left-brain not least
  • parsing left-brain reconstructions
  • music appreciation
  • humour – laughter
  • ART
  • right-brain perceives the world and the actions of the left-brain
  • endorphin release from connecting new concepts
  • creative balancing proposals
  • realistic concept of self in the world
  • imagination


  • fast application of best (most familiar solution)
  • habits
  • repeating steps to achieve end-goals
  • greater proportion of inhibitory neurons, self control
  • limbic activity including reconstruction
  • inhibition, deselection
  • decisive, optimistic, egomaniac
  • left-brain deals with the world it knows
  • Martial arts application trains left-brain reaction

“Tip of my tongue focusing brings in Left fixation but that inhibits Right which is where the words will be!”
  • Left-brain is applied will.
  • Right-brain is relativity dialectics, relational comparisons, weighted options.


Dunning-Kruger may be a corollary of left-brain practicality inhibiting right-brain development. Left-brain is not burdened by nuance. It is certainty. It is strident. It’s confirmation bias made manifest; and cognitive dissonance may be the right-brain’s world of metaphor complexity diversity of options needs to be handicapped by left-brain eminence.
  • Left-brain science is the way forward, but it can only progress with right-brain relativism.
  • Left-brain misused and right-brain misinterpreted gives us the bullshit separation of spirituality, inspiration and art as inexplicable genius, with creativity, science creating systems the work and the reciprocity of advancing the human condition by left-brain objectivism. Even if it’s often wrong.
  • Human progress is right-brain genius harnessed by left-brain engineering that happens not to crash.

Right-brain worship is fundamentally pessimistic about human future, even if it’s more realistic about human individuals. It presumes the inability of left-brain systems to be adequate to the nature of reality means there can never be an adequate left-brain deconstruction of reality. What nihilism; or quite often, a stealthy way for religious spiritualism to re-insert its legitimacy into society.


Left-brain worship is fundamentally optimistic (fuckwitted) about human present, by imposing limits to human individuals (right-brain creativity, especially). Confirmation bias its modus operandi, cognitive dissonance its death throes, as reality and right-brain get too far beyond left-brain closed systems of habit the latter becomes obsolete; and soon after deselected.