"Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business…the public are to be observers, not participants, consumers of ideology as well as products."

Noam Chomsky

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In this densely-populated world, all land ownership necessarily precludes ownership by others. Article 17 of the Universal Declaration is self-contradictory. It says “Everyone has the right to own property”. But because it places no limit on the amount one person can possess, nor how long a person can possess – including passing down across the generations, the vast majority of human beings on planet Earth do not have this right.

The UN has proposed to update the Universal Declaration with the following: “Everyone has the right to use property without infringing the rights of others to use property.” The implication is that everyone born today would acquire an equal right of use, or would need to be compensated for their exclusion. To date this potential resolution has been vetoed by all permanent members of the UN Security Council, i.e. not happening any time soon because a more fair expression of land ownership would need to alter the very concept of ownership, inverting the acquisitive exploitation  economics of the current world towards distribution rather than winner-takes-all concentration.


Technology is a unique agent of change in the world. Its benefits are myriad, impossible to ignore or resist. The scale of socioeconomic and cultural disruption demands foresight and organized handling. Technology is the real-world expression of human-driven evolution rather than, for billions of years, evolution having been left to natural selection. The homo sapiens brain works exponentially faster than Mother Nature but the jury’s out whether, as a species, there’s enough wisdom to walk the line between technology changing our world and our changed world creating the conditions of human extinction.

What Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, et al have been accomplishing through their massive investments – and what governments in the US/UK govt and military industrial complex (and China, Russia too) are rapidly taking over by exploiting control of money supply and power over market regulation – cannot be understood in terms of either feudal oligarchy or Adam Smith capitalism.

Feudalism was based on the direct extraction of experiential/use value from peasants. Capitalism was based on the extraction of surplus labour from waged labour. State techno-feudalism is a new system in which those who control the technologies at base layer are extracting a new power to make the rest of us do things on their behalf.

The power of state techno-authoritarianism is expressed through “investment” in a new form of capital (command capital) that allows them to amass a new type of value (command value) which, in turn, grants them the opportunity to extract surplus value from (i) vassal-capitalists, (ii) the precariat, and (iii) everyone using their platforms to produce on their behalf, unconsciously, even more command capital.

By continuing simply to call this new environment “capitalism” misses the opportunity to appreciate radically different – and new – processes determining our lives in the here and now. If there isn’t widespread recognition, there won’t be any attempt to regulate these forces until it’s too late to stop the construction of a command capital monopoly.

Innocuous words perhaps. But the reality of command capital monopoly wedded to its inevitable techno-authoritarian regulatory infrastructure will be a brave new carceral world for the likes of you and I.

“The robots came bearing a gift and the name of it was 'Plenty.' Plenty is a habit-forming drug. You do not cut the dosage down. You kick it if you can; you stop the dose entirely. But the convulsions that follow may wreck the body entirely."

Logan Berry


The past two decades’ transformative technology has had surprisingly little impact on day to day free time and prosperity of the average citizen. There is, if anything, far less holding entrenched power and wealth to account than in generations prior, despite the vast resources of information and communication tools accessible by everyone with a smartphone or a computer. How can this be?

Modern plutocracy is not as shambolic as the media would have us believe. Institutional power uses a potent mix of authority, legislation and technology to organize actively (and preemptively) against disruptive influences, obscuring their activities (where possible) to strictly limit the spread of bad ideas. The public is kept in a constant hypernormalized reality – a state of part-confusion part-zealous certainty – a battery of media outlets directing a never-ending bullshit spigot of urgency and anxiety at the minds of the population. Against the army of the orthodox are a far smaller, less organized militia of investigative journalists, counter-cultural voices, alt-media and independent sources, publishing an alternative stream of information, including bringing to light every egregious act of government oligarchy.

Exposing the truth of systemic abuse of power should be a catalyst for change as an angry public holds the perpetrators accountable – in law, at the ballot box, by physical overthrow if need be – but, if anything, the sheer scale of toxic bullshit and ephemeral clickbait propagated by media (corporate monopoly) and the engines of convention (corrupted politics) carries all before it; accountability included. It’s an oligarchy of wealth blindly driving a population of consumers and wageslaves on a trajectory that’s compounding increasingly gross inequality in a society that’s atomizing in a way that risks terminal disintegration.

The use of AI in organizations, governments, security frameworks, energy and natural resource management, etc., is drastically on the rise. Although AI advancement levels and use may differ substantially from one geographical region to the other, there are clear indicators pointing to the fact that more people are acknowledging the solutions that the technology brings. AI will become pervasive in the near future.

Unlike human labor that can be very limited, artificial intelligence provides more input with a corresponding positive output – on average. The technology works faster, more efficiently, less error prone and with greater reliability. Its takeover of the roles currently filled by human labor is inevitable. Market pressure alone will drive its spread.

Most artificial intelligence is interconnected with frameworks such as cloud database and storage, big data, cryptography and blockchain, internet of things (IoT), etc. Data becomes ubiquitous, efficiencies are magnified, scale transcends old-fashioned human capacity from the outset.

These AI natural efficiency dynamics are a recipe for inevitable centralization, and with centralized infrastructure comes a dangerous level of concentrated power. AI has the potential to be the last word in authoritarian population control.

"It’s not so hard to see how AI could one day make better decisions than we do about careers, and perhaps even about relationships. But once we begin to count on AI to decide what to study, where to work, and whom to date or even marry, human life will cease to be a drama of decision making, and our conception of life will need to change. Democratic elections and free markets might cease to make sense. So might most religions and works of art... Currently, humans risk becoming similar to domesticated animals. We have bred docile cows that produce enormous amounts of milk but are otherwise far inferior to their wild ancestors. They are less agile, less curious, and less resourceful. We are now creating tame humans who produce enormous amounts of data and function as efficient chips in a huge data-processing mechanism, but they hardly maximize their human potential. If we are not careful, we will end up with downgraded humans misusing upgraded computers to wreak havoc on themselves and on the world."

Yuval Noah Harari


“It’s going to take something more than a profit motive to give the losers a humane future but we can’t look to business to show humanity when our politicians have been corrupted. The political class must be made accountable. The ruling elites must not be allowed to enrich themselves at the cost of a fair and just society; not if we want to build a world where ‘all men are created equal’ is more than an empty tagline for a neo-feudal lineage plutarchy.”

Entrenched power defends itself aggressively against attempts to limit or regulate its reach. Meanwhile, the nation’s ruling elite exploits every opportunity to consolidate influence and increase its wealth, ring-fenced by a complex monopoly on institutional force, brutal policing one of its many means to control America’s diverse, sprawling population. Uti possidetis.

Americans are serfs ruled by a globalist corporate oligarchy who loot the U.S. Treasury and pay little or no taxes. The ruling elite has perverted the police and the judiciary, neutered the media and used the legislative branches of government to strip civil liberties from the individual while giving big business the freedom to commit financial fraud and theft.

Democracy is a stage show, played out every few years by a cast of hired snake-oil politicians. Failure to stay docile is met by violence by police. Security agencies (e.g. FBI) have devolved to protect the exclusive interests of a tiny, ruling criminal class. Rule of law is a fiction. The innocent poor get handed harsh sentences, especially black and brown Americans whose role in the oligarchy is cheap labor ideally incarcerated. The criminal rich get to buy their way out of accountability.

Three options exist: reform, revolution, or tyranny. The path of least resistance is tyranny. The direction of America since the Eisenhower administration has been entirely authoritarian. The more things deteriorate, the more the elites feel threatened, the more brutal the police, the National Guard and the organs of state security will become.

Tyranny is our destination, if nothing is done to prevent it. If the mafia state is not overthrown, then America will become a naked police state where any opposition, however tepid, will be met with censorship, exclusion or force. Journalists will be swept up in the oppressive measures and protest will be met by physical force, arrests, tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray and divide-and-rule smears like “terrorists” or “anti-American anarchists”.


The ruling elites are never idle and scapegoats will be offered to the public through entirely constructed media-driven narratives. are, at the same time, desperately seeking scapegoats. Antifa, elevated from fringe agitators to a global terrorist network, and vaguely threatening but ill-defined anarchists, have been circulated. Russia, the wily enemy for all seasons and China, the menacing economic powerhouse and source of the coronavirus, are given turns in the spotlight. It’s par for the course when totalitarian rulers need to discredit dissidents and justify violent enforcement to a population. Fear, foreigners and traitors are tried and tested methods.

Time is running out, if there is to be a restoration of late 20th-century democracy, let alone a genuinely equitable relationship between government and citizenry. The corporate oligarchy is happy to let protests continue battling local law enforcement, keeping everyone busy with demands and big gestures and fine promises about changing systems followed by snail’s pace legislation. The longer entrenched power stays unregulated and appropriated by a small crony-capitalist cabal, the longer the ruling elites will loot the nation’s treasury, mortgage its future assets and strip away every ounce of value from the ship of state before it sinks.

While enriching themselves and the oligarch class, they’ll peddle futile blame games, activating resistance top fight against change anywhere it can be brought into play. If all else fails, the ruling elites will try to ignite the powder-keg of racialized violence – especially among disenfranchised working whites and ghettoized blacks. The prospect of a destructive war based on weaponized race-hate must be taken seriously; and avoided at all costs. The poor and the disadvantaged should not be enemies. It benefits only the kleptocracy if they become lost in internecine.


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