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The concept of "nomenklatura" is borrowed from the Russian semi-official term used to define unaccountable high tier Communist Party and top management executives of Soviet industry, as well as their extended families and partners. It's somewhat equivalent to the uppermost tiers of the professional managerial class (PMC).

definition of "nomenklatura"

The crystallisation of nomenklatura” in large organisations, parties and government agencies (such as the State Department, Foreign Office, CIA, GCHQ, etc) is an objective self-reinforcing process. It inevitably starts even within the most democratically oriented leadership of the political organizations. As the party grows, members soon become divided into an elite (or more correctly a set of elites, or party oligarchs, with their own set of distinctive and private interests) and the rank-and-file members, whose labour and resources are exploited by the elite.

That does not mean that rank-and-file members can’t revolt against Party elite as we saw with Sanders followers within the Democratic Party and Trump followers within the Republican Party in 2016 presidential elections. But such revolts are rare and usually successfully squashed. Even if successful, the deviation from the law is temporary in nature, and the process just repeats itself on a new level as the new elite becomes more and more detached from rank-and-file members who secured its ascendance to political Olympus.

The first condition precipitating the drift to such an oligarchical system is, ironically, success in recruiting new members to the organization’s cause. As organizations grow, the ability of members to participate equally in organizational decisions decline, both because it is hard to find a place and time for all members to assemble, and because decision-making is significantly slowed — not infrequently to a standstill — as the number of decision-makers increases.

The usual response to such problems is the creation of “leadership” – delegation of responsibility to a relatively small subset of members for formulating and recommending lines of action and policies. This is the first and enviable step of creation “native” oligarchy within the political organization. The second step is “bureaucratization” of the organization. By this point, leadership no longer represents the interests of the rank-and-file party members.

Although some members can see the writing on the wall and may attempt to maintain democratic control (for example, via limits on the terms in the office), a number of forces weaken any attempts to reverse this process.

Effective administration requires both hard-to-gain, specialized knowledge of well-hidden aspects of the organization (“administrative secrets”) and scarce organizing talents, such as the ability to manage interpersonal relations, suppress dissent, and to conduct logistical planning.

Only a few people naturally have (or can acquire) such capabilities, and some of them happen to be in a right time at the right place to be promoted to the top. Those talents provide leverage, which limits the ability of rank-and-file members to challenge leaders’ recommendations or decisions, and to replace the current leadership, who gradually escape the control of rank-and-file members and start controlling them.

Power in large organizations, based on democratic principle, is ruled by the elected leadership, such as parties, trade unions gradually tend to concentrate at the top with the same leaders elected again and again. Moreover, once elected leaders acquire vested interests in maintaining their positions within the organization, especially due to the fact that with a growing number of members the complexity leads to the creation of full-time administrative positions.

“As time passes the current elite ages, stagnate, lost the grip with reality, and other faction of the party elite can depose them and seize the power. Nothing is permanent under the Sun. In any case the rue of single person is limited by human longevity and rarely exceed 40 years (e.g. coming to power at 35, holding onto it until 75).”


“There is a veritable army of ostensibly autonomous organs of Anglo-American propaganda working tirelessly at the task of neoliberal indoctrination, sponsoring regime change (or support), channeling liquidity, guiding local public opinion and regulating information flow between countries, manufacturing consent, assent and dependance on US-led capitalism throughout the world. These nomenklatura organs are in every country on Earth, some publicly out in the open, others opaque or even secret. The funders behind these organisations and foundations occupy a narrow ideological band from conservatives to corporatists, imperialists all – international rules based order is a euphemism for US dollar hegemony as dictated by DC and its allies. Home and abroad these organs of empire – run by nomenklatura or professional managerial class, funded by oligarchs (entrepreneurs), lineage wealth and Anglo-American deep state or State Dept/FO – have arguably facilitated the capture of government, courts, dominating the ecosystem of NGOs, think tanks and charities, constraining media to stay on message, influencing the development, deployment and regulation of tech, healthcare and all the civil regulatory bodies.”<

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20 nomenklatura


1 / 20   American Bankers

David Solomon

  • D.J. who moonlights as a titan of Wall Street, David Solomon is a crossover media-finance bullshit artist. Under him, Goldman Sachs - the investment bank - has tried to shed its uptight image as a haven for besuited M.&A. bankers and chest-thumping traders. That effort now includes its own typeface. Meet Goldman Sans. The firm describes the font, which is free to download, as “approachable without being whimsical” and “neutral, with a wink.” It was created for Goldman Sachs by the British design firm Dalton Maag, with a mandate to create a typeface with just the right amount of personality for the 151-year-old bank.
  • It follows other efforts by Goldman to come across as cool, including relaxing its dress code, pitching itself as a tech company and collaborating with Apple on a credit card. The reaction from experts is, shall we say, mixed. They are on record saying that it suffered from “lack of courage,” was “missing life” and was the typographical equivalent of “a casual Friday.”
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    2 / 20   American Conservatives

    Paul Ryan

  • The former House speaker Paul Ryan is reportedly preparing to launch a special purpose acquisition company, The Wall Street Journal reports. The investment fund is aiming to raise $300 million in an I.P.O., with Mr. Ryan, who left Congress last year, as chairman. He’s not the only famous face joining the SPAC boom. Figures from financiers like Bill Ackman, Dan Loeb and Michael Klein to the famed baseball executive Billy Beane have launched versions of these “blank check” investment vehicles. They have been buoyed by strong equity markets and private companies’ desire to sidestep the traditionally laborious I.P.O. process by merging with these funds, assuming their stock listings.
  • This SPAC is notable for its Republican ties. In addition to Mr. Ryan’s involvement, the fund’s sponsor is Solamere Capital, an investment firm run by a son of Senator Mitt Romney, who picked Mr. Ryan as his running mate in his 2012 presidential bid. But its financial adviser has strong Democratic leanings. Mr. Ryan’s SPAC is being underwritten by Evercore, whose founder and senior chairman is Roger Altman, who served in the Carter and Clinton administrations and is a major fund-raiser for Joe Biden.
  • Evercore has been strengthening its SPAC expertise, hiring Neil Shah, a specialist in these funds, from Citi last year. The bank has also emphasized its capital-markets business of late: Executives told analysts last month that the firm was coming off its “strongest period ever in equity underwriting.”
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    3 / 20   American Medics

  • Jay Bhattacharya is an Indian-American professor of medicine at Stanford University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He directs Stanford's Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. Much attacked by the public health kingpins after the Great Barrington Declaration in the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic. See Dr Bhattacharya Interview on YouTube. See Bhattacharya J[Author] - Academic Papers
  • John P Ioannidis is a Greek-American physician-scientist, writer and Stanford University professor who has made contributions to evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, and clinical research. Ioannidis studies scientific research itself, meta-research primarily in clinical medicine and the social sciences. Ioannidis is a co-signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration and a proven expert in honest complex meta-analysis. Recently much attacked by plutocrats in charge of US public health grift, as in Scientific American article 'The Ioannidis Affair'. See Ioannidis JP[Author] - Academic Paper Search Results
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    4 / 20   American Military-Neoliberals

    Stanley McChrystal

  • Four star American Army general and entrenched neoliberal character actor, Stanley A McChrystal was a prime mover in the enrichment detail of the Military Industrial Complex during the Obama Presidency. As is the norm, his retirement from the military led to a series of appointments in business and heading up various fronts for deep state interests. Corporate boards, consulting, speaking fees: How U.S. generals thrived after Afghanistan is a useful article on Stanley McChrystal exemplifying how ex-generals sell their battlefield experience in other arenas, from corporations to Covid-19 response grifting.
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    5 / 20   American Neocons

    William Kristol Robert Kagan Victoria Nuland (Kagan Family) (Kristol Family) (Bush Family) Hillary Clinton Madeleine Albright (all those other State Dept sociopaths)

    6 / 20   American Race: Black Elite


    7 / 20   Bilderberg Gerontocracy

    8 / 20   Bilderberg Group

    9 / 20   Black Moderates

    10 / 20   British Liberal Left Privilege


    11 / 20   Democratic Party Careerists

    Reid Hoffman

  • New Knowledge, Greylock Partners, Inflection AI, LinkedIn

  • Callin: Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, David Sacks, Luke Nosek (Paypal Mafia)

  • Pierre Omidyar

  • First Look Media | The Intercept

  • Breaking Points

  • Breaking Points' New "Network" Features Neo-Cons and Squad Apologists (Jun-2022)

  • Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson

  • "I have no problem calling myself a capitalist. It’s not capitalism per se but a virulent strain of capitalism that has corrupted our govt & highjacked America’s value system. Capitalism, like any public institution, should display ethics & moral consideration for people & planet."
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    12 / 20   Democratic Party Finance and Law

    13 / 20   Democratic Party Sheep-Herders

    Bernie Sanders

  • Bernie Out of the Closet: Sanders’ Longstanding Deal with the Democrats (22-Jul-2015)

  • Madeleine Grunwald

  • American professional political consultant and media advisor for the Democratic Party. Madeleine Grunwald (born 23-Jan-1957) is one of the few women at the top of the field, having elected numerous Senators and Governors and is the only woman in history to run the advertising for a successful presidential campaign (Bill Clinton’s).

  • David Sirota | Walter Bragman

  • From a Bogus Website to Bernie Sanders's Inner Circle (22-Mar-2019)
  • New Sanders air apologizes for role in race-baiting '99 website (22-Mar-2019)
  • Sirota: Tanden's past tweets were 'distraction' from other issues at hearing (12-Feb-2021)
  • The 2009 Financial Crisis Taught Us Hard Lessons. Have Democrats Learned Them? (28-Oct-2021)

  • Center for American Progress

  • IRS Silent on Nonprofit Center for American Progress' Coordination with the White House (8-Mar-2014)
  • The Role of Midwestern Housing Instability in the 2016 Election (29-Nov-2016)

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    14 / 20   Foreign Allies of US/NATO

    Illia Ponomarenko (Kyiv Independent)

  • @IAPonomarenko on Twitter | Latest Tweets from Illia Ponomarenko (@IAPonomarenko)
  • Defense reporter with The Kyiv Independent. War, weapons, beer & heavy metal. A village guy from Donbas in a crusade for something better. Kyiv, Ukraine. US/UK/NATO deep state funded.
  • The Kyiv Independent newspaper - propaganda cutout

  • Journalist: Illia Ponomarenko is the defense and security reporter at the Kyiv Independent. He has reported about the war in eastern Ukraine since the conflict’s earliest days. He covers national security issues, as well as military technologies, production, and defense reforms in Ukraine. Besides, he gets deployed to the war zone of Donbas with Ukrainian combat formations. He has also had deployments to Palestine and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as an embedded reporter with UN peacekeeping forces. Illia won the Alfred Friendly Press Partners fellowship and was selected to work as USA Today's guest reporter at the U.S. Department of Defense.
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    15 / 20   Independent Left Politicians

    16 / 20   Indian Businessmen

  • Yusuf Khwaja Hamied (born 25-Jul-1936) is an Indian scientist, billionaire businessman based in Mumbai and London. Hamied graduated Cambridge University 1957, earned his PhD in 1960 under the tutelage of Nobel Laureate Alexander Todd, then moved to India to become chairman of Cipla, a generic pharmaceuticals company founded by his father Khwaja Abdul Hamied in 1935. Hamied is a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy and the British Royal Academy. His career includes provision of generic drugs in defiance of oligopoly market abusing "Western" pharma, including ARV drugs saving millions of HIV+ lives from dying of AIDS.
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    17 / 20   Information Technologists

  • Alexis Ohanian - Yahoo Executive and Reddit Co-Founder
  • nomenklatura


    18 / 20   Nomenklatura Hotspots


    19 / 20   Oligarchy: American Donor Class

    The Koch Brothers

  • Founding Oligarch: The Koch Brothers (10-Oct-2019)
  • Daily Poster: Pete Buttigieg's Dark Money Donors (10-Jan-2022)
  • Robert Kadlec

  • Whitney Webb: Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec (17-May-2020)
  • nomenklatura


    20 / 20   World Economic Forum Junior Leaders Alumni


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    22 NGO and think tank blobs

    1 / 22   Alliance for Securing Democracy: Hamilton-68

    2 / 22   Civil Liberty: NGOs and Non-Profits

    American Civil Liberties Union
    ACLU or American Civil Liberties Union founded 1920 as a consistent defender of civilian rights, through to 2015 "Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics" in successive detailed expert advisories. Post-2016 however, ACLU "reversed its views, arguing vaccine mandates help civil liberties and bodily autonomy 'is not absolute'" per Glenn Greenwald ARTICLE referring to ACLU 2021 announcing corporate-political capture by the opposite ideology via Twitter link to New York Times article.


    3 / 22   Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

    CEPI is a global partnership launched in 2017 to develop vaccines to stop future epidemics, founded in Davos by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome (UK), and the World Economic Forum. To date, CEPI has secured financial support from Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Canada, Denmark, the European Commission, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, The Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, USAID, and Wellcome. Additionally, CEPI has also received support from private sector entities as well as public contributions through the UN Foundation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

  • CEPI Platform Technologies
  • The Urgency of Now: CEPI’s $3.5 billion plan to turn the tide against epidemic and pandemic infectious disease
  • CEPI: New vaccines for a safer world
  • CEPI’s $3.5 billion plan to End Pandemics
  • Vaccine production efforts across key regions mapped in first-of-its-kind study to prepare for future pandemics (27-Oct-2021)
  • CEPI 2021 Vaccine Manufacturing Landscape of Africa, Latin America-Caribbean, South East Asia- Western Pacific, and the Middle East
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    4 / 22   NGO: Center for American Progress

    5 / 22   NGO: Foundations

  • Led by George Soros, the Open Society Foundations are a major capital source for neoliberal hegemonic interests of the Clinton-Blair -> Hillary-Biden-Progressive ecosystem
  • Leveraging big money interests through selected individuals, organisations and movements ostensibly peddling freedom, accountability, justice, equality as a moral high ground for bigger picture stakeholder capitalism
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    6 / 22   NGO: Harvard Kennedy School of Government

  • Larry Summers (born 30-Nov-1954) is an American economist, Secretary of the Treasury 1999-2001 and Director of the National Economic Council 2009-2010. Former Harvard President (2001-2006) and director of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Leading American plutocrat, architect of financial deregulation since the early 1990s, deep state connected. Sociopath.
  • Some seek a scholar's return - His Harvard peers hope to woo West (6-Jun-2006)
  • Larry Summers columnist index (2002-2020)
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    7 / 22   NGO: NBER - National Bureau of Economic Research

    National Bureau of Economic Research

    Federal Reserve - NGO Pipeline

  • Janet Yellen (born 13-Aug-1946) is an American economist and senior civil servant. Treasury Secretary from 26-Jan-2021. Democratic Party, chair of Federal Reserve 2014-2018. High-ranking professor at Berkeley, fellow of Brookings Institute, graduate of Brown/Yale.
  • The Guardian - Janet Yellen Articles Index (1994-2021)
  • Who Belongs? The Determinants of Selective Membership into the National Bureau of Economic Research (May-2021)
  • National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) is an American private NGO directing US economic policy, training high-ranked economic civil servants (Treasury, Federal Reserve) and safeguarding medium-long term major stakeholders in US GDP.

  • Who Decides When Recession Ends? (19-Apr-2010
  • Open Secrets: National Bureau of Economic Research (1920-2021)
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    8 / 22   NGO: Neoliberal Funding Gateways

    Center for Global Development

    CGDEV.ORG with NYC/London crossover capital funds, neoliberal professional spin-capitalists and deal-with-the-devil patrician public servants. Credential capital source.

    CGD was founded in November 2001 by Edward Scott Jr (technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former US government official), C. Fred Bergsten (director emeritus of the Peterson Institute for International Economics), and Nancy Birdsall (former head of the World Bank research department and executive vice president of the Inter-American Development Bank). Credentials a-plenty.


    9 / 22   NGO: The Atlantic Council

    The Atlantic Council

  • Founded in 1961, the Atlantic Council is one of the most influential, highly capitalised NGOs. US Congress facing counterpart to the World Economic Forum
  • Wikipedia: The Atlantic Council - a NATO proxy think tank
  • Digital Forensic Research Lab (founded 2016) | DFRlab Leadership
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    10 / 22   NGO: The Brookings Institution

    Brookings is an American deep-state government crossover research group. Ostensibly publishing studies on social sciences and economic policy, Brookings is a major training centre and revolving door nexus for American plutocracy (security, international hegemony).

  • Open Secrets: Brookings Institution Revolving Door
  • Military Industrial Complex by Brookings Institution (1956-2020)
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    11 / 22   NGO: United Kingdom Research and Innovation

    UKRI is government and public-private partnership non-profit ESRC or Economic and Social Research Group is part the UKRI funding, the UK’s largest funder of economic, social, behavioural and human data science.


    12 / 22   Non-Profit Organisations

    London How To Academy website. How To Academy is an organisation for people who think big. From Nobel laureates to Pulitzer Prize winners, we invite the world’s most influential voices to London to share new ideas for changing ourselves, our communities, and the world.

    "We host leading artists and thinkers in an unrivalled programme of public talks, debates and conferences – from Yuval Noah Harari to Natalie Portman, Emma Watson to Eric Schmidt. We help businesses discover transformative new strategies, anticipate the future, and inspire their staff with keynotes and workshops by internationally-acclaimed economists, psychologists, politicians, and thought leaders. We offer masterclasses live and online with experts in essential twenty-first century skills, like leadership, public-speaking, decision-making and resilience. And we make books, podcasts and films to share insight and innovation around the world."

    Our Team:

    • John Gordon | Director
    • Sam Algranti | COO & Head of Design
    • Vassili Christodoulou | Deputy Director
    • Dana Outcalt | Senior Events Producer


    13 / 22   Open Society: George Soros Funding

    14 / 22   Outreach NGOs

    Centre for Effective Altruism

    Millennial non-profit in Oxford, UK with global outreach and SF, CA mailbox @ website. Community of students and professionals acting on EA principles, by creating and sustaining high-quality discussion spaces. Running EA Global conferences and supporting community-organized EAGx conferences.


    15 / 22   Public Benefit Corporations

    PubPeer Foundation
  • PubPeer Foundation is a California-registered public-benefit corporation with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in the United States. The overarching goal of the Foundation is to improve the quality of scientific research by enabling innovative approaches for community interaction. The bylaws of the Foundation establish as a service run for the benefit of its readers and commenters, who create its content. Current focus is maintaining and developing the PubPeer online platform for post-publication peer review.
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    16 / 22   Research: Artificial Intelligence Tech

    Machine Intelligence Research Institute

    Based in Berkeley CA @ website blog. "The MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) is a research nonprofit studying the mathematical underpinnings of intelligent behaviour. Our mission is to develop formal tools for the clean design and analysis of general-purpose AI systems, with the intent of making such systems safer and more reliable when they are developed."


    17 / 22   Research: Science and Information Technology

    Center for Applied Rationality

    2036 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

    Artificial intelligence and neuropsychology research in close proximity to Uni Berkeley. Mission Statement from the website.


    18 / 22   Security: Policing NGOs

    Institute for Strategic Dialogue
  • The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD): London-based think-tank discussing and modifying police responses to extremism. Founded by CEO Sasha Havlicek. Partnerships with Google, the EU, dozens of cities, NGOs, etc. Began Islam-facing, morphed into anti civil liberties (police force) activity
  • Against Violent Extremism (?) | Online Civil Courage Initiative | Youth Civil Activism Network | Strong Cities Network
  • Old Threat New Approach: Tackling the Far Right Across Europe
  • Radicalisation Awareness Network (
  • Strong Cities Network Mythbusting PDF (Nov-2016)
  • Strong Cities Network: Training Hub
  • GROUNDWORK: federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK
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    19 / 22   Silicon Valley: Billionaire Tech-Lords

  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (founded 2015): "solve some of society’s toughest challenges - from eradicating disease and improving education, to addressing the needs of our local communities - our mission is to build a more inclusive, just, and healthy future for everyone"
  • blobs

    20 / 22   Think Tank: UK Government

    United Kingdom Think Tanks
  • British Future - Engaging people’s hopes and fears about integration and immigration, identity and race - Working for a confident and welcoming Britain, inclusive and fair to all
  • Policy Exchange - "Policy Exchange is the UK’s leading think tank. Shaping the policy agenda since 2002."
  • Centre For London - We are the capital’s dedicated think tank - We develop new solutions to London’s critical challenges and advocate for a fair and prosperous global city
  • Demos - What Changes Should The UK Prioritise?
  • Big Banks and Think Tanks (12-Jul-2012)
  • Wikipedia: List of UK Think Tanks
  • Transparify - Soros-funded global rating for financial transparency of international think tanks
  • blobs

    21 / 22   Think Tanks: Transparency International

    Transparency International

    Secretariat of the Organisation of Transparency International headquarters in Berlin. Transparency International was number 9 of 100 in the Top Think Tanks Worldwide (non-U.S.) category and number 27 of 150 in the Top Think Tanks Worldwide (U.S. and non-U.S.) category.

    Elite business bias engine and greenwashing front. Mostly funded by the US, the UK and a scatter of EU countries. Up to 1M euro a year "cash" into Russia. 25M euro a year operating. Controversies: non-Anglosphere chapters proposed support for Edward Snowden vetoed by US/UK chapters. Refused to meet Snowden in Moscow. TI ended the USA chapter in 2017 due to its corporate capture including the censoring of the report by Independent Ethics Panel (May-2020) detailing lack of transparency and corruption at TI 😉 Per leftover placeholder: INDEPENDENT REVIEW INTO ALLEGATIONS OF ETHICAL MISCONDUCT AT THE TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL SECRETARIAT CONCLUDED (2-Jun-2020) and Frankfurter Allgemeine article by Corinna Budras (19-Jun-2020) gently summarising the bullshit. See Wikipedia: TI broken links re: deletion.

    In 2021, former CEO Cobus de Swadt wrote Silencing a Whistleblower: A Story of Hypocrisy revealing the breakdown of whistleblower protection in detailed case study on the abuse of power at the world’s most influential anti-corruption NGO, including chronology of what it means to be a whistleblower in the post-technofeudal age.

    See also:


    22 / 22   World Economic Forum

    The WEF is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The World Economic Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

    The Forum is chaired by Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab and guided by a Board of Trustees - "exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values, and oversee the Forum’s work in promoting true global citizenship". WEF is plutocracy stakeholder capitalism to the max. Confident, influential, effective and - of course - cursed with sociopath myopia. Que sera sera.







    Neoliberalism is the pretense of humane, inclusive meritocracy without the implicit moral imperative. Neoliberalism prosecutes all the evils its own leading advocates condemn. Neoliberalism is the evil of totalitarianism, with a slightly larger included class than old fashioned aristocracy, honed…


    Nobody in the public conversation about #BLM police brutality seems to have understood it's the court system that's set up to brutalize the black, brown and working class and it's the unaccountable patrician judiciary that's been driving the corruption engine…
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