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The invisible hand of the market, the poison glove of military-industrial intelligence and the iron fist of the state combine and complement each other, their long-term convergence over the past half century creating the singlemost potent coercive force in the world. It has become an ideology of total authority, a force with a monopoly on violence – military foreign and domestic policing – and a stranglehold on law, academia, media, tech, communication, regulation, legislation and financialization. It is the ultimate expression of centralized power.

Three key strategies emanate from this centralized cathedral of market capitalism, military-industrial intelligence and government power monopoly: atomization, identity politics and neoliberalism. Atomization is a divide and rule standard, to defend wealth and the levers of power from middle and working class aspirants. Identity politics is racial and cultural essentialism, smokescreening imperial-capitalist policy via demonisation (or fetishisation) of immigrants, undermining protest at home while outsourcing labour abroad, union busting, pitting nationalism against libertarians, etc etc. Neoliberalism is the petrodollar evolution of ‘free market’ liberal economics, the ideology of the corporate state, an oligopoly of ringfenced expertise and credential cartels, entrenched deep state big business and an incredible complex of information-servers manufacturing consent.



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20 deep state references

1 / 20   Authoritarian Security

2 / 20   Biosecurity State

3 / 20   Breadtube

4 / 20   CIA Cold War Art/Culture Funding

5 / 20   CIA Manufacturing Consent

6 / 20   Cyber Militarism

7 / 20   Deep State Economics

  • World Economic Forum Graduates In The USA Elected | Malone Institute
  • American Millennial bullshit: Saagar Enjeti's take is dumb as rocks. American v European style thinking? Wtf are you talking about. Agarwal is same background as Sagaar. Twitter laws are Silicon Valley through on through. Musk, the great hope for free speech, is South African. If we don't get beyond the American exceptionalism, we are going to lose the very freedoms Sagaar is incorrectly trusting our "system" to protect. We're not importing European anti-liberty. We exported neoliberal freemasonry to the world. Now some of that sh1t is coming back to bite us.
  • World Economic Forum's Dangerous War on Free Speech (25-May-2022)
  • Rebel News: World Economic Forum - Annual Meeting 2022 | World Economic Forum - Young Global Leaders
  • tni: History and Analysis: The World Economic Forum
  • World Economic Forum: Strategic Partners
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    8 / 20   Deep State: Social Dilemma

  • "Social media is evil and divisive. Big Tech must use its power to regulate extremism, for the sake of society. Evolution isn't pretty. Free Speech isn't absolute. WE KNOW BETTER!"
  • "All Must Serve The Borg!" Totalitarian authority and deep state love Big Tech and Big Ideology.
  • A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality by Ken Wilber
  • Center For Humane Technology as Deep State cut-out founded by Tristan Harris
  • Tristan Harris has been Visiting Fellow at deep state think-tank Harvard Kennedy School in Government, Open Markets Institute and The Future Society | Undivided Attention Podcast
  • Institute For The Future
  • YouTube: Glenn Loury and Stephanie Lepp Conversation
  • "Destruction leads to resurrection, for nations, people, ages, families, hearts. Dragons are needed as much as saints. Don’t ask me to explain any of it. Perhaps just light a candle tonight, and see what is revealed."
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    9 / 20   Dissent: Whistleblowers

    10 / 20   Empire: American InfoWars

    11 / 20   Guccifer 2.0 | Barrett Brown

    12 / 20   Intelligence Industrial Complex: NSA-GCHQ-Stratfor

  • US Government: Here is the Pro-NSA Surveillance Argument (10-Jun-2013)
  • The Guardian: The NSA Files - Snowden Revelations and NSA/GCHQ (Nov-2013)
  • WikiLeaks' Stratfor dump lifts lid on intelligence-industrial complex
  • Index of Articles relating to Stratfor - Guardian Newspaper Website 2010-present
  • Stratfor Worldview which refers to itself as the world's leading geopolitical intelligence platform
  • RANE Corporation - Risk Assistance Network Exchange - parent company of Stratfor - RANE Leadership personae.
  • F.B.I. Counterterrorism Agents Monitored Occupy Movement, Records Show (24-Dec-2012) on the New York Times ( website.
  • An Educated Guess About How the NSA Is Structured (14-Aug-2013) article by Marc Ambinder and Defense One on The Atlantic ( website
  • Declassified index of UK/USA documents 1940-1956 from the NSA Archive
  • GCHQ Tor Stinks Presentation (4-Oct-2013) on The Guardian website
  • Obama’s Crackdown on Whistleblowers: The NSA Four (CIA John Kiriakou, NSA Thomas Drake, William Binney, J Kirke Wiebe, Edward Loomis) reveal how a toxic mix of cronyism and fraud blinded the agency before 9/11 (26-Mar-2013) on The Nation ( website
  • Wikipedia Global Surveillance further reading section of useful references
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    13 / 20   Law: UK Espionage Act

    14 / 20   Military Industrial Complex

    15 / 20   Operation Paperclip and Beyond

    16 / 20   Private Sector: Deep State Analysts

  • SoftPanoroma: The National Security State - Intelligence Services
  • Bellingcat - Eliot Higgins
  • Stuart Hughes | Allen-Vanguard

  • Alexa O'Brien - deep state orbit analyst and writer focused on intelligence and national security including whistleblowers, specifically Wikileaks, Snowden, Assange and Chelsea Manning

  • Archives: 4339 | 4835 | 4202
  • Chelsea Manning: Official Docket | Official Record of Trial Text Searchable
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    17 / 20   SIGINT: Artificial Intelligence

    18 / 20   The Iron Law of Oligarchy

  • The Palmer Raids 1919: When America Tried to Deport Its Radicals (11-Nov-2021)
  • "Palmer Raids were a series of raids conducted in November 1919 and January 1920 by the United States Department of Justice @ WIKIPEDIA LINK"
  • Robert Michels: The Iron Law of Oligarchy
  • Jacob Weisberg: Cozy Relationships Between Press, Law, Academic and Government [Authority]
  • New Republic [Centre-Left Corporate Democrat Magazine; mouthpiece of Democratic Party credentialed professionals] fretted about the "increasingly cozy relationships between press, law, academia and government" that he saw there. "There’s rarely been a time when the governing elites in so many fields were made up of such a tight, hermetic and incestuous clique. The Clinton circle [and its successor like the Obamas on Martha's Vineyard] has a pronounced class consciousness that tells them they’re not just lucky to be here. They’re running things because they’re the best."
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    19 / 20   US National Security: Revolving Door

    20 / 20   Wikileaks