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It’s shocking to see so many leftwingers lured to the far right by conspiracy theories (22-Sept-2021) by George Monbiot in The Guardian   vs  George Monbiot’s Far-Right Projection (7-Oct-2021) by Ian Jenkins on off-guardian.org website

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“The corporate mantra is to avoid paying taxes, exploit consumers & workers at every opportunity; to squeeze the most profit from the least outlay possible. Corporate interests have pacified conservatives with money and liberals with meaningless woke jargon. Meanwhile, corporate capitalism does nothing to improve society in any form unless it profits, or costs nothing. By default this means a stratified society of winners and consumers and losers.”


“It’s going to take something more than a profit motive to give the losers a humane future but we can’t look to business to show humanity when our politicians have been corrupted. The political class must be made accountable. The ruling elites must not be allowed to enrich themselves at the cost of a fair and just society; not if we want to build a world where ‘all men are created equal’ is more than an empty tagline for a neo-feudal lineage plutarchy.”


“Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?”


Planes cross-pollinate.
Othering needs strangers and strangeness, foreign places to fill with shadows and fearsome characters. Travel is the antidote to this if anything is. Dehumanising the inscrutable Chinaman by working together and meeting together etc.
Plane travel is a wonder of human ingenuity. Dreams made real in a flight through the aurora or watching lightning storms beat a brilliant tattoo across the Amazon: cost benefit analysis needs to include these ineffable things else if everything is mere dollars, cents and carbon credits we end up with a perfect world for species who don’t imagine. (Etc)

Plane cargo is X percent of the total. What would this cost by equivalent road or rail-road? Because the goods will flow regardless. What about FedEx, DHL, UPS footprint? How much plane cargo transport is time critical it couldn’t go by boat?

How much plane transport is over land + under 500 miles?