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  1. Going viral is potentially impactful but stochastic terrorism is bullshit
  2. It’s dangerous to obsess over absolute safety – as demonstrated by vaccine + mask mandate thought policing
  3. Safety isn’t worth giving over freedom to central authorities
  4. State monopoly on violence doesn’t need more reasons to use it
  5. The world is not more fragile today than yesterday
  6. People are not more radicalised by ideas today than they were yesterday
  7. Words are not actions
  8. Memes are not motivations
  9. Exclusion of decentralised power centres unless they submit to “expert” credentials is a stealth fascism
  10. Demonising China or Russia is McCarthyite playbook – just as bullshit today as it was in the 1950s
  11. Use foreign law to spotlight what is wrong but not as a reason to change the law at home
  12. Learn history if you’re lost in the perceived extremism of the moment
  13. Remember history if you need information to judge the truth and lies and motives of influential forces today 


  1. The solution to “regulating” social media isn’t more corporate censorship or greater govt authority
  2. Regulation by corporation or by government authority inevitably leads to selective fascism and othering
  3. If anything might help – without undermining freedom disproportionately fucking over individuals:
      • “…removing user anonymity in public facing open forums…”
      • “…expose who’s behind corporate action as/when they contribute to a user’s feed…”
  4. Being able to direct the algorithm isn’t a recipe for god-like powers, though this is often used as an excuse for regulation by elite credentialed experts
  5. Some “experts” talk a lot about sense-making. They condemn unregulated social media as disrupting people’s ability to make sense of the world. This is code. They are condemning the internet disrupting people’s tradition of passive acceptance of the “expert” monopoly on sense (and truth)
“Information can’t radicalize a population that’s not already being fucked over by institutions it trusts.
Outrage is ephemeral. Injustice is not.
“Disinformation and misinformation aren’t the same thing.
Neither are engines of revolution.
Both can be used as engines of oppression.
Both are used to misdirect public attention from the crimes of ruling class duopoly.”


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28 media brands

1 / 28   AllSides

"Don't be fooled by media bias and misinformation."
  • Centrist anti-partisan veneer but in reality, a bullshit spigot archetype shilling for neoliberal plutocracy status quo; price of everything, value of nothing.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: B-
  • media brands

    2 / 28   American Thinker

    "GOP/Conservative bullshit spigot archetype - stories doing the rounds respun to be anti-dem anti-socdem pro-GOP pro-Trumpmyth pro-Conservative grift message."
    media brands

    3 / 28   C4 ISR Net

    "Media for the Intelligence Age Military. Premier content destination for defense and government communities to stay connected to technology and network innovations to ensure information dominance."
    media brands

    4 / 28   Crooked Media

    "No-bullshit conversation about politics in culture. We provide a platform for you to laugh, cry, scream, ridicule us, share your ideas, and hopefully decide you want to help us in fixing the mess America has gotten itself into. Podcasts include: Pod Save America, Pod Save The World, Lovett or Leave It, Pod Save the People, Hysteria, What A Day, Keep It, and Unholier Than Thou."
  • YouTube: @CrookedMedia
  • media brands

    5 / 28   Declassified UK

    "Declassified UK is the leading media organisation uncovering the UK’s role in the world, publishing hard hitting, truthful news stories."
    media brands

    6 / 28   Democracy Now!

    "Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González."
  • Orthodox soft-left liberal reportage from a formerly independent vanity news outlet captured by neoliberal corporate paymasters.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: B+
  • media brands

    7 / 28   Fair Observer

    "Fair Observer is an independent, nonprofit media organization that engages in citizen journalism and civic education."
  • Neoliberal liberal-left bullshit archetype: ostensibly independent democratic socialist but mainstream news tracking, proliferating plutocratic orthodox spin with high-handed professionalism.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: A-
  • media brands

    8 / 28   Ground News

    "Looking to break free from your echo chamber? We’ve already helped over 250,000 escape theirs and see the news from a different perspective. Ground News was created to be a news destination for everyone, regardless of political ideology."
    media brands

    9 / 28   Labor Notes

    "Media and organizing project that has been the voice of union activists who want to put the movement back in the labor movement."
    media brands

    10 / 28   MeidasTouch
    media brands

    11 / 28   Mother Jones

    "Founded in 1976, Mother Jones is America’s longest-established investigative news organization. We are based in San Francisco and have bureaus in Washington, DC, and New York."
  • Establishment liberal-left news ecosystem centrepiece, peddling corporate agenda over human need, standard bullshit spigot techniques following the mainstream official news zeitgeist.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: C
  • media brands

    12 / 28   News2Share (N2S)

    "Online media outlet based in Washington D.C. In addition to providing objective and engaging content to our viewers, we strive to provide useful footage that can be integrated onto other news networks and documentary film.
  • Founded by: Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst, broadcast entrepreneurs with extensive video production experience on behalf of media groups such as as Fox, ABC, CNN, and NBC
  • media brands

    13 / 28   Novara Media

  • @ Canary Stockport Socialist Left "Novara Media is an independent media organisation addressing the issues that are set to define the 21st century, from a crisis of capitalism to racism and climate change. Our journalism is always politically committed; rather than seeking to moderate between two sides of a debate, our output actively intends to feed back into political action."
  • media brands

    14 / 28   openDemocracy

    "openDemocracy is an independent global media organisation. Through reporting and analysis of social and political issues, we seek to educate citizens to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world."
  • Genuine left-wing environmentalist news media with strong socialist/social democratic activist reportage, exposing plutocracy crime and neoliberal hypocrisy at ground-level.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: F
  • media brands

    15 / 28   Pro Publica

    "We dig deep into important issues, shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust — and we stick with those issues as long as it takes to hold power to account."
  • Corporate-centrist bullshit spigot archetype: good articles on political hypocrisy, grift, systemic exploitation unless the content risks too much criticism of Democratic Party establishment or amplifies grassroots movements pushing for real change e.g. strikes, protests.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: D+
  • media brands

    16 / 28   Real Clear Markets

    "RealClearMarkets (RCM) is a one-stop shop for market-related news, analysis and commentary. RealClearMarkets collects and publishes business, finance, and economic content from across the ideological spectrum."
    media brands

    17 / 28   Real News Network

    "The Real News Network (TRNN) makes media connecting you to the movements, people, and perspectives that are advancing the cause of a more just, equal, and liveable planet."
  • Progressive liberal-left news, humane generally socialist grassroots reportage not capture by the corporate bullshit spigot as of October 2021.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: E-
  • media brands

    18 / 28   Reveal News

    "At Reveal, we pour the necessary time and resources into unearthing original stories that hold people and institutions accountable for the problems they’ve caused or benefited from."
  • Funded by the neoliberal bullshit spigot cabal from Gates Foundation to Kellogs, standard soft liberal-left orthodox establishment mouthpiece mobilising a grassroots credentialism that perpetuates power by exposing only opponents and transgressors.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: C+
  • media brands

    19 / 28   StoryCorps

    "StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world."
  • Public-corporate funded expertise in managing the narrative, wokewashing, greenwashing, orthodox purity testing, turning genuine real-world stories into HR opportunities.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: C+
  • media brands

    20 / 28   The Daily Beast

    "Independent. Irreverent. Intelligent. The Daily Beast delivers award-winning original reporting and sharp opinion in the arena of politics, pop-culture and power."
  • Millennial pop-aesthetic left-liberal orthodox reportage following the news zeitgeist interlarded with mass culture clout chasing (and directing) by ambitious young-ish journalists and bloggers.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: B
  • media brands

    21 / 28   The Daily Kos

    "News you can do something about."
  • Aesthetically a very left-liberal, very woke, raw Millennial activist Daily Beast pale fire outlet, substantially another credentialist we-smart-they-dumb bullshit spigot gossip parser.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: B+
  • media brands

    22 / 28   The Forge

    "To elevate the strategy and practice of organizing through the sharing of ideas, methods, history, and inspiration, and by building connection and community among organizers and between sectors of the progressive movement."
    media brands

    23 / 28   The Intercept

    "Award-winning news organization dedicated to holding the powerful accountable through fearless, adversarial journalism."
  • Corporate-run liberal-left reportage with a divided mandate: half quality journalists exposing corruption and speaking truth to power, half neoliberal overseers editing output to ensure it stays inside Clinton-corporate best interests.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: C-
  • media brands

    24 / 28   Tribune

    "Relaunched with the support of Jacobin in 2018 committed to reviving this great tradition on the British left. Our mission remains, as Michael Foot wrote: to sustain the old cause with the old weapons."
    media brands

    25 / 28   Truth Be Told

    " (formerly called HU Insight) is a non-profit, non-partisan website and digital network, run and edited from Howard University’s Department of Media, Journalism and Film in the School of Communications."
  • College feeder training bullshit spigot high-quality diversity journalism for establishment careers speaking truth to power (so long as it goes nowhere) and exposing different perspectives (so long as they misdirect away from systemic change).
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: D+
  • media brands

    26 / 28   Truthout

    "Revealing systemic injustice and providing a platform for progressive and transformative ideas, through in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis. With a powerful, independent voice, we will spur transformations in consciousness and inspire both policy change and direct action."
  • Aggregator news amplifier for soft liberal-left and centrist establishment parsing and propagating articles from simpatico sources like Democracy Now plus a small but prolific inhouse staff.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: B-
  • media brands

    27 / 28   WhoWhatWhy

    "Citizen supported journalism."
  • Soft left-liberal mostly anodyne reportage from the stories occupying mainstream media ephemera.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: C-
  • media brands

    28 / 28   Wonkette

    "Wonkette, the gossip blog that refuses to die. Wonkette is Bush-era liberalism frozen in amber, motionless and immortal, forced to passively observe a changing world until the end of time."
  • Take satire, remove discernment, add the editorial sarcasm of a professional left-liberal gossip with partisan mockery designed to evade the risk of genuinely speaking truth to power while looking like irreverently doing so.
  • Bullshit Spigot Rating: D+
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    1. Corporate Propaganda & Information
      • spun Centre-Left
      • spun Centre-Right
      • consistent advocacy of political spectrum as orthodoxy
    2. Authoritarian Without Fanare
    3. Supporting Censorship Shadowban Algorithm Soft Power
    4. Wielding Credentialed Legitimacy
    5. Staffed from Top University Feeders



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    • Mother Jones
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    • Breaking Points – Krystal Ball and Sagaar Enjeti
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    • Andrew Sullivan
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    • Infowars – Alex Jones
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    • Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) Gray Mirror
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