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12 Rules of Propaganda is a system for parsing content, as produced by the government, corporate messaging, and mainstream or ancillary media.

The 12 Rules break down content propaganda into component parts, which can then be deconstructed to reveal underlying techniques and subtext.

  • Everyday propaganda will be exposed by one or more of the 12 Rules.
  • Genuine, authentic content will not be susceptible to such easy 12 Rules deconstruction.

  • Each of the 12 Rules is documented individually below.


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    It's All Fake: Kamala Harris Used Child Actors Who Had To Audition For Weird NASA Promo
    Propaganda Language: Military Budget = 'Defense Budget'?
    Example of propaganda language used to condition associations:
  • Robert Scheer: Stop Calling the Military Budget a ‘Defense’ Budget (8-Oct-2021)


    1. It’s all very well saying defund the police but when antifa is at your home, you’ll be the first calling the cops on those animals.


    • Education, Healthcare, Base Egalitarianism
    • Pension, Shelter + Vital Provision
    • Autonomy, Competition, Local Inclusion
    • Free Choice Responsibility
    • Regulatory Adjudication


    • Safety, Security, Arbitration, Justice
    • Meritocratic Self-Determinism
    • Independence

    Body Politic

    • Individuals, Families, Cells, Regions
    • Organs, Infrastructure, Border Integrity
    • Policing Platelets
    • Free Market Entry + Competition
    • Digestive Supply and Demand
    • Waste Recycling Circulation
    • Capital Energy, Labour Bloodstream
    • Muscular Mobility, etc


    • Bottom-up (local) Organic Direct Democracy
    • Perpetual Votecasting
    • Accountability
    • Comprehension Criteria Referendum
    • Interplay of Expert Authority

    Parsing Realities

    • Anarcho-Whatever
    • Neo-Feudal Oligarchy
    • Socialist Spectrum
    • Competition Capitalism
    • Race Wars + Culture Wars
    • Alternative Paradigms

    Manufactured Consent

    • Polarization – Duopoly
    • Media – Social Media
    • Party Machinery
    • Perpetual Misdirection
    • Outsourcing Losers
    • Conditioning the Myths
    • Citadel – Cathedral – Orthodoxy
    • Incentives Gravity
    • “Do it to Julia!”
    • Carousel of Love and Hate
    • Identarian Atomization Internecine
    • Weaponized Fear – Spoonfed Vanity
    • Angry Young Men Shock Absorption
    • Family Trope Conscription
    • The Long Arm of Militarized Law
    • “Bet Your Life?”



    1. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media
      • Chomsky, Noam and Herman, Edward S (orig 1988 revised 2008)
      • Seminal work by world renowned academics
      • The basis for a plethora of college courses on propaganda and political thought
    2. Demagoguery and Democracy. New York: The Experiment
      • Roberts-Miller, Patricia (2017)
      • Explores the rhetorical strategies used by political leaders who promote populism that can divide and damage democracies
    3. Trust Me, I’m Lying
      • Holiday, Ryan (2012) – New York: Penguin
      • How online marketing is used in ethically questionable ways to influence public opinion
    4. The State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda
      • Luckert, Steven and Bachrach, Susan (2009) – New York: W.W. Norton
      • Definitive guide to Hitler’s use of propaganda as a political candidate, as a dictator, and for war and mass murder


    • Introduction to Propaganda – From the Academy of Ideas, this 7-minute video summarizes key ideas from the work of Jacques Ellul on propaganda.
    • News Channel or Propaganda Tool? – 7-minute Listening Post video explores RT, Russia’s English speaking channel as a form of contemporary propaganda.
    • Why Obvious Lies Make Great Propaganda – Vox News segment explores the Russian “firehose of falsehoods” used as a form of disinformation and propaganda in both Russian and American politics.
    • Reality Show President: Inside the White House PR Machine – 12-minute film on how presidents shape their public image through photography and media representation.
    • Education vs Indoctrination – Brainwaves Anthology interview with philosopher Jason Stanley offers a reflection on social studies education as a form of social control through propaganda.
    • Poetry and Propaganda – 3-minute video by FilmScapel Productions about how educators use the power of poetry as a form of propaganda to activate learners’ emotions.
    • Seven Propaganda Techniques Used on You Everyday – From How Stuff Works, this video introduces techniques like name calling, glittering generalities, testimonials, institutional transfer, bandwagon, plain folks and more.
    • Meet Edward Bernays, Master of Propaganda – From Corbett Report Extras, this video introduces the work of Edward Bernays, who understood the social benefits of propaganda as a means to advance consumer culture and democracy.


    • The Propaganda Game (2015) – Documentary by Alvaro Longoria showing examples of propaganda in North Korea.
    • The Century of the Self (2002) – British documentary series by Adam Curtis explores the work of Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays in developing powerful ideas about how to use human nature to control and shape public opinion.
    • Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (1993) – Canadian filmmakers Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick follow Professor Noam Chomsky as he promotes his book, Manufacturing Consent, explaining how media controls public opinion.
    • Hypernormalisation (2008) – Adam Curtis tries to disentangle the evolution of propaganda techniques through the 20th and early 21st-century, making sense of the confusion of today’s 24 hour news cycle and how plutocracy uses it to disempower populations.


    1. Roland Barthes (1957) –  Mythologies. Collection of era-defining essays taken from Les Lettres Nouvelles by one of the most influential thinkers of the post-war period.
    2. Guy Debord (1967) – The Society of the Spectacle Significant work by one of the leading philosopher critical theorists of the modern era.
    3. Jacques Derrida (1967-1972) – Multiple titles during this fecund period by the internationally renowned social philosophy addressing a range of ethical and political themes through language and messaging. Speech and Phenomena (1967), Of Grammatology (1967), Writing and Difference (1967), Margins of Philosophy (1972).



    Weasel Words – or anonymous authority – are terms used to lend legitimacy to a statement that’s otherwise only vague or ambiguous. Examples:  “Many people say” or “experts agree”. Weasel Words can be a form of tergiversation, often used in advertising and political statements to mislead or disguise bias.

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    Capitol "Insurrection" 6-Jan-2021
    Capture: Stockmarkets

    Articles from seekingalpha.com by Gary Gordon, retired stock-broker and prolific serial investment bullshit artist:

    Capture: Transport and Trade
    Capture: Universities and Schools
  • The Nonprofit College That Spends More on Marketing Than Financial Aid (12-Jan-2022)
  • "Baker College promises students a better life. But few ever graduate, and even those who do often leave with crushing debt and useless degrees. No one — not the board, nor the accreditors, nor the federal government — has intervened."


  • Corporate Greed in Medical Interventions: Sackler Oxycontin
    Where were the FDA, YouTube, Facebook and all of our overlords as the the opiate crisis has swept the country? Silent. But a simple drug that the Sacklers and other greedy pharmaceutical companies can't make a fortune on?! Attacked, vilified and censored.
    Cybertech: Surveillance Capitalism
    libertycenterone.com: Van Eck Phreaking description and smart downplaying by Liberty Center One, a top-tier-flibble data-flurble.

    Performance Politics: UK Conservative Govt
  • Dr Steve James: I’d sacrifice my job over vaccine mandates (10-Jan-2022)
  • "Steve James is a critical care consultant at King’s College Hospital in London. When Health Secretary Sajid Javid visited last Friday, he asked the NHS staff about what they thought of the forthcoming mandates that will make Covid vaccination a condition of deployment for NHS staff."
  • Aristocrats double their wealth in a decade as titles average £16m (1-Jan-2022)
  • "Britain’s aristocrats have enjoyed a dramatic surge in their wealth in the last 30 years – and have seen their riches double."

    Two Party Lock-in

    Freedom To Vote Act: "To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box and reduce the influence of big money in politics, and for other purposes"

    The "Freedom to Vote Act" is presented as a voting rights initiative to rollback evil state-level Republican voter discrimination laws, but in reality it's the other side of the two-pronged assault on third parties and diversity of candidate choice. The unspoken objective is to further duopoly lockdown using GOP gerrymandering and voter restrictions to escalate dozens of restrictions/stipulations on ballot access (candidate funding). The Act centralises campaign financing (including public funds) with big party committees, inevitably excluding challenges from within (e.g. Bernie Sanders).

    Under H.R. 1, wealthy donors can effectively circumvent the candidate contribution limit by giving to the party committees directly and have them funnel up to $300 million forwarded candidates, effectively raising the amount big donors can contribute to a candidate to more than $115,000 in a year. H.R. 1 program would replace the 1:1 match in public funding with a 6:1 match, but simultaneously increase the minimum amount of donations (to get matched) by 500% to a minimum of $25,000 in each of 20 states. It would also increase the minimum number of contributions to reach it by 625%.

  • Third Parties May Disappear From Ballot Under Freedom to Vote Act Provision (2-Oct-2021)
  • "Removing the general election public funding grant, H.R. 1 also eliminates the other existing opportunity for minor parties to benefit under the current public financing law, where any party that receives between 5% and 25% would get a pro-rated portion of the public funding in the next election that the major party candidates do. Greens and Libertarians have long argued that a vote for their candidates helps them to get to 5%. Raising the primary election matching funds threshold helps ensure only a limited number of anointed candidates qualify for it, to eliminate those pesky others who stay in primary race too long."

  • Matching Funds: Establishing eligibility to receive presidential primary matching fund payments
  • Receiving a public funding grant for the general election
  • Public Financing of Campaigns
  • HR 1 Exacts Partisan Political Advantage in Exchange for Desperately Needed Voting Rights (21-Mar-2021)
  • Sixth District (Georgia): Church v Brian Kemp (29-Mar-2021)
  • HR1/S1 Hypocrisy: Under The Guise of ‘For the People’, Democrats Support Voters Rights, But Suppress Voter Choice (11-May-2021)
  • Ballot status and presidential primary matching funds (28-Jul-2021)
  • More on H.R.1/S.1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (12-Mar-2021)
  • Duopoly angle: Annotated Guide to the For The People Act 2021 (20-Jan-2021)
  • "The Act removes voters’ ability to fund 100% clean money and grassroots campaigns via matching funds, while increasing the role of big money in elections, and limiting voter choice to vote for other than major party candidates — the latter which itself is a de facto form of voter suppression, by removing a positive incentive for many voters to vote. Masters of lesser-of-evilism, Democrats have set up the Devil’s bargain in H.R. 1 — accept a further entrenched duopoly in exchange for your right to vote.

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    Data Rights: Ownership Privacy Protections
    NewsBud Alt-Media Site
  • NewsBud: "Where Integrity Matters"
    • NewsBud billed itself as an independent news, analyses and multimedia portal. It exposed establishment hypocrisy and neoliberal criminality among other challenges to vested interest orthodoxy
    • Sibel Edmonds is founder, editor and publisher of Newsbud, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC)
    • NewsBud was closed down 30-Jul-2021
    Social Media: Changing World
    Substack: Useful Idiots - YouTube Censorship of Heterodox Content