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Identity politics has spread like a virus in the past decade, as neoliberal corporate political elites blend partisan duopoly atomization tactics with team-game activism of gender and sexuality movements whose proven efficacy in their extraordinarily successful campaigns for gay equality is a blueprint for achieving sociocultural goals. Like most opportunistic strategies prosecuted against the general public by elite interests, identity politics has its roots in genuine and persistent inequities.

Critical race theory (CRT) is a useful case in point.

#BlackLivesMatter is a good timeline of recent identarian viral vector manipulation.


Civil Rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s were the grassroots of activist awakening. The 1970s and 1980s saw the capture of the successor leaders (Clyburn, Sharpton, Jackson) and the fermentation of a usable post-modernist version of Critical Race Theory in universities and colleges nationwide.


What had been a marginalized complex of movements were looked on more favourably by the duopoly elites seeking to win popular polarized votes during the 1990s and 2000s and pushed to divisive extremism in the 2010s by way of calcifying the corporate-oligarchy stranglehold on federal, state and local power dynamics.


Democratic Party has taken on the “pro” civil rights mantle, appropriating the civil rights cause, buying in its most prominent advocates and mobilizing a generation of tech-savvy young adults to take command of the equality messaging moral high ground. Republican Party, on the other hand, has followed its natural populist inclinations to shepherd the “anti” reactionary white majority and the aspirant ‘tradition-loving’ star-spangled melting pot into reliable “Make America Great Again” voter blocs.

“Polarization into extreme ‘base’ blocs is an excellent control mechanism for subverting democracy’s universal suffrage into a shock absorber for continued corporate duopolist domination of power and wealth. Propaganda can be perpetual, easy to learn your particular team’s orthodoxies and gratefully devoured by the respective loyal supporters. Stability litmus of public opinion and ‘lively debate’ in the public square can compete for the small percentage of floating voters without ever facing a challenge from ‘third rail’ non-conformists.”

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"Free Speech Questions"

"I believe in free speech. It's a yes or no principle. I say yes. The first amendment makes yes the law of the land."

  • What about hate speech?
  • What about incitement to violence?
  • What about lying?
  • What about using amplified platform to speak falsehood to an audience of unknowns who'll take it at gospel?
  • What about intrusion on personal space?
  • What about the conflict of ideas?
  • What about unequal revelation?
  • What about a parent's right to raise his/her children true to deeply held faith, without life-threatening info in the name of education?
  • What about social media, private corporations with unpredictable power to regulate free speech?
  • What about censorship by corporation on behalf of individual ideology?
  • What's the difference between corporate speech and citizen speech?
  • Do corporations have the same rights of first amendment free speech as individuals?
  • Do free speech laws change in groups?
  • Should large-scale assembly speech be regulated by an authority?
  • Should free speech regulation ever be forcibly enforced?
  • Etc. Etc.


BLM - Civil War Race Dynamics
  • Frederick Dutton: Changing Sources of Power (1971)
  • Manifesto by lobbyist and Democratic strategist Frederick Dutton, one of the guiding forces on the McGovern Commission. The "balance of political power, from the economic to the psychological to a certain extent—from the stomach and pocketbook to the psyche, and perhaps sooner or later even to the soul."



    Gender Politics
  • Wage gap between white women and women of color persists in Santa Monica, according to new report (18-Feb-2020)
  • "If one were a cynic, one might suggest this whole vector of propaganda isn't about equality for women but about cushioning the blow - making it a social imperative - for both parents to work full-time, which is increasingly necessary as the lower and middle class is squeezed to continue the enrichment of the elite class"

  • I

    Identity Commentariat: Twitter Examples

    Keith Fenton (@Horseshit_McKay) replying to @mulier_loquax @jscushing and 2 others - How.can racism be created by a campaign against racism?

    Femi (@Femi_Sorry) - Because racists don't like it when people from ethnic minorities have a voice, so they get angry, accuse them of having a secret political agendas, and call them divisive, so that it looks like anti-racism is what is responsible for the racial unrest.

    Futon Mindful (@Futon_Mindful) - Bullshit identity politics is designed to look like courage but in reality achieve nothing & impact not a single plutocrat's bottom line. Taking the knee. Orange marches. Group mandate gestures are perverse misdirections that serve only to play into entrenched power inequities.



    Patrick O'Flynn (@oflynnsocial) - Ming has lost the plot here. The meaning of knee-taking does not belong to Eng footballers. It is the gesture of the Cenotaph defacers and imported from rancid US ID politics. You simply cannot adopt it in the expectation of universal acclaim.

    James O'Brien (@mrjamesob) - Trying to put my finger on why it's always 'Brexiters' who have the biggest problem with a peaceful protest against racism..

    Merton Jo (@MertonJoJo) - Flynn is a bigoted moron. But he's right about 'taking-a-knee' being a poisonous purity test, imported from identity politics of US duopoly war games. If he was smarter he'd be keen on these divisive public gestures that look courageous and pro-active but change nothing.

    Identity Commentariat: Marcus Rashford

    Defaced Marcus Rashford Mural Covered with Messages of Support


    "The mural of Manchester United's Marcus Rashford in Withington in Manchester has been covered in messages of support after being vandalised on Sunday night. The damage to the mural was apparently caused within an hour of England's penalty shootout defeat by Italy in the Euro 2020 final, but has now been replaced by tributes to Rashford after the vandalism was covered up."

    Mac The Knife (@MacTheKnife) - Defacing was the dirty, ugly gesture of a drunken moron. Supporting is the organic act of 100s rejecting the vandal. It should give perspective on the true state of racism in England: an anachronism, overwhelmingly marginal, those few clinging on forced to wither away in shadows.



    Police Proud Boys Cognitive Tech


    Racist Traffic Camera Policy?

    Black Chicago neighborhoods incur more red-light camera tickets than white ones. But ProPublica doesn't answer or ask the key question. Do white neighborhoods incur less tickets PER violation than nonwhite ones? If yes, policy is racist. If no, it's not.

  • ProPublica: Chicago's Race Neutral Traffic Cameras Ticket Black and Latino Drivers The Most
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    Ayn Rand (2-Feb-1905 to 6-Mar-1982)

    Alice O'Connor, better known by her pen name Ayn Rand, was a Russian-American writer and philosopher. She is known for her fiction and for developing a philosophical system she named Objectivism. Born and educated in Russia, she moved to the United States in 1926. She wrote a play that opened on Broadway in 1935.

    Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug)

    American blogger and neo-reactionary technofascist.

    Damon Young (1979-)

    American writer and editor. Damon Young is editor of The Root magazine website (The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth) and wrote his first book What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker, in 2019.

    Gordon Klein

    UCLA Law Professor Gordon Klein (born 1956) suing California University system for nuking his income by letting woke students tarnish his reputation with racist accusations. See Gordon Klein on Bari Weiss substack.

    Joel Kotkin (28-Dec-1952)

    Fellow in urban studies at Chapman University in Orange, California, Kotkin (born 28-Dec-1952) writes about demographic, social, and economic trends. He's a regular contributor to The Daily Beast and forbes.com and is on the editorial board of the Orange County Register. See joelkotkin.com website.

    Jonathan Chait (1970ish-)

    Cathedral Journalist: Jonathan Chait is an American neoliberal pundit and pro-corporate writer for New York magazine. He was previously a senior editor at The New Republic and an assistant editor of The American Prospect. He writes a periodic hit piece column in the Los Angeles Times. Hit piece writer. Content creator. Footsoldier of Establishment power. Democratic-Hawk apologist. See WIKIPEDIA entry.

    Jonathan Haidt (19-Oct-1963)

    American social psychologist, Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University Stern School of Business, and author. His main areas of study are the psychology of morality and moral emotions. Content on jonathanhaidt.com website.

    Nick Land

    English philosopher, theorist, short story writer and blogger. Nick Land (17-Jan-1962) has been described as "the father of accelerationism", and was a leader of the 1990s collective Cybernetic Culture Research Unit after its original founder cyberfeminist theorist Sadie Plant departed from it. See Nick Land Wikiquote.

    Patrick J Buchanan

    Who Is Killing 10,000 Black Americans Every Year? (1-Oct-2021) blog post on Patrick J Buchanan website.

    Richard Lynn

    Controversial English psychologist and author, Richard Lynn (born 1930) is a former professor emeritus of psychology at Ulster University, having had the title withdrawn by the university in 2018, and assistant editor of the journal Mankind Quarterly, which has been described by Wikipedia neoliberals as a white supremacist journal and purveyor of scientific racism. See Richard Lynn's 2008/2009 blog site.


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