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1 / 26   ACLU - Free Speech v Offensive Speech?


2 / 26   Black Radicalism

  • "HR indoctrination techniques like the Privilege Walk and the seemingly radical ideology it propagates are fugazi — fake. The real effect of a focus on “privilege” is to hide the problems of class power and exploitation that are at the heart of capitalist social relations."
  • Review of Marie Gottschalk - Caught: The Prison State (2015)
  • Huey P Newton 1968 Interview with The Movement Magazine from Jail After Police Killed Black Panther Members (21-Feb-2018)
  • "[The urge to aggressive (violent) policing emerges from an] imperative to contain and suppress the pockets of economically marginal and sub-employed working class populations produced by revanchist capitalism."
  • What Materialist Black Political History Actually Looks Like (8-Jan-2019)
  • "[#BLM/race-only perspective is] a demand that we not pay attention to the deeper roots of the pattern of police violence in enforcement of the neoliberal regime of sharply regressive upward redistribution and its social entailments."
  • Honest Left-Radical Suckers: Collected Black Political Statements Across Time (NYU 2021)
  • Vision for Black Lives - Policy Platforms
  • BBC: Black Lives Matters activists outline policy goals (21-Aug-2015)
  • Pucker Mob: Black Lives Matter Delivered Their 10 Point Manifesto, This Is What They Want (21-Nov-2021)
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    3 / 26   BLM - Boogaloo

    4 / 26   BLM - Civil War Race Dynamics

  • Frederick Dutton: Changing Sources of Power (1971)
  • Manifesto by lobbyist and Democratic strategist Frederick Dutton, one of the guiding forces on the McGovern Commission. The "balance of political power, from the economic to the psychological to a certain extent—from the stomach and pocketbook to the psyche, and perhaps sooner or later even to the soul."

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    5 / 26   Capitol Riot - January 6th

    6 / 26   Corporate Captured Media

    "Some sources that aren't commonly cited in the mainstream media are able to fasten onto the truth behind the story. Sometimes these sources will seed enough interest (and articles) that'll germinate  - after the appropriate douching by the bullshit spigot - in the popular press.  More often, they'll simply be suppressed.  Corporate media, regardless of superficial political aesthetic, is universally conformist - and surgically censorious. Corporate media is also well-skilled at covering its tracks; at least insofar as the majority is concerned."

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    7 / 26   Corrosion: England Degraded

    There was a time the English were at the cutting edge of every intellectual field. These days British cleverness in public debate is a performance, an evasion of anything that might challenge preconception, the look of listening without hearing or engaging with the substance of a challenging or heterodox argument. Instead, the game is to eloquently coerce discourse back to safe shared ground - often by reducing some stresspoint in what's being said to caricature or satire, a straw man which can then dismissed, mocked, attacked or reviled as circumstance requires. Bookend the evasion with faux-convivial credentialism, like sentences starting "as an expert blah blah" or impromptu displays of erudition (e.g. deconstructing familiar words into Latin epistemological roots) and voila: the new English model for discourse.

    "It's a weird Saatchi and Saatchi simulation of genuine intellectual discussion that allows the debate to continue looking like discourse but with zero interest in whatever's being discussed."

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    10 / 26   Flynn Murray Neo-Eugenics

  • Wikipedia: The Flynn Effect
  • Flynn Effect And Its Reversal Are Both Environmentally Caused (11-Jun-2018)
  • G Factor Psychometrics | Charles Spearman and G - General Intelligence
  • Inheritance of General Intelligence - Cyril Burt (1972)
  • The Pseudoscience of Psychometry and The Bell Curve - Joseph L Graves (1996)
  • "There has been a catastrophic drop at the top end of IQ/g-factor intelligence the past 20 years. Is it a positive thing because flattening the curve over a century of literacy and improved conditions has distributed IQ across society, or is it negative, a sign of cultural degradation or that a growing homogeneity across the population ends up fucking over exceptions, outliers and genius?"
  • Mainstream Science on Intelligence: An Editorial With 52 Signatories, History, and Bibliography (1997)
  • Southern Poverty Law Center: Linda Gottfredson - Individual Profile
  • Why Biological Literacy Matters: Review of Commentaries Related to the Bell Curve (1996)
  • Psychological Testing: IQ and Evolutionary Fitness - Gordon M Harrington (13-Sept-1996)
  • Boston Review: The Mismeasure of Minds (8-May-2019)
  • Wikipedia: Mainstream Science on Intelligence
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    11 / 26   Free Speech Questions

    "I believe in free speech. It's a yes or no principle. I say yes. The first amendment makes yes the law of the land."

    • What about hate speech?
    • What about incitement to violence?
    • What about lying?
    • What about using amplified platform to speak falsehood to an audience of unknowns who'll take it at gospel?
    • What about intrusion on personal space?
    • What about the conflict of ideas?
    • What about unequal revelation?
    • What about a parent's right to raise his/her children true to deeply held faith, without life-threatening info in the name of education?
    • What about social media, private corporations with unpredictable power to regulate free speech?
    • What about censorship by corporation on behalf of individual ideology?
    • What's the difference between corporate speech and citizen speech?
    • Do corporations have the same rights of first amendment free speech as individuals?
    • Do free speech laws change in groups?
    • Should large-scale assembly speech be regulated by an authority?
    • Should free speech regulation ever be forcibly enforced?
    • Etc. Etc.
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    12 / 26   Gender Politics

  • Wage gap between white women and women of color persists in Santa Monica, according to new report (18-Feb-2020)
  • "If one were a cynic, one might suggest this whole vector of propaganda isn't about equality for women but about cushioning the blow - making it a social imperative - for both parents to work full-time, which is increasingly necessary as the lower and middle class is squeezed to continue the enrichment of the elite class"
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    13 / 26   Identarian Race Theory

    14 / 26   Identity Commentariat: Marcus Rashford

    Defaced Marcus Rashford Mural Covered with Messages of Support


    "The mural of Manchester United's Marcus Rashford in Withington in Manchester has been covered in messages of support after being vandalised on Sunday night. The damage to the mural was apparently caused within an hour of England's penalty shootout defeat by Italy in the Euro 2020 final, but has now been replaced by tributes to Rashford after the vandalism was covered up."

    Mac The Knife (@MacTheKnife) - Defacing was the dirty, ugly gesture of a drunken moron. Supporting is the organic act of 100s rejecting the vandal. It should give perspective on the true state of racism in England: an anachronism, overwhelmingly marginal, those few clinging on forced to wither away in shadows.

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    15 / 26   Identity Commentariat: Twitter Examples

    Keith Fenton (@Horseshit_McKay) replying to @mulier_loquax @jscushing and 2 others - How.can racism be created by a campaign against racism?

    Femi (@Femi_Sorry) - Because racists don't like it when people from ethnic minorities have a voice, so they get angry, accuse them of having a secret political agendas, and call them divisive, so that it looks like anti-racism is what is responsible for the racial unrest.

    Futon Mindful (@Futon_Mindful) - Bullshit identity politics is designed to look like courage but in reality achieve nothing & impact not a single plutocrat's bottom line. Taking the knee. Orange marches. Group mandate gestures are perverse misdirections that serve only to play into entrenched power inequities.



    Patrick O'Flynn (@oflynnsocial) - Ming has lost the plot here. The meaning of knee-taking does not belong to Eng footballers. It is the gesture of the Cenotaph defacers and imported from rancid US ID politics. You simply cannot adopt it in the expectation of universal acclaim.

    James O'Brien (@mrjamesob) - Trying to put my finger on why it's always 'Brexiters' who have the biggest problem with a peaceful protest against racism..

    Merton Jo (@MertonJoJo) - Flynn is a bigoted moron. But he's right about 'taking-a-knee' being a poisonous purity test, imported from identity politics of US duopoly war games. If he was smarter he'd be keen on these divisive public gestures that look courageous and pro-active but change nothing.

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    16 / 26   Integral Theory - Cipher For Totalitarian Credentialism

    Ostensibly a way to blah blah, introduced by bullshit spigot parapsychologist Ken Wilber (born 31-Jan-1949) integral theory, began as an attempt to fold a wide diversity of theories and thinkers into one single framework. It is portrayed as a "theory of everything" ("the living Totality of matter, body, mind, soul, and spirit"), trying "to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching." In the real-world, it's a recipe for getting an army of naive collaborators to serve a dogma, like a mobilization doctrine for a religious cult. Integral theory informs transpersonal psychology weaponized in culture war 'diversity' as a technique for applying mass propaganda to indoctrinate groups and extirpate outliers. Popular under different names in Scientology.

  • "All Must Serve The Borg!" Totalitarian authority loves it.
  • "Integral theory is a systemized know your place. Justification for self-censorship, in an ecosystem of cancel culture 'for the greater good'. Whose good? Authority. Always authority. It's shit."
  • A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality by Ken Wilber
  • Deep State actor: Stephanie Lepp - Institute For The Future
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    17 / 26   Kurdistan - Oil Field Nation


    18 / 26   Manufacturing Consent: Tribalism

  • Jonathan Cook: Kyle Rittenhouse Is Not The Enemy (23-Nov-2021)
  • "Rittenhouse is the latest product of the outrage industry. Tribalism is the neoliberal business model. Rittenhouse is a mirage, a manufactured repository for our outrage, our self-righteousness, our fear and our guilt. He is a phantasm conjured up by the corporate media to feed its bottom line and feed our egos."
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    19 / 26   Policing: Funding - Alt-Right - Cognitive Tech

    20 / 26   Populism: Benjamin Moffitt Studies - Chantal Mouffe Articles


    21 / 26   Racist Traffic Camera Policy?

    Black Chicago neighborhoods incur more red-light camera tickets than white ones. But ProPublica doesn't answer or ask the key question. Do white neighborhoods incur less tickets PER violation than nonwhite ones? If yes, policy is racist. If no, it's not.

  • ProPublica: Chicago's Race Neutral Traffic Cameras Ticket Black and Latino Drivers The Most
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    22 / 26   Steve Bannon - Dominionism - Charismatic Conspiracy


    23 / 26   The Nerds of Futurism and Gnostic Metaverse versus The Priesthood of Winners and Analogue Tradition

    24 / 26   Tommie Smith | Fist Raised in 1968

  • The Guardian: ‘People shunned me like hot lava’: the runner who raised his fist and risked his life
  • "At the 1968 Olympics, Tommie Smith, winner of the men’s 200 metres, stood on the podium and lifted his hand to protest racism. That moment would end his running career – and shake the world."
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    25 / 26   UK Education Degrading

  • The new top grade could be similar to the grade 9 at GCSE, but could also take the form of an A** (Aug-2021)
    • Another moronic slide into American marking schemes where 0 is 50
    • Everybody who's going through school is coming out dumber and dumber
    • Excuse in the US is profitable grift from education
    • Nobody in the UK who matters cares because none of their kids in the state run schools
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    26 / 26   Visualizations

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    6 cultural movements

    1 / 6   Christian Dominionism

    2 / 6   Communism: Popular Front


    3 / 6   Luminaries

    Max More born Max T. O'Connor (born Bristol UK 1964)

    •     extropianism, futurism "Principles of Extropy"
    •     President Emeritus "Alcor Life Extension Foundation"
    •     Entropy Institute
    •     "Transhumanism: Toward a Futurist Philosophy"


    FM-2030 born F. M. Esfandiary (born Iran 1930-2000 died NYC vitrified "Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Scottsdale)

    •     Are You A Transhuman?

    Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (born Germany 1973)

    • metahumanism, posthumanism, Nietzsche, tech ethics
    • Oxford educated
    • Tenure teaching John Cabot University (Rome)

    James J. Hughes (born Columbus OH USA 1961)

    • sociologist, bioethicist
    • Ph.D educated University of Chicago
    • Executive Director with Nick Bostrum of Institute for Ethics (was ED of Emerging Technologies and World Transhumanist Association)
    • teaches at Trinity College, Hartford CT
    • "Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redsigned Human of the Future"
    • "Cyborg Buddha: Using Neurotechnology to Become Better People"
    • Christian Transhumanist Association
    Nick Bostrum (born Sweden 1973)
    • philosopher, contemporary philosophy, transhumanism, analytics philosophy, AI, information hazard, infinitarian paralysis
    • Oxford educated (
    • founder of Future of Humanity Institute
    • tenure at St Cross College, Oxford - good Wikipedia bio and ideas breakdown (
    • "Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies)
    • Anthropic Bias: Observation Selection Effects in Science and Philosophy
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    4 / 6   Metamodernism

    Metamodernism is a proposed set of developments in philosophy, aesthetics, and culture which emerge from and react to postmodernism. One definition characterizes metamodernism as mediations between aspects of both modernism and postmodernism. Another similar term is post-postmodernism.

    In 1999, Moyo Okediji reused the term metamodern about contemporary African-American art, defining it as an "extension of and challenge to modernism and postmodernism."

    In 2002, Andre Furlani, analyzing the literary works of Guy Davenport, defined metamodernism as an aesthetic that is "after yet by means of modernism…. a departure as well as a perpetuation."

    The relationship between metamodernism and modernism was seen as going "far beyond homage, toward a reengagement with modernist method in order to address subject matter well outside the range or interest of the modernists themselves."

    In 2007, Alexandra Dumitrescu described metamodernism as partly a concurrence with, partly an emergence from, and partly a reaction to, postmodernism, "champion[ing] the idea that only in their interconnection and continuous revision lie the possibility of grasping the nature of contemporary cultural and literary phenomena."

    In 2010, cultural theorists Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker proposed metamodernism as an intervention in the post-postmodernism debate.


    Notes on Metamodernism

    Vermeulen and van den Akker asserted that the 2000s were characterized by the return of typically modern positions that did not forfeit the postmodern mindsets of the 1980s and 1990s, resembling a "neo-romanticism" represented especially in the work of young visual artists. According to them, the metamodern sensibility "can be conceived of as a kind of informed naivety, a pragmatic idealism", characteristic of cultural responses to recent global events such as climate change, the financial crisis, political instability, and the digital revolution. They asserted that “the postmodern culture of relativism, irony, and pastiche" is over, having been replaced by a post-ideological condition that stresses engagement, affect, and storytelling.

    The prefix "meta-" referred not to a reflective stance or repeated rumination, but to Plato's metaxy, which denotes a movement between opposite poles as well as beyond them.

    Vermeulen and van den Akker described metamodernism as a "structure of feeling" that oscillates between modernism and postmodernism like "a pendulum swinging between…innumerable poles". According to Kim Levin, writing in ARTnews, this oscillation "must embrace doubt, as well as hope and melancholy, sincerity and irony, affect and apathy, the personal and the political, and technology and techne." For the metamodern generation, according to Vermeulen, "grand narratives are as necessary as they are problematic, hope is not simply something to distrust, love not necessarily something to be ridiculed."

    Vermeulen asserts that "metamodernism is not so much a philosophy—which implies a closed ontology—as it is an attempt at a vernacular, or…a sort of open source document, that might contextualise and explain what is going on around us, in political economy as much as in the arts."

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    5 / 6   Predatory Capital, Extremism and Black Americana

  • There are many similarities to the 1930s, including the power of predatory international banks to consolidate wealth into the hands of a few oligarchs and impose punishing austerity measures on the global working class.
  • “More than anything else, the Nazis were a nationalist protest movement against globalization,” notes Benjamin Carter Hett in “The Death of Democracy: Hitler’s Rise to Power and The Downfall of the Weimar Republic.” - "Once and Future Liberal"
  • The Case For Black Patriotism (Jan-2022)
  • "Identity politics is Reaganism for lefties. Reaganism is laissez faire. It’s every tub on its own bottom. It's “I got mine, fuck you, Jack.” And the left’s version of that is: “I'm black, you're gay, I'm trans, you're a woman, and each of us is going for our own ethnic or racial or identity interests as opposed to going for some broader conception of our social interest as members of an economic class."
  • James Heckman, economist at the University of Chicago. Human capital theory. In an old Daedalus essay from 2011, Heckman asked what we know about the structures that facilitate the acquisition of the skills and the habits and the orientations that allow people to be successful in life.
  • George Borjas - "We Wanted Workers"
  • Roger Waldinger - "How the Other Half Works"
  • Glenn Loury - Black Americana: Eugene Genovese, in "Roll, Jordan, Roll, and Sterling Stuckey in Slave Culture" show that it’s all about what happened in 1820 and 1830 and 1840, as best they can figure out. That’s where the story begins for African Americans.
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    6 / 6   Transhumanism

    • William Godwin books: St Leon and Political Justice (1st edition)
    • William Haldane book: Daedalus: Science and the Future
    • Bernal book: The World, the Flesh and the Devil
    • Humanity 2.0 renamed Transhumanism Society after beating out libertarian right-wing transhumanist bloc.


    Libertarian right v Liberal left schism over equality of access to transhuman tech - Vs - give it to me and my clever Ubermensch first, fuck the loser proletariat, Ayn Rand would've blessed us doing what human winners do - making sure the technological singularity includes us, transformed, in perpetuity. Not our problem, the 99% of homo sapiens who miss the boat and get doomed to a future of mortal scraps.

    Transhumanism cross-pollinates with a lot of alt-culture demographics. Many charlatans. Many conceited sociopaths. But also higher quality outliers, a better more capable non-conformist who wants to be active doing things that drive humanity forward rather than swaddle in the status quo. Pros and cons here. Aubrey de Grey, Aldous Huxley and Nick Bostrum are a decent "quality control trinity" re: the intelligent (but flawed), more serious multi-discipline creative types associated with transhumanism.




    HUMANITY PLUS (formerly World Transhumanist Association) @


    ALCOR LIFE EXTENSION FOUNDATION (Cryonics, monetizing death-panic, dodgy) @

    cultural movements


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    4 questions

    1 / 4   Life Trajectories

    Is it possible to launch more than one true life trajectory - from youth into adulthood - that successfully combines dynamism, expertise, focus and critical mass of network (and reputation)? Are there any examples of humans who manage this i.e. without parleying gains from a prior trajectory to conserve momentum into the next?


    2 / 4   Paywalling Human Knowledge - Elsevier v Science?

    The hard work and original thinking of the world's scientists and academics is recorded in billions of published papers - a constant flow 24/7 from almost every country on Earth - placed in journals according to subject or field e.g. Nature, New Scientist, The Lancet, etc. The world's 5000 most-prestigious journals are owned by a cartel of multinational corporations: Reed-Elsevier (RELX), Clarivate 'Web of Science', Wolters Kluwer, Wiley Online Library, Springer Nature, CAS, etc. All of the billions of papers has been gathered behind a paywall. Advanced learning has therfore become very expensive, prohibitively so if you're in a poor country and/or not part of a rich university. Academics and scientists agree it should all be available to the world. But it's too profitable for the journal-owner stakeholders. Reed-Elsevier (RELX) alone makes $3.2B a year more then double the total annual profit of Netflix.

    There are solutions to the paywall. The most prominent, persistent and comprehensive is Sci-hub which - if you can get to it from your browser - has broken the paywall to provide free complete access to almost everything. Needless to say Sci-hub has been sued in the US, UK, EU and elsewhere. But Sci-hub isn't based in North America or Europe and it was coded by Alexandra Elbakyan, a Russian, who despite racking up an ever-growing stack of judgments against refuses to respect the foreign jurisdiction. Domains get banned, ISPs are court-ordered to blacklist, cancelled, same; but sci-hub itself follows the Pirate Bay evasion-persistence model: many mirrors, always circulating into new domains, publishing the latest mirrors/sites to the public kept separate to the sci-hub service itself. Elbakyan now owns millions of dollars fines, carries a dozen contempt judgments and will probably be persona non grata west of the Oder for the rest of her life. Commenting on the corporations and the court rulings, Elbakyan writes (via her blog): "Sorry but this is a complete bullshit."

    Sidebar: most academics and scientists are on record complaining about the monopolistic capture of knowledge by these mega-corporations. Almost all can be quoted as saying they think the billions of papers should be accessible to all, without charge. But let's not forget the academics are choosing to sign away the copyright on their papers to Elsevier and cronies, in return for being published in higher name brand journals. There are free options with global presence 100% open to the public: ArXiv exists, PLOS, Royal Society Open Science, Open Library, etc. Dozens of others cover every field of study. Truth is the academics (who get free access to paywalled DOIs via their institutions) find the corporate journals carry greater social weight, more 'useful' as currency for tenure / promotion / winning awards. So they choose to give away copyright, surrender (on behalf of the rest of humanity) access to the fruits of their expertise. Spineless turds.

  • The war to free science (10-Jul-2019)
  • Spending By Universities On Papers In Journals (1986-2014)



    3 / 4   Social Media Message Nuances

    "I want Law and Order. Trump backs crackdown on chaos. Trump is for Law and Order."

    But Trump is the President. Isn't he responsible for unrest - for society breakdown - for breakdown of law and order, on his watch? Why doesn't he get held responsible?

    "Social media is a cesspool of anonymous unaccountable sock puppets, talking point bots, incel trolling and everybody shouting at once their opinions about everything. All locked in echo-chambers divided by specious political tribalism."

    There are bad actors in every population. Millions of active social media users are no exception. But the lack of nuance and the susceptibility to mob mentalities come from a lack of personal engagement by thread originators. It wouldn't exist face to face.

    "Social media brings out the worst in everyone. Mainly because there's no accountability. You can say what you want and there're no consequences when you act like an asshole."

    This abuse of 'no accountability' applies to bad actors but not to the average user of social media. In reality, it's not that person A wouldn't say X to person B, but person B would respond to person A if the interactions were face to face. Instead, it's person B abusing 'no consequences' to ignore (rudely) person A. Magnify this dynamic by a billion frustrated interactions and online conversation grows toxic.

    "Why should I respond to every message on my social media? I reply where I can, especially to the most annoying or deplorable comments. What's so bad about using my finite time to hit the best and the worst, to make a difference?"

    We see messages and place them on a spectrum from extreme positive to extreme (violently) negative. At the spectrum midpoint are the more ambiguous comments that take genuine reflection to answer. Those middle-of-the-spectrum comments are seldom offensive (or solely sycophantic) Nor are they lowest common denominator. Trouble is, ambiguity and nuance is time consuming to engage personally. Most of us are too lazy to bother. It's easier to virtue signal or shit-talk or stress (again) familiar talking points. Autopilot.

    We're trained to pick out the most familiar, extreme negative comments in a thread and respond to lowest common denominator groupthink. It's self-serving. Why? Because it requires least effort to pick out opposing groupthink and, by virtuously firing back a tried and tested takedown, we absolve ourselves of the lazy hypocrisy and win quick, easy self-satisfaction. Nuanced comments - which are personal, not automated or we ignore trolling.

    And then we tell ourselves Twitter is to blame for the dysfunctional environment. What a crock. We're to blame.

    "I'm not convinced this is true. How do I test this?"

    Find a bunch of social media users who're running their own account. It shouldn't be people you know. You can tell this by checking their profile and their messages. It should be personalized. It should have specific comments including replies (follow-ups) to real-world events, not delegated to a staff member to automate or manage.

    Try sending messages or making comments that fit the 'extremely negative groupthink' and then 'extremely positive ingratiating' and finally 'ambiguous, nuanced, thoughtful'. Let's call the negative A, the positive B and the nuanced thoughtful C.

    According to our initial 30-day experiment and subsequently adjusted, the percentage weight of responses to the three categories:

  • 81% A (negative)
  • 13% B (positive)
  • 6% C (nuanced)


    4 / 4   What happened to the Occupy millions?

    Recently the Democratic Party has been rehabilitating previously demonised figures like George W Bush and Dick Cheney. This is reasonable given the corporate Dems have shifted to an openly further Right position and will be figuring on picking up GOP voters - especially in the event Trump runs in 2024 - to offset loss of Left/Progressive support (which they don't want anyway).

    But what happened to the millions of people for whom the Iraq War was the greatest abomination and Bush/Cheney were to blame? What happened to the millions of people who came out in protest during the Occupy movement? Where did all those people (or their beliefs) go?



    • If renewables include biomass it’s not renewable – not green – because biomass is a fancy word for burning trees/algae/cashcrops etc
    • Biomass is worse than many types of fossil fuels – burning dirtier, more carbon emissions, more habitat destructive etc
    • Biomass being lumped in with other renewables is a result of intense lobbyist pressure – always a sign of profit over public interest
    • Biomass labelled renewable is a way to insert old-fashioned for-profit commodity markets into subsidised nascent green energy
    • Renewables are: WIND, HYDROELECTRIC, WAVE, SOLAR, some THERMAL only
    • Renewables cannot come from: burning fossil fuels, nuclear fission, burning biomass (trees, algae, moss, etc)




    “It’s easy to create a full-time job pointing out contradictions in the output of one or both of the duopoly bullshit spigots.

    Hundreds of new media independents and thousands of legacy media institutions make their living following the superficial currents of news cycles. It’s easy content, endlessly replenished, perpetually zeitgeist; but it’s not useful to be an amplifier of the propaganda machine. If anything the devil’s bargain for profit and views (by serving the proliferation of hegemonic framing) should be an anathema to anyone sincerely trying to push back on the exploitation excess of American oligopoly.

    The criteria of America’s partisan dichotomy is self-serving, corollary to its own internal competition between interest groups. The dichotomy isn’t bound by consistency. It doesn’t exist to serve truth. Political narratives are only partisan – liberal or conservative, left or right – insofar as they’re used to serve two highly evolved organisations of wealth and influence subordinated to a single ruling class monopoly on power.

    Executive action exclusively serves this monopoly and the entire ecosystem of media and institutional propaganda exists to bridge the gap between the brutal reality of legislation by narrow elite interests and the general public excluded from (or exploited by) elite profit.”

    Us Against Them?
    Me Against You?
    • The narrative is full of propaganda and bullshit.
    • The orthodoxy is mostly inertia.
    • But the fundamentals? I don’t know. Harder to see it as entirely one-sided good guys versus bad guys, difficult to cite credible alternative “do it this way, humans” – despite how offensive the propaganda and the bullshit is.
    • I can certainly see some winners (in the broadest sense) and a lot of losers (in an everyday opportunity sense). Is that my own ugly pragmatism of birthplace and upbringing?
    • So there’s a prevailing narrative, a prevalent orthodoxy, and a complex interplay of geo-ethnic-competitive fundamental motivations playing out across the world as innumerable cause-and-effect actions and reactions.

    “Some sources aren’t commonly cited in the mainstream media, but can fasten onto the truth behind the story. Sometimes these sources will seed of articles that’ll germinate (after the appropriate douching by the bullshit spigot) in the popular press.  Sometimes they’ll be suppressed.”


    What about an Individual Independence Income?
    • Private safe shelter
    • Personal living space
    • Necessary good health provisions
    • Medical care
    • Education
    • Free and equal access to the law