Establishment Domination Of The National Reward System?

Establishment domination of the national reward system is impressively omnipresent. Mass legacy media and almost every institutional gatekeepers of important credentials is subordinated to the service of an aging plutocracy. Consent is manufactured. Dissent is silenced – or marginalized out of sight. Wealth continues to be inexorably drawn upwards and power is consolidated in an ever more imperious, all-encompassing citadel.

The motivations of the ruling elites and their high-bred servant class are plain and plausible. The conditioned subservience of the working class is grist for the mill. Middle class is shrinking, coerced into the rigged game by debt and duty.

There’s a widespread hunger for alternative vision but the intelligent citizenry, having lost faith across the board, is driven by a stronger desire for the promise of liberation by wealth. The picture is bleak for individual autonomy and compassionate social democracy alike.

Interestingly, the eponymous intellectual dark web of mavericks like Joe Rogan, Matt Taibbi, Jordan Peterson and Eric Weinstein – in the wake of the short-lived excitement from early exponential audience scale up – claim variously to have lost all feeling, to have become bored of their own social commentary – even though it’s perfectly correct and important.

Each of these anomalous but undeniable Gen X influencers has, for example, spoken earnestly about recent UFO revelations becoming reason for pessimism, as the open-ended question of demonstrable alien encounter passes society by with less comment than the most recent episode of a late night talk show furore. Bewildered, the good independent thinkers must move along too. But there’s something corrosive in trying to keep up with the ephemeral half-interest of the crowd.

Having a popular position compounds the frustration, if anything, but frustration about what? Because it’s a pedestal with no action. It’s eloquent ego, perpetually impatient for change, treading water proselytizing to entertain audiences but without the patience to build brick by brick. Perhaps that’s why alt-space public figures like Rogan and Weinstein fixate on the poisonous role of the ubiquitous phone. It’s arms length.

Almost every mote of human potential is squandered every day, while these so-called independents tell if like it is, get ignored by the institutions they’re desperate to be recognized by. Worse yet, competitive capitalism has birthed vast corporations, incentive infrastructures whose domination of almost everyone’s day-to-day finances ensures most human potential is channeled into profit and staffing the battlements of extant institutional power.

Meanwhile there are no incentives for the ruling orthodoxy to change the dynamic. Quite the opposite. Institutional hypocrisy is perfectly happy with this continuity. The billionaires are getting richer and the institutionalized celebrities get their fun in the game of thrones.

If there’s to be disruption to this dynamic, it’ll need to come from outside. Insurrection by idiots is no solution, the pointless side effect of a mobilized popular ignorance turned into short-term votes. Woke purges is simply weaponized jealousy focused on mass misdirection, uselessly squandering the energy of the millennial generation.