Divided and Ruled: Marginal versus Community Coalition

Why is there no community coalition (Labour, LibDems, Greens) against Tory kleptocracy in the United Kingdom?

In power terms, well-planned cooperation would turn the current zero sum divided game into a win-win seat-gaining approach for ALL parties. As it stands, opposition is simply and intractably divided, doomed to Conservative minority rule.

The December 2019 general election was a paradigm of this failure. There are dozens more.

Labour Left calls for more strident socialism. Labour Centre calls for sympathy with neoliberal business. Truth is, working class Brits aren’t always kind people. Community has become divisive, mistrusted.

The recipe for Labour success is to find a way to include the socialism sufficiently sugared and forward-looking to capture both Left dynamism and Liberal Democrats inertia.


Figures based on 2017 aggregate predictions from www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/orderedseats.html
Balanced Pre-hustings Coalition: 86 CONSERVATIVE SEATS –> 49 Conservative to Labour + 37 Conservative to LibDem