Democrats. Republicans. MAGA-loo. WOKE-tifa.

250 Word Flashpoints:

DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS? They’re teams. Neither are liberal or conservative or leftwing or truly right-wing. But part of the propaganda used to control everyday language (and therefore everyday people) is appropriating words. But these teams shouldn’t get to own those words. It empowers them EVERY TIME you communicate using their redefined word use.
Democrats aren’t liberal or left-wing. Part of their iron grip on power over genuine liberal leftwing politics is taking command of those words. It confers a legitimacy over social justice they haven’t earned and will betray every time it’s necessary.
In reality, the Dems are a party serving corporate interests against the working and middle classes. Social justice is a honeypot to capture the energy of well-meaning but naïve identarian voters. Virtue signaling, fine words, good public policy promises that never become legislation: identity politics is corporate and divisive and extremely effective. But it’s not liberal, it’s authoritarian; and it’s not left-wing, its job is to prevent socialist restrictions on big business profiteering.
Republicans aren’t conservative or fundamentally right-wing. But like the Dems, they want to control the conversation when it comes to the traditional conservative nationalist values of the individualist property business class: personal liberty, free market economics, respect for institutions, profit motive and small government, etc.
In reality, the GOP is pro-corporate monopolistic and anti-individual. They’re not conservative of anything. They’re not even right-wing insofar as defending the interests of the rich against the poor. Their nationalism is a grift, a cover story for plundering the wealth of the country.