Dear Journalists. Dear Commentariat. Dear Somebody.

The best independent journalists and academics – plus many non-professional commentators – have done a great job of laying bare the reality of corrupted government, institutions captured by corporate power, compromised disingenuous politicians, mainstream media selling fearporn at such a scale it is atomizing society at large… all important revelations, all necessary parts of exposing the “lie” and documenting the “sell out”.

But OK, what now?

We know the “system” will continue its slowburn slide into bankruptcy (for most) while our media-government-corporate cartel manages downtrending expectations – as best they can be managed – distracting with terror abroad and identarian bullshit at home, etc. But what is to be done?

What can the thousands of intelligent, uncompromised people do – as individuals, or as very small collaborations – to make a better world? Or make (at least) a small part of the world better tomorrow than it is today? Is there an antidote to the neoliberal poison?

How do we – as a society – act better than the endemic avarice of the very worst grift-and-grab of our ruling class lineage? This ‘stage’ is yet to be addressed in any serious sense; except by cranks and con men, which doesn’t count. It needs to be addressed.

We’ve got the diagnosis. The cancer(s) is/are exposed. Good! It’s a start. But what are the treatments? In fact, where the hell are the doctors??

I mean, we can report, in perpetuity, on the quasi-criminal exploitations of “late stage capitalism” and we can expose those individuals most greedy (and clumsy) about their inhuman profiteering, but what is being organized – in a practical sense – to be part of the solution?

What, if anything, is being produced that’s ambitious and dynamic and not simply performing ephemera into the echo-chamber? And if there’s nothing out there, what should we be doing? What can we do to treat the sickness?

Language is hard when it’s trying to describe something nuanced that’s not simply an evolution of an extant paradigm. It needs some linguistic virtuoso to string together words powerful enough to describe a new paradigm.