Critical Race Theory Fuels White Supremacy Fascism?

The ideology of individualism is dependent on a denial of the past as relevant to the present… Individualism denies the significance of race.”Robin DiAngelo

Individualism is for f*gs.” — Richard Spencer

“Telling affluent white progressives they’re racists and explaining they can buy absolution for $24.95 is fishing for cash with dynamite. DiAngelo is monetizing white guilt on a grand scale, and there’s an extraordinary irony in the fact that she’s got a home-field advantage in this game over someone like, say, Ibram Kendi, because she’s more accessible to people like herself, the same phenomenon she decries.” – Matt Taibbi

Quotes from Critical Race Theory and Far-Right White Supremacist Texts:
a) “Individualism… allows white people to exempt ourselves personally from race-based advantage.”
b) “challenge the ideologies of racism such as individualism and color blindness, we as white people must suspend our perception of ourselves as unique and/or outside race.”
c) “Exploring our collective racial identity interrupts a key privilege of dominance—the ability to see oneself only as an individual.”
d) “We need to discuss white people as a group—even if doing so jars us—in order to disrupt our unracialized identities… Talking about race and racism in general terms such as white people is constructive for whites because it interrupts individualism.”

CRT’s central message is that it’s a necessity to stop white people from seeing themselves as distinct people. “Insisting that each white person is different from every other white person,” DiAngelo writes, “enables us to distance ourselves from the actions of other white people.”

The CRT proponents don’t see, or maybe they do, where their logic leads. If you tell people to abandon their individual identities and think of themselves as a group, they sooner or later will start to behave as a group. Short of something like selling anthrax spores or encouraging people to explore sexual feelings toward nine year-olds, is there a worse idea than suggesting — demanding — that people get in touch with their white identity?

If CRT’s insistence “don’t feel guilty about racism,” reveling in scenes of making people experience and re-experience racial discomfort, and weird puffery – as Robin Diangelo introducing herself by saying things like, “I am Robin and I am white” feel familiar, it’s because she’s hitting all the themes favoured by Klansmen and identitarian egomaniacs of yore. Read a book like David Duke’s My Awakening and you’ll encounter the same types of passages present in CRT scripture.

There’s the constant rejoicing in discomfiting people with clarity of racial insight (“Even though she taught biology… she became very uncomfortable equating differences in human races as compared with breeds of horses,” Duke notes), tirades against “We’re all just people” homilies (Duke decries “racial egalitarianism” while DiAngelo goes after individualism and universalism), and endless ruminations on various stereotypes (DiAngelo seems obsessed with black hair, while Duke’s giveaway line is about “prominent secondary sexual characteristics”). DiAngelo even borrows the revolting indentitarian concept of race traitors, including on a checklist of antiracist skills: “I use my position as a white ‘insider’ to share information with BIPOC people.”

CRT theory is the work of academics. Some are simple grifters, others merely following the path of least resistance. Some are undoubtedly sincere. The identarian brand of bourgeois Spencerism is in the ascendant, intoxicated with itself and encouraged now by a Republican and Libertarian backlash. The means of production of propaganda have been captured by the attraction of the ultimate in sugar pill ethno-fascism. At this point there’s nothing we can do but hang on and wait for the madness to play itself out, and God knows how long that will take.