Coronavirus – Origin? Lockdown? Vaccine? Grift?

What is the origin of Coronavirus SARS-COV2?

Is the lab leak hypothesis valid, i.e. novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 escaped from Wuhan Institute of Virology after years of dangerous gain-of-function research?


Is it an unforeseeable natural virus – some latent coronavirus, perhaps an evolution of SARS-COV1 – that moved from animals (bats, pangolins) to infect humans; and emerged in Wuhan, China – a dense population near the original SARS outbreaks – coincidentally near the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Why is corporate (Big Tech, Media) censorship of anything that detracts from global sales of expensive vaccines so aggressive and – above all – targeting free speech and unofficial enquiry information) discussed by legitimate scientists and front-line doctors?

Is it possible Big Pharma has co-opted key government institutions (e.g. the NIH) to maximize profit by managing propagation of mRNA vaccines, keeping out alternative vaccines (e.g. AstraZeneca in the USA) and squashing / discrediting generic treatments (e.g. ivermectin – despite demonstrable lives saved and prophylaxis efficacy) because there’s no profit in off-patent medication?


Are these notions merely fodder for conspiracy paranoia or socialist anti-corporate propaganda?

Who is funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Is China to blame, for lab leak or for dangerous research or for unhygienic wet markets or for trying to cover up the early weeks of the Coronavirus when it could’ve been kept from spreading worldwide?

Was the virus being developed, with sinister objectives like bioweapons? Who was funding this research, China or America or a collaboration aimed at dodging Western restrictions on biohazard gain-of-function research?


Was the Wuhan Institute using controversial techniques with the best of motives, e.g. to speed up research, to get ahead of the next pandemic?


  1. Official conclusion is Coronavirus originated in Wuhan Chinese wet markets and jumped to humans from bats via a pangolin.
  2. Any other explanation than official is by default suspicious, unproven, likely to be dangerous to society and, as such, should be treated as an irresponsible disinformation, a crazy conspiracy theory or a malicious threat.
  3. Any other explanation outside the official information risk lives of vulnerable potential targets e.g. with coronavirus this leads to harming Asian-Americans who might be blamed, average people who might not get vaccinated, etc.
  4. This is the ORTHODOXY and – agree or not – the official public justifications.


Details will come out. Seldom is the underbelly a revelation of simple unequivocal ‘evil’.

Based on access to publicly available firsthand source materials, a consistent development narrative unfolds.


  • Development of mRNA technology has been in progress for over 20 years. Various science hurdles had to be overcome; and NIH / DARPA funding drove the research along with UK and German government equivalents once the patented messenger RNA delivered in lipid shell mechanism was patented by US Govt and licensed to companies like BioNtech, Moderna, Cellscript and others.
  • Gain-of-function research has a long controversial history and by the time Obama administration signed off on American labs not doing it, EU had also banned it. China has no such restrictions on risky leading edge medical research.
  • Separate channels of American government-military funding (DARPA) and government-civilian science grants (NIH and Fauci) worked out an evolving gain-of-function research collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party and Wuhan Institute of Virology. Trump administration set up ongoing American support.
  • CCP and Chinese military scientists were brought on board. SARS had hit China, the CCP had been working at research already and was keen to benefit from importing state-of-the-art tech + science. Wuhan Institute of Virology ramped up world leading gain-of-function research and other key internationally sanctioned biological virus science.
  • In most concise summary: Wuhan lab used animals for research. Bats well represented. Sometime in 2019, a novel coronavirus escaped from the Institute of Virology. It spread from Wuhan. CCP couldn’t contain it, despite authoritarian lockdown and early suppression. Covid-19 came into the world.


  • Early 2020. World Health Organisation declares pandemic. Coronavirus goes global. China shares viral genetic codes. Chinese scientists from the Wuhan lab register early Covid-19 vaccine patents along with Moderna and BioNtech-Pfizer.
  • Wet market narrative is inserted. China, WHO, CDC, US Govt and others are in lockstep with an official consensus: accidental coronavirus mutation from animals to humans went pandemic, no lab leak, lockdowns across the world to minimize infections, mass media husband public demand for vaccine ASAP.
  • Trials of vaccines begin early/mid 2020. Stages become truncated to get the vaccines into play at unprecedented timescale.
  • Dr Fauci and military Operation Warp Speed work aggressively to keep messaging consistent (and away from scrutiny of Wuhan Institute of Virology). China is also keen to suppress investigation.
  • Big Tech becomes weaponized to censor dissent from any source, scientist or layman. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google: hand in glove with government mandate.
  • By Stage III (late 2020) the mRNA vaccine trial studies have been designed from the outset to win FDA authorization and return very high efficacy. Authorization of these high-profile high-profit vaccines is pushed through fast. Emergency authorization terms require there to be no other COVID-19 treatment drugs.
  • Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products and Related Authorities (2017): “For FDA to issue an EUA, there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition” i.e. hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin must stay unapproved and discredited.
  • Big Pharma, having already entered into contracts to deliver billions of vaccine doses, spends millions on the groundwork – in mainstream media, government CDC, etc – to guide public pandemic expectations. Unprecedented demand for national vaccine programs across over the world is achieved.
  • Pfizer and Moderna in particular eye hundreds of billions of dollars profit, potentially trillions if their vaccines need to be taken every year..
  • Trump administration is both incompetent and luddite about coronavirus. When Covid-19 can no longer be ignored, Trump stubbornly doubles down on bullish politicized denialism, eschewing federalized strategy in favor of dropping organizing lockdown, quarantine, testing, treatment and vaccine deployment  into the state by state red-v-blue internecine.
  • Establishment takes advantage of the Trump posture to arrange an opposing politics-led exclusive orthodoxy behind Fauci and CDC expertise: lockdowns, masks, censorship for public good, furloughs, vaccine programs, trillions of dollars transferred to corporate clients, etc.
  • Vaccine data, focus of media reportage, official bulletins from Fauci and then Biden administration continue the orthodox narrative. There’s no let up on aggressive censorship of anything and anyone diverging from official CDC directive. Periodic numbers published about near-perfect efficacy of vaccines. Variants used to obfuscate closer inspection of data.


  • Alternative treatments for Coronavirus, like ivermectin, are pushed out of the mainstream, publicly discredited despite growing evidence and clinician support. There’s no profit from off-patent generics. Allowing zero profit medication to play a significant role as a Covid-19 treatment would reduce mRNA vaccine profits by literally tens of billions dollars.
  • FDA emergency approval requires there to be no viable available treatment methods. This makes it essential to vaccine profit to squash ANY existing protocol (e.g. ivermectin + steroid + fluvoxamine blend) gaining official recognition. Censorship targets this line of public discussion consistent with Big Pharma/Big Tech/CDC strategy.
  • Democratic Party has won Presidency, Senate, House of Reps. Big tech is playing ball. Big Pharma is making billions. Corporate America has emerged wealthier. They have dropped the economic hit this far on the middle and working class. Progressive opposition has been castrated.
  • Biden is distanced enough from Fauci, schmoozing abroad, playing up Putin and Chinese threat while business as usual plutocracy trundles into the second half of 2021.
  • There’s no evidence Coronavirus was being weaponized by China or that its escape was planned.
  • There’s every evidence Wuhan lab is the source, gain-of-function conditions bred the initial pandemic variant and China was working directly with the US on what was probably seen as mutually beneficial, mutually profitable science.
  • Vaccine distribution is largely under the control of the US (mRNA), the UK and India (AstraZeneca), with Russia and China rolling out its own vaccines using less advanced industrial scale technology. US Govt controls Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna patents. UK Govt and UK/Swedish institutions probably control AstraZeneca patents. EU role is significant in production, probably less relevant in patent control.
  • India is a major vaccine producer but its nationalist government has expelled the vaccine maker CEOs, hording stock for its own people; whose need is great. UK and US are the only autonomous advanced vaccine ecosystems. Both have horded homeland stock. US plays benevolent provider with one hand, price gouging hostage nations with the other.
  • Trillions of dollars are at stake, for corporate and treasury revenue, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. This will ensure American orthodoxy is slow to release its tight hold on the narrative.
  • Expect censorship to continue, subjects diversifying according to government priority. Big tech regulation is a stick to beat platforms into submission, taxation a clear and present penalty for corporate or billionaire dissent.
  • Expect transgressions that risk profit or power to be punished with increasing force. Too much money and too many powerful people have staked their future on the current Coronavirus Political-Industrial complex.


  • There’s no reason to mistrust every orthodoxy. The government is not out to make you sick.
  • Given history and natural conflict of interests, there’s no reason to trust official conclusion.