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The story of Coronavirus has been heap big fun. Informative, also, insofar as learning a lot about the way the world works – and how it’s presented, to the world, through national media, by liberal and conservative politicians, by the government and the medical communities, between different countries, etc. It’s also provided an interesting and real end-case example of how a vaccine is developed, trial’d and distributed. Most interesting of all, after doing a little research and connecting the dots, plotting the way biotech is funded, developed and utilised from the early university department papers through to ambitious use case research, to focused application answering the call for a Coronavirus vaccine once the pandemic had locked down most of the world.

Just over a year after the World Health Organisation (WHO declared Coronavirus a pandemic, vaccines are being mass-produced and distributed to populations in dozens of countries across the planet. The science has been impressive. The politics? The corporate profiteering? Quite the opposite.

“The corporate mantra is to avoid paying taxes, exploit consumers & workers at every opportunity; to squeeze the most profit from the least outlay possible. Corporate interests have pacified conservatives with money and liberals with meaningless woke jargon. Meanwhile, corporate capitalism does nothing to improve society in any form unless it profits, or costs nothing. By default this means a stratified society of winners and consumers and losers.” – @flurblewurble

“It’s going to take something more than a profit motive to give the losers a humane future but we can’t look to business to show humanity when our politicians have been corrupted. The political class must be made accountable. The ruling elites must not be allowed to enrich themselves at the cost of a fair and just society; not if we want to build a world where ‘all men are created equal’ is more than an empty tagline for a neofeudal lineage oligarchy.” – @wurbleflurble


mRNA vaccine
mRNA as a protective vaccine. While mRNA was originally found to be viable for in vivo gene transfer in the early 1990’s, the development of mRNA vaccines was initiated much later due to the inherent instability of mRNA compared to DNA (57). The efficacy of mRNA vaccines can be increased by several factors, such as ensuring mRNA purity, adding 5’ Kozak and cap sequences, 3’ poly-A sequences and modified nucleosides to increase mRNA stability and decrease detection by the receptors of innate immune cells, codon optimization, introduction by intramuscular, and intradermal injection to reduce RNA degradation, and by generating thermostable mRNA (57–59) (Figures 4, 5). Methods to encapsulate RNA have also been explored to increase the stability and immunogenicity of RNA vaccines, as has been used with exosome encapsulated RNA (60) and RNA-transfected dendritic cells (61, 62). When fully optimized, RNA vaccines may have an immunogenic advantage over DNA vaccines due to the presence of multiple cellular pathways that activate innate immunity in response to foreign RNA such as the toll-like receptors (TLRs) and RIG-I-like receptors (RLRs) (63, 64).
Twat on a brick fuckstick.

NIH (National Institutes of Health)


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