Conspiracy Theories. Narcissists. Where’s The Love?

All these conspiracy theories, fueled and amplified be – apparently – narcissist disorder.


“Making Sense of Conspiracy Theorists as the World Gets More Bizarre”Jon Ronson (The Guardian, 11th April 2021)

Why’s there no heightened visibility for the other side of this conspiracy of them against us? That would be some distillation of hope, solidarity, humanitarianism and charity.

Jon Ronson isn’t a bad person. He’s never preached division or called entire populations evil. He used to hang out with outliers, narcissists all together.

But in the same way the Alex Jones conspiracy theories have gained momentum – and David Icke has become popularly legitimized – both speaking to much larger audiences than ever, Jon Ronson and the social justice activists have gained weight, partnering with an official status – holding the line against insurrection alt-right, defining the limits of acceptable dissent and marshalling the forces of censure against the demagoguery of AJ and DI.

What I don’t understand, in all this evolution of public status and hardening of battle lines between orthodoxy and reactionary, is why the former has become so hard hearted, so unforgiving, so absent of love and individual compassion – exactly as you’d expect from agents of a state-sponsored monolith – whereas Alex Jones has apologized publicly for being wrong about Sandy Hook (which Ronson knows full well) and David Icke public speaking has become mostly a mix of cry freedom and love thy neighbour.

The lizard part may be bullshit but it was never a dehumanization of regular people. Ronson has no such love in his heart. Which is more inexplicable to me than the proliferation of conspiracy theories about paedophile elites.

The Clintons were regular visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s island of paedophilia. This isn’t conspiracy theory any more. Epstein cover ups and extensive abuses are common knowledge. Is it any surprise guys like Alex Jones, who’s been shouting about Epstein almost 20 years, gets more attention from the average cracker? Shouldn’t be.

Is it surprising the way social justice has been coopted into a tone deaf jihad against ideological enemies – with no regard for individual life, no mercy, no redemption, no compassion for error?

Where did all the love go?

Jon Ronson might know. It’d be a good subject for the next book.