Consciousness Builder Algorithm – In A Zygote.

  1. Consciousness is a lucky corollary of brain evolution, as neurological complexity developed to facilitate greater intelligence over millions of years natural selection, in the crucible of changing environment, scarcity and sexual competition. 
  2. Equally amazing as the evolution of consciousness over millions of years, from primate ancestors to modern humans, is a phenomenon that may demonstrate the power of natural selection by survival of the fittest, but in an incredible microcosm: you, the individual animal, born of egg and sperm, a mind developing in the womb and then as a baby, into conscious self-aware identity. All inside your humble homo sapiens skull.
  1. Everything that’s you, mind and body, began as a single zygote carrying the blended genes of your parents. The zygote is given a variable flow of energy and biochemical material – in the womb – and somehow that’s all it needs to make myself into a blastula, then an embryo, then a foetus, then a baby. The newborn breathes its first gulp of air into unused lungs and screams it out through brand new vocal chords in a sound heard by nascent ears. Welcome to the universe!
  2. All this is built by instructions distilled into an algorithm held inside the chemistry of that original zygote.
  3. All animals have a version of this template. The human zygote algorithm and the zygote algorithm of a fish aren’t so different.. until,conscious that is, intelligence comes into the picture…
  4. The brain is a complex meta-distributed network of neurons and synapses fused onto a central nervous system. It has the multivariate capacity to perceive its environment via multiple limbic high frequency asynchronous data streams.
  5. The difference between human beings and other known zygote-algorithm life is the former’s potential for coherent brain complexity at neuron-synapse-glion scale.
  6. We don’t know if this complexity and scale also includes particular uniquely human pattern types (versus other big brains like dolphins and chimpanzees). We must accept the possibility of the distinctly human patterns of neurons, synapses, gluons et al being emergent from the zygote-algorithm like the rest of the body.
  7. Zygotes is zygotes (to a certain point) but only the homo sapiens zygote develops into an animal with a neuro-synaptic substrate complex enough to manifest a much more ambitious blueprint: intelligence. It alone includes an algorithm for consciousness.
  1. Let’s consider the principle of natural selection by survival of the fittest. It shouldn’t be too unthinkable to apply Darwin to a single zygote’s development, given the same theory is a beautiful description of the evolution of life already. We accept it’s the only working explanation for our own species’ existence, as medium sized primates in the panoply of Earth’s multicellular eukaryote life. It’s unanimously understood that over roughly 65 million years and many millions of “generations”, a shrew-like protomammal evolved into what’s become a diverse world of mammals, including us.
  2. Brutal Darwinian environment of  neuro-substrate.
  3. Takes up to a few years for the prefrontal cortex to be dominated by the winning identity, which then gets to becomes the individual – the personality – the you and me.