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  • If renewables include biomass it’s not renewable – not green – because biomass is a fancy word for burning trees/algae/cashcrops etc
  • Biomass is worse than many types of fossil fuels – burning dirtier, more carbon emissions, more habitat destructive etc
  • Biomass being lumped in with other renewables is a result of intense lobbyist pressure – always a sign of profit over public interest
  • Biomass labelled renewable is a way to insert old-fashioned for-profit commodity markets into subsidised nascent green energy
  • Renewables are: WIND, HYDROELECTRIC, WAVE, SOLAR, some THERMAL only
  • Renewables cannot come from: burning fossil fuels, nuclear fission, burning biomass (trees, algae, moss, etc)


Universal Basic Income

Individual Independence Income

  • Private safe shelter
  • Personal living space
  • Necessary good health provisions
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Free and equal access to the law

Us Against Them?

Me Against You?

  • The narrative is full of propaganda and bullshit.
  • The orthodoxy is mostly inertia.
  • But the fundamentals? I don’t know. Harder to see it as entirely one-sided good guys versus bad guys, difficult to cite credible alternative “do it this way, humans” – despite how offensive the propaganda and the bullshit is.
  • I can certainly see some winners (in the broadest sense) and a lot of losers (in an everyday opportunity sense). Is that my own ugly pragmatism of birthplace and upbringing?
  • So there’s a prevailing narrative, a prevalent orthodoxy, and a complex interplay of geo-ethnic-competitive fundamental motivations playing out across the world as innumerable cause-and-effect actions and reactions.

“Some sources aren’t commonly cited in the mainstream media, but can fasten onto the truth behind the story. Sometimes these sources will seed of articles that’ll germinate (after the appropriate douching by the bullshit spigot) in the popular press.  Sometimes they’ll be suppressed.”

“It’s easy to create a full-time job pointing out contradictions in the output of one or both of the duopoly bullshit spigots.

Hundreds of new media independents and thousands of legacy media institutions make their living following the superficial currents of news cycles. It’s easy content, endlessly replenished, perpetually zeitgeist; but it’s not useful to be an amplifier of the propaganda machine. If anything the devil’s bargain for profit and views (by serving the proliferation of hegemonic framing) should be an anathema to anyone sincerely trying to push back on the exploitation excess of American oligopoly.

The criteria of America’s partisan dichotomy is self-serving, corollary to its own internal competition between interest groups. The dichotomy isn’t bound by consistency. It doesn’t exist to serve truth.Political narratives are only partisan – liberal or conservative, left or right – insofar as they’re used to serve two highly evolved organisations of wealth and influence subordinated to a single ruling class monopoly on power.

Executive action exclusively serves this monopoly and the entire ecosystem of media and institutional propaganda exists to bridge the gap between the brutal reality of legislation by narrow elite interests and the general public excluded from (or exploited by) elite profit.”

Build Back Better (2021 Draft)