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30 Facts: Covid-19 Cribsheet (off-guardian.org | 22-Sept-2021)

Big pharma sceptical, vaccine hesitant broadsheet online media SARS-Cov2 cribsheet: 30 Facts about Covid-19 from Off Guardian (22-Sept-2021) website.

51% Attack
51% Attack refers to a situation where a majority of blockchain miners make an attack on the rest of nodes, by changing/ stopping transactions, taking over mining operations, or double spending coins.
6 Months UK Covid-19 Deaths + Hospitalizations 2021
UK Covid Deaths:
  • 21-Apr-2021: 127,544 total deaths | 11M double vax (6M double vax + fortnight since second dose)
  • 21-Oct-2021: 139,324 total deaths (45M double vax)
  • = 11,780 deaths last 6 months - this is double the average annual flu deaths
  • Hospitalizations | NHS Capacity:
  • 38K hospitalized high point in Jan 2021
  • 8k hospitalized current Covid burden on 21-Oct-2021
  • UK testing @ 1 million a day via all pillars (testing routes)