How do we know what's true and what's false?
What’s wrong with the world? How can any one person see through the bullshit, to know true from false

Coronavirus - Lab Leak? Natural Origin? Does it matter?
Lab leak hypothesis – novel coronavirus escaped from gain-of-function research, at Wuhan Institute of Virology? Or, as was initially propagandized, an unforeseeable natural-origin virus – some latent old coronavirus that lingered after SARS/MERS and eventually moved from animals to humans, coincidentally emerging in China by the Wuhan Institute of Virology? The latter is unlikely. Check out CORONAVIRUS TIMELINE and make up your own mind.
Vaccine Hesitancy Costs Live. Why So Many Disadvantaged People Refusing Free Vaccination?
It’s a sign of the divided healthcare and the cognitive dissonance of media elite privilege that so many articles are written lamenting that the biggest reason for vaccine hesitancy is messaging. It’s not messaging, you turds. It’s COST. Vaccines are free, right? But what about aftercare, or unexpected side effects? That’s not free. For a third of Americans that’s bankruptcy waiting to happen; or no medical care at all. THIS IS WHY POOR FOLKS AREN’T GETTING THE VACCINE.
Coronavirus - sinister Chinese bioweapon or DARPA funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan to evade American law?
Is China to blame, for either a lab leak or a dangerous research next to unhygienic wet markets? Who is funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology? What’s DARPA’s role in the Coronavirus research? Was the viral research seeking to develop bioweapons? Was the Institute using controversial techniques to accelerate research, to get ahead of the next pandemic? The answer doesn’t have to be sinister. Check out CORONAVIRUS TIMELINE and decide for yourself.

Existential threats?
What existential threats face the human race? What existential threats face the individual human being?

Devised in the 19th century as a response to universal suffrage, the duopoly model – and to a lesser extent the bicameral legislature – is the solution to democracy subverted to serve the needs of lineage wealth.
Anglo-American Hegemony
Empire and Colonies to Bretton Woods and Dollar Violence to Bipolarity of Neoliberal West and Traditional Worker-Hive China?

OffGuardian: The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)

Simply engaging in a “better” strategy of reality propaganda is NOT going to improve daily life, nor will it be effective push back against the mass media conditioning program of the past 15+ months.

If anything, picking out another set of symbols marks out the segregation according to the bullsh1t rules of the govt-oligarchy. It plays into their hands.

Propaganda reality dies in lived nuance. Apartheid is eroded by exposing the irrelevance of the terms of segregation; by ignoring it, by disdaining its orthodoxies – as infantile, disingenuous caricature. Go about your daily life without any of the symbols of conformism or rebellion.

Force the world into a human to human dynamic, and confront only when confronted. Face to face.

I know it doesn’t counterpoint the anger felt (justifiably) about the whole coronavirus debacle like the sledgehammer red triangle badge but the symbol is a conceit, compounding the problem for the sake of performative rebellion. It’s far more effective to dismiss both the propaganda reality and the compelled behaviour; and react to the drone-policing if/when it happens.