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Nationalism: European Union

The Physician's Pledge - Finite Resources Medical Triage
  • THE PHYSICIAN'S PLEDGE (1948) [9-Jul-2018]
  • Finite Resources and Medical Triage (Apr-1979)
  • American Medical Association: Routine Universal Immunization of Physicians for Vaccine-Preventable Disease (2010)
  • The next pandemic: anticipating an overwhelmed health care system (Oct-2005)
  • The Open-Air Treatment of PANDEMIC INFLUENZA (8-Jul-2008)
  • NHS reels as flu epidemic bites: Spike in hospital admissions, GPs overwhelmed, half a million calls to helpline...and worse to come (8-Jan-2018)
  • Hospitals Overwhelmed by Flu Patients Are Treating Them in Tents (18-Jan-2018)
  • Flu drives hospitals into 'war zone' conditions: Tents on the street in California, 'state of emergency' in Alabama, and Boston is using GATORADE to plug shortage of IV drips (18-Jan-2018)
  • Influenza Epidemic Has Hospitals Pulling Out 'Surge' Tents to Make Extra Space for Flu Patients (7-Feb-2018)
  • Operational stresses on New York City Health+Hospitals Health System frontline hospitals during the 2017-18 influenza season (23-Aug-2019)
  • AMA Code of Medical Ethics: Guidance in a pandemic (14-Apr-2020)
  • Ethics of sharing medical knowledge with the community: is the physician responsible for medical outreach during a pandemic? (Nov-2020)
  • COVID-19, Moral Conflict, Distress, and Dying Alone (9-Nov-2020)
  • Allocation of intensive care resources during an infectious disease outbreak: a rapid review to inform practice (18-Dec-2020)
  • Understanding Ethical and Legal Obligations in a Pandemic: A Taxonomy of "Duty" for Health Practitioners (Dec-2020)
  • Collateral Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Acute Care of Non-COVID Patients: An Internet-based Survey of Critical Care and Emergency Personnel (Apr-2021)
  • The Ethical Unjustifications of COVID-19 Triage Committees (Dec-2021)
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    Designated Criminal


    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Sells Billions of Shares


    The Whistleblowers Who Challenged Mass Surveillance After 9/11

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    Over 500 Scholars Launch Fightback Against Israel Lobby's Antisemitism Smear of UK Academics


    Largest Psilocybin Trial Finds The Psychedelic Is Effective In Treating Serious Depression

    Wisconsin Statute

    Self-Defense Law
    (inexplicably geoblocked outside of the United States)

    Military Industrial Complex


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