"Rights without responsibility is an adolescent absolutism." - David Fuller (Rebel Wisdom)

So many flavours of duopoly, some meaningful, some merely two cheeks of the same oligarchy arse. Over decades, politics and power centralizes at the top and, in democracies, evolves concurrently to subordinate suffrage to the needs of stable continuity – by polarizing electorate into opposing echo chambers kept busy chasing a public conversation driven by the appearance of distinct opposing blocs (parties). Team politics. Identity politics. Orthodox legitimacy over heterodox insurgency. Democracy becomes a pressure valve, a litmus for improved crowd control by permanent ruling elites rather than a crucible for testing competing ideas that might best serve the needs of the people.

Perhaps like communism leads ultimately to totalitarian despotism, corporate capture may be the inevitable coda for neoliberal monopoly capitalism. Contemporary western society certainly bears out the analysis.

"The only things that matter in the ongoing relationship of the citizen and the government is time and the law. Government has a monopoly on legal violence. Government makes law, from time to time. Legislation as it is created, deleted, or amended is the only meaningful focus for the public conversation, because these are the inarguable rules that define your life."

Benjamin Disraeli

Parsing Realities:

  • Anarcho-Whatever
  • Neo-Feudal Oligarchy
  • Socialist Spectrum
  • Competition Capitalism
  • Race Wars + Culture Wars
  • Alternative Paradigms

Manufactured Consent:

  • Polarization – Duopoly
  • Media – Social Media
  • Party Machinery
  • Perpetual Misdirection
  • Outsourcing Losers
  • Conditioning the Myths
  • Citadel – Cathedral – Orthodoxy
  • Incentives Gravity
  • “Do it to Julia!”
  • Carousel of Love and Hate
  • Identarian Atomization Internecine
  • Weaponized Fear – Spoonfed Vanity
  • Angry Young Men Shock Absorption
  • Family Trope Conscription
  • The Long Arm of Militarized Law
  • “Bet Your Life?”

New Directions:

  • Opportunity: Education, Healthcare, Base Egalitarianism, Pension, Shelter + Vital Provision, Autonomy, Competition, Local Inclusion, Free Choice Responsibility, Regulatory Adjudication,
  • Equity: Safety, Security, Arbitration, Justice, Meritocratic Self-Determinism, Independence
  • Body Politic: Individuals, Families, Cells, Regions, Organs, Infrastructure, Border Integrity, Policing Platelets, Free Market Entry + Competition + Digestive Supply and Demand + Waste Recycling Circulation, Capital Energy, Labour Bloodstream, Muscular Mobility, etc.
  • Democracy: Bottom-up (local) Organic Direct Democracy, Perpetual Votecasting, Accountability, Comprehension Criteria Referendum, Interplay of Expert Authority


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VIROLOGY BLOG by Vincent Racaniello with contributions from two colleagues.


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"They talk a lot about the importance of pronouns like he and she, but they don’t give enough attention to the most evil of pronouns: we. We is deep in our genes. We is the community. We is the home group, the familiar, the trustworthy. We love we. We is belonging. We comforts us. We exalts us. We is the pride in other people’s achievements, while taking them for granted as an entitlement. We is white privilege; and black privilege and brown privilege and any other privilege that includes or excludes people you don’t know. From we, the nebulous idea of the stranger gets defined as everyone out-group, impersonal danger gets imposed on the real world. We is the origin of the Untermensch. We is the complicity with proxy brutality against unseen human beings. We cherry-picks its gods and its devils, to worship or murder with conscience absolved. We is the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled. We is the root of all evil."

Yevgeny Zamiatin