Market Value. Marketable Values. Musk. Winkelvoss.

Duopoly Weakpoints. Donor Class. Third Party Insertion.

Consciousness. Identity. Blipverts. Divergence.

Coronavirus Questions: Origin? Lockdowns? Vaccines? Grift? Plandemic?

Collective Identarian Race Theory Fuels White Supremacy Fascism?

Anglosphere. American Openness. British Introspection. Podcasting.

Stupid People. Dumb Populations. Fighting Natural Prejudice.

America Bombs Syria. America Arms “Terrorists”. American Oil Bonanza.

Monopoly on Truth: Political Orthodox Consensus versus Wikipedia’s Heterodox Confluence.

Manufacturing Consent. Encouraged Derangement. Exploited Judgment.

English Regional Devolution. Scottish Independence. London Autonomy.

Social Justice Pathogens From American Politics Infecting British Culture?

Deafness Handicap. Isolation. Sign Language. Communication Superpower?

Establishment Domination Of The National Reward System?

Continental Social Democracy. Anglo-American Imperial Capitalism.

Democrats. Republicans. MAGA-loo. WOKE-tifa.

NIH-NIAID-DARPA Funding Big Pharma. Corporate National Profit.

Coronavirus Pandemic. Lab Leak Theory. Jon Stewart.

God In Embryo. God In Need. Leviathan Indeed.

Is Crypto Is Mass Hypnosis – Like Religion – With A Boogaloos Base? Yes. But…

American Food. Poison Doing Business With Pharma.

Military Spending. State Socialism. Maximum Efficiency?

Five Filters. Parsing Media’s Manufactured Consent.

Hero’s Journey. Mischaracterizing History. Dehumanizing Villains.

Divided and Ruled. Marginal versus Community Coalition.

Live Longer. Learn More. Less Listeners. Less Credibility

Capital “B” for Black. Lowercase “w” for White.

Homogeneal. Consciousness Builder Algorithm. In A Zygote.

MMT – Mixed Monetary Theory. Post Keynsian Rebuttal.

Data Harvesting. Turning Individuals Into Demographics.

Identity politics. Cancel culture. Brand name consumer ideology.

Less Freedom. More Security. Less Opportunity. More Competition.

Existential Threat? Pragmatic Plutocracy. Robot Overlords.

Masters and Emissaries. Corporate Dynasty.

Rigaur94 Community in Berlin. Holding The Line.

Dear Journalists. Dear Commentariat. Dear Somebody.

Human Freedom. Quotes. Contrarian Perspective.

Wide Weird World. Kingdom, States, United

Art. Commerce. NFTs. Shards. Boredom.

Conspiracy Theories. Narcissists. Where’s The Love?

Nostalgia in Britain. Bringing The Past To Life.

Nation Stories of Oligarchy. Global Elites of Plutocracy.

Minimum Wage 1860 to 2020: $0 (Slavery) to $15 (Servitude).

Human Brain: Divided Hemispheres. Distinct Function.

Anglosphere Cultural Divorce

Weather Myths. Antisocial Mithers.

Oligarchy. Meritocracy to Aristocracy.

Weekend. BST 2021. Stock Market Discord.

Rich. Man’s. World.

Amazon Alabama Unions. Socialism?

Epidemiology. Psilocybin. Microdosing.

Risk Perspective. Covid-19 Vaccinations. Side Effects.

Identity As Political Strategy

Bicameralism. Antisemitism. Humanity Test.

Religion. Islam. Imperialism.

Oligarchy. Money. We.

Markets. Stockholders. Value.

Fear. Authority. Autonomy.

Secret or Private Intelligence?

I. Feel. Sick.

Omniversity. Lesson #1. Falsification.

Insurrection? Idiocracy? On 6th January 2021.

Umberto Eco’s Fascism

Next. Four. Years?

Russiagate. Black Pill. Popular Front.

Chief Medic Admits Virus May Be Lab Leaked.

International Monetary Fraud… Fund?

20th Century. Geopolitics. Democracy.

Natural. Language. Processing.

Comedy Gems. Podcasts. Radio. Video.

Nomenklatura Revolution. Utopian? Fantasy Mon Cher.

Brexit. Deregulation. Grift or Opportunity?

Socialism. Capitalism. Separation.

Organizations Crystallize Into Hierarchies. Then Oligarchies?

Grand. Solution. Absolution.

Struggle. Few. Versus. Many.

Techno-Fascism. Algorithm. Freedom.

Climate. Carbon. Care.

Old Knowledge. Young Insouciance.

America and Britain. Winner-takes-100% versus Winner-takes-90% Capitalism.

Kay Fabe. Bay Fake. Clandestine Jargon of Professional Wrestling.

Experimental Page Content. Do Not Eat.

Sinnerman. Nina. Simone.

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